29 Dec 2021++ Jupiter in Pisces and in the gate of abundance (55).

Jupiter in Pisces and in the gate of abundance. PISCEAN NEPTUNIAN DISTRACTION ALERT. Focused cooperation, defending oneself, maintaining right action, and finding abundance on all levels - or simply too much: Unfocused, distracted, and inefficient cooperation, and questionable stimulation, indulgences, or conditioning.

    29 December 2021 4:09 UTC: Jupiter enters Pisces //▽ Sun
    29 December 2021 10:27 UTC: Mercury conjunct Venus in (Capricorn) //▽ Sun
    29 December 2021 19:50 UTC: Jupiter D back in gate 55 (55.1▲) //▽ Sun
Astrology Report
Sir Edwin Landseer - Monarch

I think the main takeaway might be: If people continue to push you and insist and don't respect you and your right to say no, it's totally legit to tell them to fuck off, or if necessary to defend yourself with force. Some people don't get it any other way, or even don't get it then. My personal approach to these kinds of issues is that if you manage to alienate and offend the wrong people so that they will think you are an asshole (even if they only think that because they could not get from you what they wanted, and if they were the initial asshole to begin with, and not you, that's why they are the "wrong" people for you), so if you manage to offend those people, you have one problem less, because they stay sulking in their lane, away from you, where they don't step on your toes and cross your boundaries anymore. Or they notice they will lose their face and facade, so they move out the door as quickly as possible while they still try to do at least some damage control and keep the facade up. Or they superficially boost their ego and self-worth by sticking to "being nice, polite, and forgiving" and similar religious morals, and now they feel superior because you were not nice and forgiving, but blunt, and they feel as if you are not worth their time anymore, so they stop bugging you. This does not work with everyone, a few people are absolutely extreme, but it works with most people. They go "what an idiot, I'll have it much better elsewhere", and off they go to the next person on whose toes they can step. If you are lucky, you'll never hear from them again. Terrific! What a joy! You have your peace, and usually you have it very quickly, much quicker than with diplomacy, because with diplomacy people simply don't stop persuading you of inferior values. If you are the one who thinks the other person is not worth your time, but they just won't leave you alone, I'd think more often than not, offending that person can be a benevolent situation for you. It doesn't matter what people think about you, unless they truly have some valuable feedback, or unless they are the one's leading your job interview and the likes. Even then, with the company who offers you the best social environment because they are socially selective, you won't impress them by being contrived, but you will impress them by being you and by being at ease with being you.

In essence this is about eliminating negative emotions, negative experiences, and inferior forces who constantly create new unnecessary problems and negative emotions – and cooperating with powerful forces or people that are evolved, and/or powerful, and/or in the right spirit. Through cooperating with the right people we can find the right spirit.

If we are overly focused on harmony, nicely ask for a respect that is not being given, and still don't speak up to not rock the boat, we will reaffirm bad behavior and terrible conditions. People will continue to make excuses for their actions that have negative impact, or they will continue to take advantage of us and others. The emotional field will deteriorate and most people involved will just feel horrible. Either way, even if another grown up person involved does not feel horrible, but feels great at your expense (you lift them up, they drag you down), them feeling good is not an excuse to keep this going. You only have this one life, and it's wasted if you cast it before the swine.

This can bring great abundance on all levels, but only with correct alignment, healthy focus, and good boundaries. It is about researching the fundamental principles, but not getting distracted by things that does not matter. We do not let ourself be distracted by too many of our own trivial considerations and other people's trivial distractions, but we keep on track, keep control of the process, stand in our power, and have the fierceness and wildness to be respected and to stifle further interference and distraction right away.

This also is about learning when to say nothing, when not to communicate or act, or how to communicate tersely because others or the whole projects needs it, so that we do not create confusing distractions and disturbances to the whole. It can bring acceptance with making such a sacrifice and to keep silent when needed, and to express oneself only with the right timing.
On the other hand, people might be frustrated with having to restrain themself, and might be condescending because they don't feel seen or heard (even if others have a point in not listening because someone is intrusive, or because someone constantly distracts with trivia and disturbs productivity).

It might seem as if only one party makes a sacrifice, but most likely it is both parties having to make the sacrifice in order to make things work. One has to hold back from wanting to be in control and from wanting to have a say always and everywhere, and the other one has to put up with someone overbearing who wants to be in control although they might not even be equipped for it and should not be in control. This can be extremely annoying and frustrating for both sides. Seeing how this is difficult for everyone involved can help us find greater understanding and peace with our part of the sacrifice that we have to make in order to reach a larger goal. It can help us to accept our place, to adapt to the situation, and to find the patience to wait for the proper timing. While we wait for the proper timing, we can think about the right words and how to say it so that it lands and is easily understood. Your own mind can be your own best entertainment.