Good morning,
I've been asked about the Human Archetypes Facebook group and page, and now I found some time to set it up. I'm not the greatest with Facebook, but I think the basics are now set up properly. May I present to you the page and the group, you are welcome to join:

Human Archetypes Facebook Group Human Archetypes Facebook Page

If you want to receive Facebook notifications on each post or on certain posts, you can adjust your settings:

After you have liked the page, you can click this button to get to the notification settings for the page:

After you have joined the group, you can click this button to get to the notification settings for the group:

Group rules:

No spam.

I set up the group so that all posts are automatically approved. I like when I do not have to take care of things and when these things do not depend on me. But also I don't know whether I'm supposed to keep it on auto-approval because in the last groups, I've been dealing with quite some spam. Absolutely random holiday photos, stuff in other languages that I don't understand, channeled angel messages, alien and UFO sighting posts unrelated and oblivious to the actual HD mechanics, and so on. Just a lot of things that do not belong into a Human Design group. So I just gave up administrating it, and I simply used the group in the same way in which you would use a Facebook site: As a tool to get people notified about the transit reports when I posted them. If the group turns out to attract too many spammers for my taste, I'm going to re-introduce the post approval. But I sincerely hope that does not happen.

No promotion and no stolen content.

It is self-explanatory that I do not want to see stolen content. In regard to advertising and all different sort of promotions, I'd rather keep my healthy focus and save my precious time. My motivation is color 3 tone 2 (leading), and I'm not really interested in following, unless life leads me and I follow, which it does anyway. In effect, I really don't want to spend my time involuntarily going through other people's information and deciding whether it is rubbish and misinformation, or whether it's highly valuable and should be seen and promoted. Also, it's not in my energy and purpose to give talents a platform such as people like AstroLada and the LeoKing do, although there is a lot of untapped potential in many of the people who I meet. I'm not a 16, nor a 42.4, or anything like that. I have a fully open head, and an open ajna with predominantly 6th line definition, and one thing I really do know for certain is that I truly do not care about most of the information out there. I do not want to spend my time with any of it, unless I have the time and choose to do so, or unless there is an active discussion on it from a perspective of Human Design mechanics. For example, it can be interesting to discuss different people's view points and their differing ways of teaching from the perspective of their charts. Also, I'd welcome UFO sighting experiences or any questions relating to it together with a screenshot of a chart, or together with the birth data and/or the time of encounter. But not if it does not try to throw a bridge to Human Design.