3 Jan 2022: Mercury trine the North Node, Jupiter square the Lunar Nodes

Mercury trine Rahu: Depression upon being blocked and mismatched, upon a persisting war of interference – or being able to accept extreme restraint as a temporary phase to our own individuated path, and understanding that it's better to wait than to go for less.

    3 January 2022 2:12 UTC: Mercury in▽ (Aquarius) trine the North Node in (Gemini)

Jupiter square Rahu and Ketu: Finding the spirit through cooperation. Staying on the surface while we investigate internal or external misinformation and investigate whether we can trust someone and join forces with them, or whether someone is not trustworthy or not suited.

    3 January 2022 11:39 UTC: Jupiter in▲ (Pisces) square the North Node in (Gemini) and the South Node in (Sagittarius)

Mastering the mundane path through cooperating only with the right people with whom we can find abundance - instead of losing our strength while we cooperate with people who don't have what it takes.
Withstanding conditioning and persuasion attempts, debunking lies and misinformation, and waiting for the right things and people that resonate with us, no matter what. Developing the self-awareness to recognize the right conditions that we can work with. Investigating and understanding who can be trusted and who can not be trusted and is a mismatch.

The thing with cooperation is that you can only cooperate with those people who are a match and who are powerful in a positive way, otherwise you lose your strength and power. Not only do you lose your worldly power and strength, you also lose the strength of your own spirit while you lift up the spirit of others, and while you do that they overpower you.
This transit is about discerning between a healthy direction, and an unhealthy direction that stems from the ego being out of touch with the self and with our higher direction in life. Only an authentic path can lead to self-fulfillment and to greater harmony.

If the direction is inauthentic, and if we of someone else who persuades us try to control manifestation from a place of ego distortion, and try to stir us or others into a direction that is inauthentic, there will be chaos, power struggle, and a war of attrition, and it won't work well. There can be a need to retreat from inauthentic cooperation and manifestation, or to keep on biting through against all interference and sabotage, while we are able to draw strength from previous crisis experience. Ultimately, any kind of interference and sabotage only erodes trust and strengthen opposition, so it does not help one bit - it does the opposite of the inclusion that one wants to achieve, and thus it is pointless to begin with.

On the other hand, when we cooperate with people where it is mutual and who have the right spirit and express their spirit authentically and naturally, a cooperation where we receive as we give, then cooperation will lift up our spirit, and bring worldly and spiritual abundance to everyone involved.