Inner Authority in Human Design

  ( How to come to authentic Decisions )

Inner authority is the key element in the sense that it is the absolute foundation of the formula that will lead you to YOUR unique life and to the fulfillment of your incarnation purpose. It is the basis of your authentic decision process. It determines how and where in your body you can meet the correct decisions for you. It is your inner guidance system that you can trust. Nonetheless, please test this out for yourself instead of blindly trusting in what you read here.

Decision by decision, you either move closer to your life purpose or you move further away.
How do you discern? What can you trust? The wisdom of your own body is the only thing that you can trust in this life. We cannot allow ourselves to give authority to our teachers, our lovers, our mamas, our business partners, our gurus, our children, our dogs. We can not. Your authority is always inside of you, never outside. Only you can know what is correct for you. No one else does. No one. Do not let anyone dictate to you what to do.

Inner Authority in Human Design

Where inside of us do we find our authority and truth? That differs from person to person. But what we all have in common is that, contrary to what we have been taught from the day we came into the world, we cannot trust our mind in deciding what to do, and especially we cannot trust our fears. Inner authority and the correct decision does not come from your mind. The mind is very good for thinking and communicating. But it is never good for making decisions. Decisions are not made, decisions are found and met. The right decisions will arise from your body, you will just know it, regardless if they make sense or not. The body knows. It is the body that lives, that suffers, that enjoys, and that encounters resistance. It is the body that knows.
Everyone has a different way of finding decisions in their body. The sum of all the details in your chart shows you what you can trust and what you can't trust. Your inner authority is the most basic and the most straightforward approach to that. Your inner authority is mechanically simple, but if you are not yet in touch with it, it is not easy to follow, and it will take practice and observation. It is simple but not easy.

Brain research has shown that the mind is never initiating an action, it is only perceiving it. When the mind perceives it, the decision is already met. What the mind does is to interfere through logic, doubt, anxiety, belief systems, and all kinds of judgments. It tries to tell you what is correct for you. But when it starts to argue against a decision, the decision has long been met by your body! What the mind thinks is never good decision material, unless it fully aligns with and supports the decision of the body. If you are not aware of your mind's interference, your inner conflict will grow. The big question is: can you learn to trust where your body leads you?
This section on your inner authority will give you information that will help you to become more conscious of how your body leads you, so that you can become more at ease with it and interfere less. Interfering less with your body will slowly lessen the resistance that you meet in your life. This does not mean your life will become a 100% smooth ride without any unpleasant occurrences and without any obstacles to overcome. It doesn't. Life is growth and development. Friction is an essential part of growth and development. Life will not be devoid of friction, but life will not be about tilting at windmills any longer. A lot of the resistance will fall away, and in the long run, things will fall into place in smoother ways. Most importantly: your experience of life will shift. Your inner authority will lead you into the right battles, it will lead you on a track that will internally be much more fulfilling than it could ever be if you were to follow your mental decisions.

In the long run, trusting your inner authority will lead you towards the pleasant aspects of your signature (see: Aura Type). As a Generator or manifesting Generator, it will bring you away from being frustrated towards finding satisfaction in the things that your body responds to. As a Projector, it will lead you away from bitterness towards mutual recognition, and feeling like your life is a success. As a Reflector, it will lead you away from disappointment after disappointment towards all those pleasant surprises that are out there waiting for you to strike you with awe and wonder. As a Manifestor or manifesting Generator, it will calm your anger and bring peace to you and to the people around you.

Your inner authority might not lead you where you think you are going or where you think you should be going. That's part of the game. Learn to trust it and you will see the beauty that is possible in where it will lead you. The mind does not know, but your body knows.

Change takes time, change happens step after step, and at times it might feel like you are going backward. But two steps forward and one step backward is, in sum, still one step forward.
Likely, your mind will need to learn to trust in the decisions that your body pulls you toward. When you let your body lead you, you will naturally find more trust in it when you recognize through experience after experience that your body really does know. At some point, you recognize that you can really trust in your body. Or vice versa - you can learn through experience that following your mind brought resistance, by looking back at past decisions and their consequences.
The more your mind gets at ease with your process, the less time you spend with worry and inefficient attempts at decision-making. Bit by bit, your capacity to take life in in the present moment will grow deeper and deeper. Your mind will have more and more capacity left to share insights with other people. Your mind will have the freedom to produce more and more interesting and truly unique thoughts.

Before that, all of the minds capacity, or a huge part of its capacity might have been used and often wasted to attempt making decisions that the mind cannot make. Now the mind loses its grip step by step. The more it loses its grip, the more you will be able to really enjoy it and the more your consciousness will flower. From that point on, your soul will be able to just watch the movie of life and watch yourself moving through it while being way more relaxed.
We recommend that you become determined about experimenting with your inner authority and your design. As long as you are living in your body, it is all that you've got. Your body will stay with you during your entire life. Why not get comfortable in it. We invite you to the experiment to trust your body. We invite you to honor yourself.

   There are some calculators and programs out there that call the reflective authority and the lunar authority "no authority" or "inner authority: none". That is misleading and can easily be misunderstood. You always have an inner authority and your authority is always inside you and coming from your body. But with these two authorities,
a) the inner authority is not located in a specific energy center that mostly dominates and outweighs the other centers, but it includes the whole body. It can't be located as easily and consistently, but it exists.
b) it is a process-based authority. It takes time to get in touch with different aspects within yourself and your body because other people and the planetary transits activate certain parts within you, which you can then feel into. But it is always your decision. It is empowered through energetic activation from the outside, but it never comes from the outside or from other people. It is your inner authority that takes time to emerge from different energies within you.