Intuitive Authority (Splenic Authority) in Human Design

  ( Spleen Center. Instinctive psychic perception and intuitive knowing without any logical explanation )

Around 10.5% of human beings have an intuitive authority.

Splenic Authority in Human Design

With an intuitive authority, you are spontaneous. All decisions are based on intuition and on a survival instinct that will lead you to what is healthy for you. You can only trust your intuition in the present moment. The decisions that are good for you are met within a blink of an eye. Intuitive or splenic awareness can almost feel psychic and give you a pretaste of how something is going to feel. The intuitive authority is connected to the lymphatic system via the spleen center. As the lymph moves through your whole body, often you can sense the intuitive authority in your whole body. Sometimes it is a pull or repellent and shrugging, sometimes it is a hit and energetic arrow shooting upwards, sometimes it is a very calm hint, sometimes your body just knows without any additional sensation.

With an intuitive authority you can’t afford to miss the moment. Once your intuition signals you to act NOW, there is no sleeping over things. If you have an intuitive hit, trust it, even when it might be difficult because logically you cannot explain it at all. It takes courage to be unpredictable and to do something that you can’t explain rationally. With an intuitive authority you need to learn to stand your ground and stand for your cool and clear intuition in the present moment, even when others can’t understand it and perceive you as volatile. People with an intuitive authority have a very sharp sensory perception. You smell a rat instinctively, your instinct smells if something is tasteful or not, if it suits you or not, if it is worth following up with or not, be it people, the environment, or a venture. Your intuition can evaluate within a split second. Either you trust it in the moment, or you let go of the opportunity and the fates that were there at that moment.
Sometimes you might have a knowing that you must do something, but the time has not come yet. The right action will reveal itself when it is time. Where before something generally did feel potentially right, but it didn't feel right to act upon it yet, suddenly you might feel a pull to do something about it out of nowhere. On the other side, suddenly you might feel guided to do things differently than initially intended. Even if you plan things out, your intuitive authority can potentially lead you a totally different way. It knows how to survive and it knows it better than the mind that does all the planning.

If you catch yourself hesitating and doubting once you have an intuitive impulse, you are trapped in the mind, you are not living your true nature and potential. People with an intuitive authority are often the ones who say “I knew it” after they ignored their intuition.
If you have a moment or a phase of high emotionality, it might not be the right moment to meet decisions because emotions will distort and outscream your instinct. The intuitive authority is very unemotional and clear. It can be very calm, subtle and easily ignored. Sometimes it never reoccurs. Sometimes, with critically important decisions, it can non-verbally shout at you and not let you go elsewhere until you finally trust it and follow it.
It can also happen that your spleen says no to something at first, but some time later it says yes because the proper moment and timing to act has come. It’s in the Now and it can be volatile, deciding from moment to moment. Allow yourself to be spontaneous.

With an intuitive authority, be spontaneous wherever you can, do not have a schedule when it is not absolutely necessary. If your job does not allow you to be spontaneous during the day, then at least in your private life allow yourself to decide spontaneously. It can lead to conflict and maybe you will need to explain yourself a couple of times until your friends understand and get used to it, but if they respect you, they will respect your spontaneity.

For someone with an intuitive authority, connections, friendships, and relationships can establish very fast. Often you just know from the first time when you meet somebody, but you might not even be able to fully grasp and explain what exactly you know. It might just be a non-verbal recognition.

When do I have an Intuitive Authority?

You have an intuitive authority when you meet all 3 of these criteria:
Your spleen center is defined AND the sacral center is open AND the solar plexus center is open.
Manifestor and Projector aura types can have an intuitive authority.

The Projector with an Intuitive Authority

As a Projector, you take in the other person deeply. Yet, you cannot allow this conditioning to influence your decisions and to override your intuitive hits. Especially, this might happen when you are with emotional people (defined solar plexus center). To get in touch with your intuition, it helps a lot to be in your own aura. For example, when you get invited to something via phone you can sense your intuition much better than when you are standing directly in the other person's aura and take in all of their enthusiasm for what they invite you to - then you can be at risk to identify with that enthusiasm and use it for decision-making. The longer you experiment with your intuitive authority, the more clearly you will be able to recognize your own intuition.

The intuitive authority is about survival. It warns you when something is dangerous and unsafe. It should always be your highest priority to listen to it.
Intuitive Projectors can have a tendency to do too much too fast and to overwork themselves, trying to be a manifesting Generator, but Projectors are not here to work like a manifesting Generator does. As a Projector, you are here to guide other people's energy, not by telling them what to do, but by asking them the right questions that they can respond to and by offering them insights. Until the right recognition for you comes, it is best to study. Projectors are successful through the systems they master.

The Manifestor with an Intuitive Authority

As an intuitive Manifestor, you are one of the fastest humans alive. Still, you need to wait. You need to wait for the intuitive hit and for the impulse in the body. You need to wait for the right timing. When there is no impulse, you can’t just manifest from the mind (what you think you should do). At least you are not advised to do that if you want to maintain your peace.
Because of your closed aura, as an intuitive Manifestor you will be much more intimidating to others than an intuitive Projector would be. Manifestors do act independently and they are unpredictable to other people. Your spontaneous intuition adds to that - everything can happen in the blink of an eye. That can be intimidating. People might be suspicious, act probingly, or they might try to influence and control you. That is a fear reaction out of their insecurity. The key is informing. Inform when you realize that people close to you act insecure. Inform that you love them, inform that you are a spontaneous person, inform that you will do a certain thing on your own and that you will be gone for a while but there is no need to worry, inform that you would like to do something together. If you want to decrease rejection and increase your positive impact, interact with people according to their aura type.
It pays to be nice and respectful - treat others as you'd like to be treated, but with uncompromising determination. You need to be uncompromising with what your intuition tells you. If people still get in your way, bomb through down your road in life. The important part is that you honk, “here I am coming, get out of my way”. But if people resist that, you can’t afford to be considerate and get off track. You can’t. Move through. Do not compromise on what your inner authority (your intuition and inner knowing, not your emotions and not your mind, reason and logic!) tells you to do.
In the end, people will likely profit from what you do and from the new path that you strike. But if you let them interfere, no one will get to that place where it was worth it.