Lunar Cycle Authority in Human Design

  ( No specific center. Activation over time through the moon leads toward clarity )

Around 1.5% of human beings have a lunar authority - as many as there are Reflectors.

Human Design Open Centers

Only a Reflector can have a lunar authority. As a Reflector, all of your energy centers are open.

Lunar authority is called "lunar" because it is connected to the Moon. For all other aura types, the main influence is the Sun. For the Reflector, the main influence is the Moon. The Moon is shifting gate 2 or 3 times a day (24h). In other words, the Moon wanders into the next gate every 8 to 12 hours, dependent on its point in the cycle. Being so deeply connected to the Moon, the Reflector is constantly changing, their chemistry is constantly changing.
The Reflector has a deep connection to the Moon and its approximate 28-day cycle. Throughout the cycle, the Moon will activate different parts in your body and activate different gates and energy centers. Every day of the cycle feels different. Throughout the cycle, you have the opportunity to feel into yourself from the many different perspectives and states of being that the program offers you when it impacts your design through the planetary transits and especially the transits of the Moon.
Take your time to look at your important decisions from all of these different perspectives and different qualities of your days. It's like walking around a house through the course of a Moon cycle and at the end of the cycle when you have seen every angle of it, you can have a clear picture of what that house is like and whether you like it or not. If you finish your walk in the middle, your view is incomplete, you have not seen the backyard. For you, reaching a decision is a process, it is not spontaneous.

The strategy is to wait and observe. Take time to decide. For big decisions, it usually takes one lunar cycle (~28 days) or even longer, so do not mentally stress yourself, do not hurry, but take your time. Move slow.
Yet, not every decision is the same. It might even happen to you that you absolutely know what is correct for you in your body, but you have not waited for a whole cycle. Every decision is different and some might really be decided and acted upon comparably fast (for example an acute survival decision). So do not get stuck on these ~28 days, it is not a dogma, it is an orientation that is likely to be helpful to you in most situations. Do not let your mind and mental strategies dictate your decisions - you have clarity when you have clarity and it comes from the body, not from the mind. But as a general orientation, really take your time and slow down, you are not supposed to move as fast as the rest of the world. You are really different. You are here to stand back and to watch, to be in awe of the world and of the mechanics controlling the whole planet.

It will benefit you to talk to an understanding and open person who will not force their agenda upon you, so that you can hear yourself speaking and listen to the authenticity (or inauthenticity) in your own voice.

Because of all your open centers, you are tempted to mentally make decisions from your openness. It will benefit you to look at the chapter on energy centers and figure out what they mean for you, so that you can even better recognize when you are not true to yourself. You are not your emotions (open solar plexus center), you can't afford to make decisions from your emotionality and from how something feels emotionally. You can't make decisions in order to get rid of pressure (open root center), you can't make the right decisions based on your mind's logic, and so on.

As a Reflector, place is very important. In the right place you will meet the right people and experiences. When you do not like the town you live in, you will have a hard time. Choosing your environments throughout your life is the most important and impactful decision that you will face.

Lunar Authority

Mechanics of the Moon Cycle

In the course of one lunar cycle, the Moon wanders through all the 64 gates in your chart, those represent the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. The order of the gates always stays the same: the Moon moves counterclockwise through the gates on the astrological wheel. This is the pattern you can rely on. It is the pattern that you can reliably observe. From that analysis, you can know at what time of the cycle you will feel emotional or at what time of the cycle you will have a motor center defined and more energy available. Whenever the Moon defines a gate that opposes a gate in your bodygraph, your own gate and the current Moon's gate define a channel. That is when both centers at the end of the channel are defined, and when you will experience them as being defined and accessible.

When do I have a Lunar Authority?

You have a lunar authority when all your centers are open (white).