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    published 21. November 2020

I'm stoked to present to you the 2021 forecast, it is out now!

The forecast is even more in depth and thought-through than the 2020 forecast, I'm leveling up every year, which is an excitement in itself. I've put a lot of effort and dedication into this forecast and it has taken me quite some time to finish, but for me it was absolutely worth it and has served its purpose to gain a deep understanding of 2021 and to be prepared for 2021. May it serve you as well!

Human Design New Year 2021
(Rave New Year Forecast, Universal Horoscope for 2021)

21 January 2021 - 22 January 2022

At its best a year of relationship transformation, materialism and material success, leadership, education, and attracting like-minded people. At worst a year of victimization, rejection, exclusion, divorce, addiction, and discrimination.

Image: Chart of 2021

Every year in late January when the sun moves into gate 41 a new cycle of experience starts.
The Human Design New Year 2021 forecast describes the global energies that will determine our collective experience. It describes the imprinting of the planetary transit field at the time that the cycle starts. Those energies affect all of us, and we can't avoid them throughout the year, there is no escape from the matrix.

Understanding the yearly program from a mechanical and purely logical standpoint can help us to see things more clearly when we encounter them. Understanding can help us to feel more secure in our decisions, to take things with more ease and maybe even with a little bit of humor. Seeing how it is just the global program can help us to take things less personally and to endure in those moments when it hurts. Seeing things clearly can help us to make the best of the energies that we are given and to live them out productively through awareness. Beyond that, it is simply freaking interesting to understand the energies that globally pull the strings, to watch them in action and to recognize them in the surrounding events.

Let's have a quick look at excerpts from last year's forecast to understand the concept. Here are some of the things I personally found to be the most fascinating and sometimes funny when it comes to how they played out on the global stage:

Keynotes of 2020 (2020 forecast, page 8):

2020 is the year of the oddball and joint force despite independent research. It can bring optimistic departure to new horizons and emancipation of the individual through healing crisis. 2020 is about maintaining direction, integrity and vitality in the face of tremendous tension, opposition, pressure, conditioning and projection. Individual emancipation and risks fuel the development of collective projects and solutions. 2020 is about finding working approaches to resources, energy and nurturing within relationships. Finding truth through relationships. Seeking for what is unknown.

The following turned out to be conspiracy theories (2020 forecast, page 10, 18, and 22):

Pluto in Gate 61.1: Getting to the bottom of knowing and hidden knowledge

(...) Pluto also rules fear and survival. If we get too caught up in fears of the unknown and in needing to know, it can make it difficult to deal with life as it is. People can easily get distracted and lost on the mental plane.
2020 will lead certain people towards discovery of universal principles and truth. It will lead others, and maybe most, into researching knowledge that is not universal and that doesn’t stand the test of time. Many will get lost in knowledge that is not generally applicable and of no use, maybe even false. Fear mongering.
The details and statistical data will make all the difference. They will be the turning point.

People might put their values out there and withdraw after having cranked others up, or they might not commit to their values to begin with and avoid confrontation. (...) The 50.2 doesn’t necessarily bring a great deal of introspection on values and norms. 2020 could bring conflict and confrontation about all kind of weird issues and belief systems. Yet in order for people to investigate and rethink their values and belief systems, different perspectives must first be spoken about and brought to the open. Without confrontation and outspoken differences, there is never going to be any change in perspective - and this is what 2020 slowly is leading up to. 2019 and 2020 are opening the last 7-year cycle before the great mutation in consciousness is taking place in 2027.

North Node in 52.5 - Confusing mystery, or precision, on-point statements and terse explanation

(...) Problematic: Enigmatic and confusing explanations that might bring more opposition and struggle than clarity and understanding. (...)

What I thought might have to do with Universal Basic Income (UBI), and even brought great attention to UBI, but ultimately turned out to be a relative lack of economic support to prevent bankruptcies and unemployment due to the pandemic lockdown (2020 report, page 27):

Mercury in 19.3 - Approach, Hypersensitivity and a Need for Resources. Moodiness and Carelessness or the Dedication and Vigilance to recognize Needs and Opportunities to get Resources

Gate 19 is undergoing a shift from tribal (“my people’s needs must be met”) towards collective (“everyone’s needs must be met”). The more collective gate 19 becomes, the more we are heading towards the thematic of universal income. I’m curiously following this evolution and to me it seems that 19.3 might be another big step towards an answer in regard to basic income - the 19.3 can bring mutation and a totally new approach to offering and seeking resources.

The following turned out to be the protests, Corona environment, defense, research, and inner work due to lockdown (2020 forecast, page 25):

(...) Ideally though, this is an alliance with similar people that ensures the vitality (58) to persevere for everyone involved. This is an alliance that is mutually empowering. It is an alliance with people who are heading in the same direction. It doesn’t mean that the alliance will last beyond the initial struggle and projects, although it can, dependent on individual preferences and ways of commitment. This alliance might simply be about throwing together budgets to finance an experiment, or about joining forces in a societal movement and pulling at the same end of the rope. These can be different environmental institutions investing in a joint research or campaign. These can be countries joining forces for collaborative projects. These can be human right activists watching over each other and making sure the word gets out to the world once one is being threatened or damaged. These can be individuals joining forces for a common project or goal.
Jupiter brings expansion. Whether that expansion is productive or detrimental depends on individual awareness. The Moon is about our drive and our emotional life while the South Node is about the past and the stage of 2020. This is a year where past emotional traumata could be controlled and suppressed, yet pumped up to the size of a football field and suddenly overwhelm us. (...) Jupiter can bring too much at once, indulgences and not knowing the limits, especially when we carry a lot of emotional baggage (moon) or when we are young and simply don’t have the life experience yet.
Productive: optimistically discovering new horizons and being emotionally balanced and controlled at the same time. Working through past emotional trauma and through parentally “inherited” emotional patterns in a calm, slow and controlled manner.

The open G center of 2020 (2020 forecast, page 15):

Open G Center - Exploration and Discovery of Direction, Identity and Self

We are moving towards a huge structural reset in January 2020 when Saturn crosses Pluto’s path. Make no mistake, even if it sounds polite, people will struggle with each other. No less than the direction of humanity is on the line. No less than our individual direction, identity, sense of love and inner truth is on the line.

2020 is “defined” through a fully open G, which is the center that connects us to totality. It is the center of direction and identity. The big themes of exploration and discovery are centered around direction, identity, sense of self and ways to love. This is in line with Pluto in gate 61 (inner truth) and it fits with Neptune in gate 63.6, that makes us look back and remember, yet at the same time it makes us look for the greater formula that can lead humanity into a safe future. Where are we going?

In retrospect, 2020 was a year of great transformation and change, especially with two major outer planets Saturn and Jupiter meeting Pluto. Pluto drives evolution through a harsh transformation, and through crashing and rebirthing everything that she touches,

The eclipse in December 2019 generated the COVID-19 crisis:

Much of this transformation has been rooted in the two eclipses of December 2019, especially so in the solar eclipse on the 26th December 2019. Back then, I titled it: “Solar eclipse of loving life, and joy mixed with crises. Giving direction and manifesting survival through innovative service to humanity. Crisis guidance, surviving temporary darkness and stepping further into Innocence” (If you want to read up on this eclipse report, it is part of the Rave new year 2020 bundle)

The Chiron of both eclipses was in 25.4 (survival) and Jupiter was conjunct the south node, which is a contagious energy. The Black Moon Lilith of this eclipse was in gate 36.5 (the gate of crisis). The 36.5 talks about either self-betraying nervousness in times of crisis, or about immunity to the crisis that one generates in oneself and in others. The 5th line (36.5) is a collective line and can indicate collective crisis. Of course at that time we did not know what kind of crisis this would be and what size it would have. Those are things that always remain open questions until they are answered by what happens. To me, the most fascinating thing about this is that usually, what happens with gate 36 is that the person who triggers the crisis comes out fine and relatively undamaged, but everyone around them blows up. That’s exactly what happened with COVID-19. The virus originated in China, so China generated this crisis in itself and in others.
In October 2020, the International Monetary Fund predicted that China will be the only major economy in the world to grow this year. The other regions are predicted to experience negative growth. When we look at the Chinese economy, they are doing just fine, they had a certain immunity to the crisis they caused. But most other countries have really taken a hit and still continue to struggle in order to restore themselves to their original strength and stability.

In the bodygraph, gate 36 (crisis) and gate 35 (progress) together form the channel of transitoriness. Crisis (36) causes progress (35).
The solar eclipse in December 2019 carried the theme of generating and surviving collective crisis (36.5). The lunar eclipse half a year later in June 2020 carried the theme of collective progress as an outcome (35.5).
In 2021, the north node will transit gate 35 for a couple of months and will bring further progress.

So far, so good. Let’s have a look at the headlines of the major transits of 2020. These are the headlines of past transit reports that I wrote in 2020.

12. January 2020: Saturn conjunct Pluto in a Stellium of Mercury and the Sun: “EXACT STELLIUM OF INNER TRUTH & HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE IN GATE 61: Pluto destroys our old belief structures or prepares us for destruction thereof. Evolution/Modification of the human form”
If you haven’t read this report, I truly recommend reading it, I listed the advances in genetics and the progress that previous conjunctions of Saturn and Pluto brought us in history. In addition to CRISPR (genetic manipulation and the birth of genetically manipulated human babies), frog robots, and other things I might not be aware of yet, this conjunction and COVID-19 have brought about the first mRNA vaccines.
3 days before the conjunction was exact, the first COVID-19 death in Wuhan, China was confirmed. 2 days after the conjunction, Chinese researchers released the genetic sequence of SARS-CoV-2.

Then, there were 3 conjunctions of Jupiter and Pluto. Each of these conjunctions was accompanied by reaching a new plateau in global COVID-19 cases. The 2nd conjunction where both planets were in retrograde correlates with a delayed or softer and less abrupt raise of the plateau. We don’t know yet how worldwide COVID-19 cases will develop after the 3rd conjunction, and if it will be accompanied by a 3rd plateau, but what we can say is that we have reached another peak.

Timeline of worldwide COVID-19 cased (gray), marked with the times of the 3 conjunctions of Jupiter and Pluto (golden lines) (Graphic from 19th November 2020)
Updated timeline of worldwide COVID-19 cased (gray), marked with the times of the 3 conjunctions of Jupiter and Pluto (golden lines) (Updated 19th January 2021)

4 April 2020: Jupiter conjunct Pluto #1 in 61.5: “Pluto conjunct Jupiter #1 of 3: Reset and transformation of spirituality, beliefs, approaches to the cosmos and thus a harsh transformation of wealth, strengthened through the cross of penetration. Good or bad influence. Shallow leadership, that ignores limitations and lacks the depth to answer the challenges – or leadership, that gets to the core of problems and utilizes superficiality and slogans as a helpful tool to lead others safely and to keep them relatively undamaged. Being blamed for both (people are people)”

29 June 2020: Jupiter conjunct Pluto #2 in 61.4▽: “A century flood of (more) bullshit and many confusing theories and applications. Giving away our decision-making power to others results in off-track research – or standing our ground and focusing on powerful avant-garde solutions, while still being open to learn from others, can bring great change. Reject interference and other people’s misguided demands and trust your own instincts in judging what solution can work. Independent research in peaceful stillness”

12 November 2020: Jupiter conjunct Pluto #3 in 61.3: “Interdependence and collaborating with others to find truth and to achieve purpose. Discerning stable from unstable relationships - or having trouble to do so, which then either results in trashing benevolent relationships or in sticking to detrimental relationships”

Saturn conjunct Pluto correlated with the first COVID-19 death and the publishing of the genetic code. When Jupiter conjuncted Pluto for the 3rd time, two mRNA vaccines were released, which were designed from that code.
In addition to a few things that I described in the Rave new year 2020, Jupiter conjuncting Pluto in the gate of mystery and occult knowledge (61) also brought the energy that blew conspiracy theories really out of proportion and that led to the exponential growth and rise of QAnon.

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21. December 2020: Solstice. Jupiter conjunct Saturn (after Pluto has triggered both planets to transform over the course of 2020)
Expansiveness, growth, and humility that is undergoing a transformation (Jupiter) bumps into structures and old forms that are undergoing a transformation (Saturn).

Saturn is the planet of harsh lessons and structure, and the Saturn-Pluto reset brought the tough stuff and the harsh lessons.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, wealth and humility, but it can also bring a certain over-optimism. Now, all of this energy catches up with Saturn and the old structures that are transforming.

At its best, this can bring a certain release and relief of some kind, and a healthy reality check. Sometimes too much (Jupiter) can be equally stressful as too little (Saturn). This can bring the adjustment and balancing of expansion and restraint, and it can be about finding optimism in harsh times.
On the downside, it can also bring more expansiveness and an inability to accept and work with necessary restraint.

The conjunction takes place in the 60.5▽, which is fixed into the shadow by Jupiter.
The shadow talks about leadership that cannot handle essential limitations and restraints, and that creates confusion from the top. It talks about the desire for expansion that creates new limitations, problems, and restraints by attempting to work around already existing limitations. Jupiter’s expansion and growth can be very beneficial, especially in business, but it can also let malicious things grow (tumors and pandemics), especially since Jupiter’s expansiveness can have a difficult time with withdrawing and being a hermit. If Jupiter is not being handled properly, Saturn hands out a harsh lesson.

When we are well-balanced, we recognize that limitations can’t be circumvented, they can only be worked with in the best way possible until change finally takes place. Getting there is a process, though, and usually it takes time and patience. While we wait for that change, we can work with what we have got efficiently and realistically, in order to be in a position where we can make best use of sudden changes once they occur.

After these partially heavy transits, Jupiter and Saturn will sextile Chiron in 2021 and potentially bring healing if we can work well with the energy of these transits. Potential pitfalls are described in the Rave new year 2021. Working consciously with them can enable us to navigate safely and with awareness.

You can read the Human Design New Year 2021 forecast on your mobile phone, on your laptop, and on other devices:
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If you don't want to read the whole forecast at once, don't worry: Despite the depth and volume of the forecast, which has doubled in comparison to 2020, you can easily locate and read specific chapters once they become a theme in your life. All chapters have descriptive and informative headlines that are listed very orderly in a table of contents, which in itself is two pages long. I'll admit, 55 pages of text is quite a lot, but after having written it, I feel we (I and you as a reader) are well-equipped for 2021 - and that's what counts!

The 2021 forecast contains:
1. Quick intro to the wheel (less than a page)
2. The yearly cycle explained (2 1/2 pages)
3. Personal effect (1 1/2 page)
4. 2020 (2 1/5 pages with the info above that you have already read)
5. Rave New Year 2021 Keywords (1 page)
6. Big challenges of 2021 (12 1/2 pages)
7. The stage of 2021 (9 pages)
8. Resolutions of 2021 (15 1/2 pages)
9. Summed up: The 3 life forces that define 2021 (3 pages)
10. Major exclusion and rejection transits (1 1/2 pages)
11. The four Eclipses in Nov/Dec 2020 and May/June 2021 (6 pages)
12. Full chart pictures and table of contents (9 pages)

The forecast will not only be insightful when it comes to 2021. You will find valuable new insights and observations in regard to Human Design and the coming evolutionary shifts in general, even if this is nothing new to you.

An additional info in case you consider opting for the bundle: Last year's 2020 forecast counts 31 pages as a PDF-file (22 pages purely on 2020 without charts, table of contents, and general explanations).

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