19 Dec 2021: Full Moon of staying stuck in limitations, or finding a new social approach.

Lawrence Alma Tadema - At Aphrodites Cradle

Full Moon of change or not. Remaining in social standstill and accepting social limitations – or metamorphosis that leads to a new social form.

    19 December 2021 4:35 UTC: FULL MOON in▽ (Gemini) trine Jupiter in▽, sextile Venus in▲, wide conjunction to BM Lilith in // Split bridge gate 56
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Full Moon in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon in (Gemini)

This is a full moon that keeps people stuck – or not. It can keep them stuck in yearning, or in raging against fate, against the future, or against the past. It can keep them stuck on an unsatiable search for stimulation, without realizing what's practical and realistic in the present moment.

This is not simply about being stuck when it comes to the visible social realm and our visible social relationships, and having no change when it comes to social connections. This as well can be about staying stuck internally, and maybe losing one's indentity because it is conditioned by others. So it might seem as if there is LOTS of stuff going on on the outside, but a person has totally lost themself on the inside, and lost their path, and they have just accepted all the things that keep them trapped in that state.

On an even less pleasant note, for many people this might be about staying stuck with abusive people, and continuing to accept abuse. „Yes, they are abusive, but it's only due to their lack of self-worth“, so one continues to cooperate despite obvious problems, one continues to participate in a war of attrition, and one focuses on what would theoretically be possible, without realizing that practically this is not going to happen, due to the actual existing conditions.

In the best case scenario, this brings change and a new social form. The new social form can be internal: It can be a new way of how we approach relationships, maybe less persuasive or demanding and more with a „let's just see“ attitude. Or this new social form can be external: We might express ourself differently, we might get back together with people, we might become driven to focus on being of real use and thoroughly educating people with our business or serving them, rather than just making lots of money off people for ourself only.

For most, this might simply be about acceptance, and everything remaining as it is for now. Not everything that sparkles is worthwhile going for. Some things are just a distraction. This also might be about accepting that things end and life always changes.

For others, this might bring mutation, release of old patterns that kept us stuck, and the annihilation of resistance or interference from others. Sometimes, it can bring a total inner destruction and re-emergence as a new self, which inevitably leads to a new way of approaching relationships.