17 Jan 2022: Full moon of linkage.

Full Moon of linkage and slow maturation through positive encouragement, or of having to move on.

    17 Januar 2022 23:48 UTC: FULL MOON in▽ (Cancer) opposite Pluto in sextile the North Node in in waxing quincunx to Jupiter in
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous New Moon in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Full Moon in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon in (Gemini)
Joseph M Gleeson - The Crab that played with the Sea

Someone conditions someone else to give up their defense or healthy values, which can lead down to breakdown of defense – or they don't get through, things stay stuck for good ( and they are forced to move on (56.2v). Maybe they don't have the depth to explain why and what they want, because it doesn't make no sense and is corrupted, and all they have it a lie based upon intentially limited understanding. A lie that they try to guide someone else with, down a very restrictive path that would ultimately lead to breakdown and something very unhealthy - so because it doesn't make sense objectively, it doesn't get through to the other person and doesn't get them interested.

The more positive version is: A person attracts nurturing guidance. Even when the values are not ideal, there is something worthwhile to be refined, and they enter such a process of developing depth. Likely, this happens because after the new moon two weeks ago, both people, or all people involved found that there is something that can be trusted in the other person. We need to trust our teachers and guides, in order to know that they are not misleading us. We also need to trust those who we guide and teach, in order to know that they can apply it in healthy ways, and that they won't use tools and knowledge in negative and exploitative ways over others.
In committed relationships, this can simply be about having established a deeper level of trust, and continuing to nurture each others talents through positive encouragement.

This can be about enduring and continuing to fight because others need it (children that depend on us, a committed partner in an unwanted third party situation, e.g. struggling to get rid of the toxic ex, a business partner who is a true partner and has the right spirit, but who struggles with the same interference and who depends on us to recognize it and fend it off, etc). Enduring such opposition when it is necessary ultimately leads to breaking new ground.