Finger of God on the North Node in▲: Individuation. Having patience with the right others, with our own transformation, and with the unfolding of our unique path. If it's truly our individuated path, it's worth the wait.

    7 November 2021 0:42 UTC: Mercury in (Scorpio) in waxing quincunx to the North Node in▲ (Gemini)
    7 November 2021 6:55 UTC: Venus in (Capricorn) in waning quincunx to the North Node in▲ (Gemini)
Frank Xavier Leyendecker - The Blacksmith

Withdrawal and conditioning others into withdrawal, or into following/abandoning their unique path. Intentionally limited understanding for good or for bad.

Collective challenge: being impatient with others and not being able to wait for them to change or to have clarity, and impatiently falling into opportunistic patterns and going for all the wrong opportunities because we can't wait for the right opportunities and moment, and thus become roadkill.

Mastering the challenge: Correcting our path by withdrawing from what didn't feel in alignment with or values. Knowing that we can't lead those who are not in alignment with where we are going, and that we can be picky. Correcting others where understanding might be missing, but being patient with waiting for the right other people's inner transformation and shadow work, or for their emotional clarity. Being patient with outside manifestation for things to move. Being patient with our own transformation and change. And yet ultimately not caring about all the things that are not our business, and focusing on OUR path instead of being dragged into the wrong opportunities that are solely based on mental reasoning