Generator in Human Design

  ( Generating the Energy to maintain Life )

Human Design Generator


from frustration to satisfaction

Aura Quality

open and enveloping, drawing life towards you and enveloping it


Around 36% of human beings are Generators.

As a Generator, you are here to generate the Life through your defined sacral center. You generate the world we live in and you generate through response. You are here to find the right things to give your energy to, and to enjoy doing them. You can find real satisfaction in working. It is important for you to spend your energy and be active. Only give your energy to what you love. Doing that puts you in the flow of life and regenerates your life force instead of wearing it out.

   In traditional Human Design this aura type is called a “Generator”. This is a very fitting name since Generators have a deep, deep, deep capacity and power to sustain things, to keep them alive, to keep going, all through the reliable energy that their life force continuously generates to be used for what they love to do.

The quality of the sacral center is a very warm and fuzzy one. It brings energy, fertility and life to the world through the correct energetic response within your body. And so the Generator aura feels like that, it easily connects to other people through drawing them in and enveloping them. There is no defense mechanism in the aura, that's why it is so important to follow your gut response and inner authority that will keep everything unfitting away. Your body knows what is good for you. If you are a Generator and try to navigate your life with mental and logical decisions, you risk being deeply conditioned in a way that is not good for you. You risk deep distortion because your aura itself will not defend you. Only your inner authority can do that.

Due to their open and enveloping aura, on average (on average!) Generators tend to be more of a group person than any other type.
The Generator aura is open and enveloping. It connects to the people around you and draws them towards you. That can feel really good if you are with the right people, or it can feel really uncomfortable when someone is in your energy field who is not feeling well. Your aura is vulnerable in the sense that it pulls in everything around you, regardless of what or who it is. It is important to pay attention to how your environment makes you feel and how your Sacral responds to the company of other people.
It is dangerous for you to be in the wrong company, to be with people that your Sacral does not respond positively to or where your Sacral even responds with an energetic blockage. Not only are you going to take a lot of foreign energy into your aura, which is not meant for you to take in - the wrong people (or the right people at the wrong time) are going to bring you away from who you truly are, which sets you up to having your health damaged in the long run.

As a Generator, you are here to observe and to know yourself and your energy. It will help you to consciously examine yourself, how you are and how you feel, before you enter into a situation. After you have exited the situation, you can look at yourself again and see what has changed within. Chance is that a lot of what changed has come from outside. It is not healthy to cling to those things that are not you. It will especially help you to look at your openness, the white aspects in your bodygraph, to get a logical sense for what you take in from the outside.

Generators tend to move through life slowly and steadily, they move through their projects step by step, thoroughly covering every detail. Generators have a tendency to get stuck in things because they respond and then they go on and on and on without realizing that the situation might have changed or turned out to be different. If you feel frustrated, it is a clear sign to reevaluate your current life situation. Talk to someone you trust to assess the situation and then ask them if they can ask you easy questions, that can be answered with yes or no. Your energy will respond to those questions.

Big questions for a Generator are: What does my energy respond to? Who am I and what do I love to give my energy to? What brings me satisfaction?

   The mechanics, please

What do Generators need from you?

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