19 Nov 2021: Doorway #1 (of 2) for the 1st half of 2022: A lunar eclipse of the phoney. Reflections on hypocrisy.

A lunar eclipse of the expedient phoney. Trial and error with style, and superficial intimacy that's intentionally not recognized for what it is. Empowerment and encouragement of others. Frustrating and overly tolerant collaboration with ego-maniacs - or maintaining and enforcing right action and getting to true progress through tempering frustration and collaborating in consideration of the larger framework because others need that.

    19 November 2021 8:57 UTC: PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE (FULL MOON) in▲ (Taurus) conjunct the North Node in, opposite Mercury in, square Jupiter in▽, trine Pluto in // fully open ego
    Black Moon Lilith of the previous New Moon in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse in (Gemini)

I did not do the 2022 forecast yet, so I'm just adding the eclipse report to this report. It's an out of the norm report anyway.

In essence, this lunar eclipse is about what is described above. It is about staying on the surface and focusing on style - for good or for bad. It is about working together with others in order to eliminate all inferior influences or relationships, and working with each other to eliminate negative feelings and to maintain right action. This includes admitting past mistakes where we did not maintain right action, and starting clean, which opens up new possibilities. If you will, right action is also a question of style and of the surface. Even when internally we are utterly upset and in a dark place, we do not need to act on it or dump that internal mess on others right away and then later regret it. Externally we can stay on the surface and keep triggers, output, and input minimized while internally we work on getting back onto our feet.

This eclipse also raises questions of morals, and the healthy and unhealthy sides of amorality and expediency. How much amorality is the sweet spot that neither forces people to be and do what they are not and does not restrict individual freedom, nor leads into destructive shadow patterns and into taking advantage of others because there is no consideration of the highest good?

This lunar eclipse is about maintaining right action, not falling for questionable influences and people, and instead waiting for the one call that's truly for us. It is about enduring throughout difficulties and not losing momentum despite mental pressure and confusion, or having arrived at a pivotal place through doing exactly that. The right call and the right contribution brings us the resources and the freedom of action that we need.

Franz Stuck - Cupid at the masked ball

On the other hand, this might have been about accepting the wrong call not from life, but from a person who doesn't really have what it takes but wants our resources nonetheless. It might be about giving one's resources to something or someone who lacks higher values and is only there to get something from us. It can be about not having maintained right action, and about being too peaceful with people who are a distraction and disturbance, and now being stuck in something that is very restricting and ultimately might not be it and that can't lead to emotional, spiritual, and material abundance. Sympathy for the devil. People might recognize the situation for what it is, but intentionally ignore the issues, which can create an unspoken tension that deepens the fear of rejection and drives people into making attempts to charm the other person superficially.
It can be about survival through suffering and staying on the surface as a means to survive a difficult situation. Think of all the women in Afghanistan who don't even have the choice and who might now be married against their will, in most of the cases not with someone they can appreciate. 1/5 of the women in the world are forced to marry against their will, and 1/3 of these marriages take place in India. This is an eclipse like that. You don't even have to look in very traditional countries, or in countries that lost the bit of culture that they had in war, in order to find cases like this. It happens very day in western countries, even where it is legally forbidden. This can be an eclipse where you might not necessarily like what you see, but you can't do anything, so you stay on the surface and smile, or try to smooth talk the other person, try to arrange yourself with the situation, be expedient, and get out of them what's possible. It is what it is, so you just ignore the problems.

On the other hand, if all inferior influences and toxic people were removed, and if we have a high quality social circle and relationships, then this opens up a whole variety of options in which this eclipse can play out:
- Social ease, lightness, sensitivity, and positive empowerment to make one's contribution, to be oneself, to live one's unique individuality, and to walk one's unique path.
- Experimenting with social style or with visual style, for example getting a new hair cut.
- Joining forces with people with ease, although they might not turn out to become your best buddies. The relationships serve a purpose, and empowers everyone involved to be of service to the highest good, and that's about it.
- Staying on the surface of a relationship were past mistakes were admitted and talked about, and where reconciliation has taken place, but where trust has yet to be rebuild before the relationship can go deeper.
The solar eclipse in two weeks is about resisting the temptation to take premature uninspired action. This can mean to wait for the right call and refuse to receive the wrong ones until it's time for the thing that's truly correct for us. But it also can mean to refrain from bulldozing over the other person. It can mean to let them go the pace that is comfortable to them.

Then there are people who are just built for the superficial.

I know well how to stay on the surface because when nobody sees you anyway, why bother. But when it comes to the actual hard wiring of someone who meets all people superficially, I'm not writing about my natural territory here and I've always avoided these people. My home base and life environment consist of the gate of depth, and I naturally pull out people's unseen depth if they have any. Back then when I was less withdrawn, I could spend the day with someone I just met and by the end of the day we are sitting there hugging and crying over their biggest fears and problems, feeling pretty close, empathic toward each other, and seen. It has happened often enough. So bear with me if I get this wrong, I'm not built for the surface, so in part I'm trying to explain foreign territory so to say. But there are people who are exactly built for the surface, and also for being able to deal exceptionally well with the surface in all its diversity. There are people who can't have deeper connections and emotions toward others, they are just not wired for it, and they live their life that way, often without feeling that there is anything missing, because for them there truly isn't and every other approach to relationship seems just like it would be too much to deal with anyways. That's difficult to understand if you are not coming from such a place, and neither from the middle spectrum, but from a very deep focus on intimacy, but there are people who are plain absent and uninvolved, or plain cold and calculating. Sometimes they confuse their mind fuck and hurt ego with „their emotions“, or they share with you all the emotions they feel without being able to recognize that most of it are your emotions that they amplify, and thus they share with you your emotions as their own, or they simply manipulate you into thinking they have certain emotions when they don't really, and when they just want to get you to the emotional place where they want to have you. And sometimes they are above it all.
Also, if you are either dealing with many people in your life, or if you are supposed to transmit something to a larger audience, being on the surface might be the most perfect thing and just what is needed, because if you'd go into depth with everyone it could be very draining.

There are also people who stay on the surface in intimacy and who are not in relationships for the depth of intimacy itself, but for other reasons that are either being clearly communicated - or not. That's all part of the maya and of what human beings are or can be. If you doubt it just look at what people out there do (because they are programmed to), not at what people could be. Pick any gossip rag or look at the posts in certain facebook groups. They might be in it for the money and resources, or they might be in it simply because of physical attraction and because they are attracted to the style of the other person, and that's it. Ideally the superficiality is mutual, then it can work well for both. When one wants more and the other one doesn't and just acts as if, it can get difficult. Last but not least, for someone who has been through a lot of trauma (for example Britney Spears), a partner who is superficial but perfect in their way of relating and empowering the other person can be very healing. Also, some people might be so broken and damaged that the only way they can relate is by staying on the surface, and that's healthy for them. Or by genetic hard wiring they are not able to meet another person on a deeper level, but they have perfected their style of relating, and they emulate the real thing exceptionally well. This eclipse can also bring the difficulty of finding a good balance between staying on the surface and talking nice, and saying what we think. It can bring challenges saying what we think when we are afraid of being rejected. When we are afraid of being rejected and abandon our truth, relating can quickly become superficial.

When we don't pretend things to be what they are not, no feelings are going to be hurt, and yet this eclipse can also be about not communicating it clearly and instead deceiving others from a place of expediency.
I have to share my reflection on my experience of the recent years when I was dealing with hypocrites. This eclipse does not explicitly speak of hypocrisy, but it can bring about similar energies: Some people might not be real and rather fake, and maybe also not trustworthy, at least not for the long run beyond the initial stages of collaboration.
I never truly understood hypocrisy, although I tried to. I felt Ra kind of downplayed the shadow of it, but I thought maybe it's just me and my 44.4-Ascendant, and I was open to be positively surprised and gave people a chance, which also allowed me to study it. I approached it by „Let's just wait and see whether it turns out to be a problem, or whether we are fine.“ After years of observing it, I think I understand hypocrisy a bit better.
What I'm going to write is going to ruffle some people's feathers, but we are already used to this, aren't we. I simply need to share it because some people out of there will benefit from hearing it, and now is the time for them to hear it. In case you are a hypocrite who is offended by it, sorry, but we were not made for each other from the beginning, and you know where the unsubscribe button is: at the end of the email. So, let's make use of today's Mars in the 44.4, which is also my Ascendant and refusal to engage in hypocritical interaction.

Reflections on the Hypocrite.
Gate 10.6 and the 6th line in Human Design when lived in detriment.

Honoré Daumier - The Past, The Present, The Future

These reflections are quite long, and not necessarily well-structured, but they will serve their purpose.

The recent years, I watched hypocrites (people with a 10.6v triggered into detriment) loudly think through their takeover plans and sharing them with me. For some reason, they weren't bothered sharing their inferior-value-strategies with me. They seemed to just assume that I wasn't going to be bothered by it either and by their lack of integrity, maybe because they assumed I was coming from the same corrupted place. If you don't know anything else, that's what you think others are like, as well. This is maybe the one time and situation where it has not become a problem, but a benefit to not been seen, and where my 25.5v-aura comes really handy. It is an aura that exudes a pure projection field onto my spirit - I can be everything and anything to people if they want to see that in me. So if you will, it's the perfect camouflage, even if I don't intend to camouflage.

So I was listening to all these plans of getting to this job opportunity through this „friend“, and taking over that facebook group to use it for different marketing purposes than initially agreed upon by the admin, who would have been presented a different story. None of which made a lot of sense to me personally, but I listened, also because I was under such conditioning pressure and oppression that I didn't have much energy and clarity left for doing something other than staying within me and listening. I listened to all kinds of stuff.

When the hypocrite went on a mental strategizing trip, I regularly suggested: Just tell it like it is. Advice rejected. There were many lies to many people to avoid conflict, to avoid losing their sympathy and support, and to keep them around for the things that were expedient to get. Just a lot of fake relating to get what they want out of their relationships, superficial and phoney. “This person can get me there”, “that person can get me here”. Yes, they might, but how about you evaluate without any specific agenda if you have common ground for a collaboration to begin with, and then trust that judgment and stick to that? Or if things are already clear, how about you describe your situation, what you need, and why you need it, and be open with what you try to get. If it's not completely unjust and coming from a real need, people are going to be much more likely to help. The hypocrite didn't do it this way, though.

I've been closely dealing with two hypocrites who think they are just and trustworthy and have more integrity than they actually have, but who are simply self-entitled and socially incompetent when it comes to actual true connection beyond the masks of the operating interface on the surface. One is harmless, simply socially incompetent, and doesn't invest in themself, but only into exterior belongings, so they ensure that it stays that way, and they don't evolve. The other one would score quite high in psychopathy, although not as high to get the diagnosis - if they gave the right information in the scoring interview to begin with, which is highly unlikely since they are an ashamed vindictive hypocrite hiding their sly not-self and the severe neptunian delusions, and according to themself they don't know who they are, which means they lack self-awareness on top of it. Yet, when you point to contradictions in their narrative and ask how this makes sense, they get upset and think it's a projection, or they just change the narrative. I would rather categorize the second person as a machiavellist or sociopath, but after all, these are just dumbed down labels for complex unique designs and complex less unique not-selfs.
So that's mainly the people that I observed the recent years.

The shadow of the 6th line is hypocrisy, deep inauthenticitiy. It has never learned the lesson of self-awareness, it doesn't understand the effect of its actions, and in that it is very unjust and unfair in its behavior. It judges others for the same mistakes that it makes itself, and often it fucks up even more than those people it judges, but it fails to see that due to its double standard. It acts as if it was morally superior to gain an advantage while it is morally inferior in order. That advantage can be security in the form of money, shelter, and resources, security in the form of social acceptance, it can be about having one's desires fulfilled and simply getting what one wants (but claims not to) without caring about the effect that it has on those involved because there is no self-awareness and no understanding of fair action to begin with.
It's plain „I'm going to pretend in order to have my way“. That's the whole story of the hypocrite.

The hypocrite lives gate 10.6v through the shadow.
In their first 30 years of life, the hypocrite goes through a 3rd line stage and lives as a 10.3, which is about being and remaining just like king Solomon and not letting oneself be spoiled by power - or in the shadow it's about being utterly unjust and unfair. Ideally, the 10.6 in their 10.3-stage learns this lessons of fairness and justice through trial and error, and then goes onto the roof to be a role model based on the justness they learned and the justness that they now start to be ready to incorporate as actions that speak louder than words.

...Not so the hypocrite who lives the 10.6 through its shadow and complains rather than speaks through their actions. They stay stuck in the injustice. They have double standards – in my native language we call it double morals. Double standards are rooted in a failure to be just and to apply the same measurement to oneself that one applies to others. A person expects high standards from others, but fails to hold themself accountable if they themself do not meet their own standards. That's unjust. The lesson has not been learned and the roof-phase doesn't bring about 6th line awareness.

To say it again: Hypocrisy is based on injustice. There are all other kinds of conclusions you can draw from this, and different kinds of scenarios of hypocrisy, the maya is very complex, but in essence every hypocrite has gone through a phase of dealing with injustice, and since they are still having these double standards about what's ok for them and what's not ok for others, they failed to learn from it, and they failed to become just. BUT they will claim to be just, because that's what hypocrites do: They act as if they are morally superior while they are not. That's their most prevalent double standard at the root of it all.

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When you think about it in terms of color, the 3 (power, desire) goes to the 6 (personal, innocence). The 10.3 learns the correct behavior and balance with power and desire through self-analysis, and the 10.6 then moves on to innocently embody whatever they learned as a personal behavior that just is. The behavior just is and naturally emerges out of what has been learned. If they don't master the power and desire, but if they crave more than they need, if they lust for power itself not as a useful toolkit but as an ego enhancement, or if they are an unfair underdog who rejects people in positions of power based on unjust criteria, then the personal dimension gets absolutely skewed, as well. It might not be as innocent as it looks and as they claim to be.

The basic mind set is: “If I do not have or get what I want, it means that it is unjust.” Don't question them, because they are right and have their reasons - after all, who knows anything if not the 6th line. Dare to challenge that. Everyone who challenges it certainly must be an incompetent idiot. “My boss has way more money than me, that's unfair.” The boss built the company though, and the hypocrite works there for less than a handful of years and can't pick themselves up to go and register their own business because of all the administrative work and responsibility that comes with it. What to do about that?
When they don't get what they hoped to get out of you and play unfair, the excuse is “You have no reason to complain, I didn't get this and this from you.” while it was initially stated and agreed upon that “this and this” can't be given.
They want others to be consequent, but they aren't consequent themself.

Hypocrites can't see what is fair. In my personal journey with hypocrites, which of course is unique to my design, the hypocrites only see what they do not have and what the others didn't give to them (even if it was explicitly stated and agreed upon that this is not a possibility), without being able to acknowledge and value all the things they receive from others.
Basically, this seems to be my Venus in waxing quincunx to and Uranus.
There is no respect for other people's contribution, especially not for true philanthropy. There are attempts at projecting bad stuff onto philanthropists and bashing them for taking care of themselves as well, or attempts to milk and pressure out of people who just want to be left alone what one can get without being seen as too overbearing. There is pressure to do give even more because it's never enough and the philanthropist is not allowed to care for themselves without being seen as a selfish opportunist or salesman. Talk of double standards.
They always feel at a loss because they dont receive what they think they deserve, but they fail to see what they take, and if they take too much that's no big deal. They see what others did to them, but they don't see what they do to others.

The mind set is: If I do not have or get what I want, it means that it is unjust.
This person doesn't deserve this, that person doesn't deserve that, why give them so much and why try to find a fair deal when we can give them less. Who cares if they will be motivated to still participate and feel like it's a win-win. Let's give them nothing while we profit. Great!
Yet, the hypocrite fails to recognize that they might not deserve everything that they want either. That's part of the reason why they might not have it, because it has not been deserved – not because everyone else is undeserving and necessarily morally inferior. The hypocrite has no trouble with taking over something someone else built or grew from scratch with lots of effort through hidden motives and taking the backdoor, but they don't build it from scratch themself, although the option was always there.

“If I was the ruler of the world, everything would work better!”. No it wouldn't, because you would just be as overwhelmed as everyone else who is trying to administrate this chaos the world is in. It's a bad idea to claim to be equipped to be God when one is just as incompetent as everyone else.

On top of it, the hypocrite is usually missing self-awareness and there is no potential for the hypocrite to recognize that they are actually being unfair and unjust. It's like a cat that bites its tail.
The things that they complain the most about in others are the least likely to be mastered and integrated by them. When they complain about others, they are going to war against themself, but they fail to recognize that they are at war with themself, because they think they are better equipped in awareness than they are.
Other times, there is self-awareness, but it is coldly used to project an image that will be advantageous.
And some times, there is a wavering back and forth between the two, because it's so difficult to accept unfair or even manipulative tendencies within oneself, or just things that do not make a person feel good about themselves, but essentially one knows that they are there.

With one of those two people that I mentioned, I had a talk about informing or warning people about certain things in other people's design, so that they are aware of possible problems and ready to defend themself when necessary. I was thinking in categories of abuse. They asked me if I would also warn people of the 10.6v, which is a red flag in itself if you think about it.

That's the hypocrite, and if I trust the things I have read, there are studies that people do hate hypocrites even more than normal liars, because the hypocrite acts „as if“ to get an unfair advantage (unresolved power problems and unfair ways to fulfill one's desires). People do have more sympathy with the hypocrite though, if they can admit that they fail to live up to their own standards. Is that of a help, though?
In my own experience, at first I thought it's not that bad when they told me where they didn't meet up to their standards. I felt at least they seemed to be honest about it, and that's a really good thing and there is somewhere to go. I thought it probably depends on how the person handles their hypocrisy – and that's true, it does. But only to a certain extent.
Eventually, one comes to see that there is always some more skeletons in the closet, especially in the hypocrites closet. It's very well hidden but extremely crowded. The less enthusiastic you act when a skeleton drops out, the less skeletons will drop out in the future and the more closely guarded the closet doors will be, but that doesn't mean the skeletons are not there.

The only time when hypocrisy might actually work in the favor of the larger picture and a direction of beauty and harmony is when it's defined through color 4 and a left tone (being hypocritical because others need it), or through color 6 and a left tone (observing hypocrisy). But don't take my word on it, these are just my thoughts.

Color 6 Tone 1-3 means that one observes how other people are setting a bad example, and one can also observe onself being hypocritical when one follows the example of these bad role models that one sees everywhere. But there might come a point in one's life where one realizes that these people might truly be unjust and that they might not have been the best role models. There might come a time when one realizes that one doesn't want to emulate bad role models.

Color 4 Tone 1-3 means that one is double faced to protect others, or because it is a real existing necessity for others. For example, when a family lives in a community with inferior values, and all other parents and children gossip a lot and have strange power dynamics going on. The parents in the family we are talking about might just superficially act as if they shared those community values to protect their children from being bullied and ostracized. Another example: You have a job where you close contracts with people who want to have green electricity, and you are telling potential customers all day long about how great this is. You don't greenwash the company, but you greenwash yourself. You present green values because the company needs it, because the client will feel more comfortable buying and supporting something that they might have wanted to buy either way, and because your family needs you to have a monthly paycheck to feed them. But at home you do have a nuclear power electricity contract. Here the hypocrisy could be seen as some kind of collateral damage on the way to fulfill a greater social need.
A third example: This could be a person who is unfair and double-faced to one suspicious person in the group, in order to protect the whole group. For example, this could be about espionage and finding out the malintentions of someone by pretending to be a certain way. This behavior might lack integrity, but it might be a real necessity because otherwise you would only find out when it's too late, damage has happened, and the group endeavor and stability has already been damaged.

These are some examples where it might make sense to be hypocritical, in consideration of the larger context and in consideration of having a healthy impact.
But most of the time, hypocrisy is quite self-serving.

Ironically, because for themself the hypocrite applies way lax standards than they apply to others, they fail to recognize their own injustice and hypocrisy, which keeps them from overcoming their hypocrisy, and maybe they are doomed to stay forever unconscious. I don't know. I'm interested in hearing your experience with these people, do you know someone with a 10.6v who overcame their hypocrisy?

They tell you that when you gently point out to them in moments when they are being hypocritical, then they will have an opportunity to become aware, but that as well is just all talk and no action, because when you ask them a question on what contradicts, when you gently point it out, or when you just directly say that this does not make sense, they will just come up with another justification and explanation of why they are right and morally superior, and they are helpless in it. Then they come up with just another story of how it makes sense, although the story itself makes no sense. It's quite a perversion of consciousness. My birth country has a saying: Wash me, but don't make my fur wet.

Some of you might say the same thing than I: But this doesn't make any sense. Yes, it doesn't make any sense, it just is what it is. At least it does not make any sense from the logic way in which i see the word (18.6/17.6). I have a 47.4 Earth that's fixed on the transpersonal and on making sense of the people that I am oppressed by in close contact relationships. The conundrum seems to be that those that are oppressors do not necessarily make sense. If they made sense ad had resolved their patterns, they would not be oppressors. The conundrum seems to be that Human Design as a logic pattern has so much illogic built into it. What I think I do understand is that, without self-awareness a human being never makes sense because they are always contradicting themself. Human beings do not necessarily make sense in a way that appears to be logic. And yet, it is logic that saves us. And it starts with the logic of actio reactio: I did this and that happened, how is it connected, and what does it say about me? When I do this, that happens... aha, interesting. In the bodygraph, the logic circuit does not touch the ego, but it defines the two sphinx gates that look back at the past and into the future. These two sphinx gates look back at what role we and others played in the past and at what role we and others will play or can play in the future. The logic has no business with the ego, ego-identification, and ego distortion. It's just logic rational cause and consequence. It can bring impersonal and detached self-reflection. And with that, it can also bring people to peace.

Back to the hypocrite: Usually, most of the time these people aren't in constant recognition and awareness of how bad or contradicting their values are, but unconsciously they know it even if it's not on their mind, and when they have some basic awareness, then all they want to do is to hide because they do not meet up to their own expectation. More than half of the hypocrites I know are hiding away and do not like to be looked at.

I have a 30.6 Mercury, so part of what I think about and mentally explore all day long is correct action, and I don't think there is anyone in the world who always manages to maintain correct action. First of all, mistakes are a necessary part of our learning process, and second of all even when we do not make mistakes and act correctly for a long time, at some point there will come a life phase where we are under enormous pressure and conditioning and where we struggle to see clearly and maintain proper judgment and correct action. It happens to all of us. Never failing to maintain correct action it not the point. The point is that because the hypocrite is self-righteous and does not apply the same standards to himself that they apply to others, they do not even honestly try to act correct because they always turn a blind eye to their own shortcomings.

For the most part, I'm the kind of person that listens, tries to either spot the underlying problem or the contradictions and blind spots, and then asks questions. It does not work that way with the hypocrite, because the hypocrite does not answer these questions honestly and does not use them for self-reflection and self-awareness. As soon as something gets too uncomfortable, they incorporate the questions into their social show and just come up with another part of a narrative in an attempt to mask the illogic and act as if it does not exist so that their story about themself and about others appears to stay consistent: They are the morally superior one. For the most part, I was simply confused and let them have the benefit of the doubt, because after all I'm not the one living their show so what do I know. It took a while for a more complete picture to form, but now in retrospect I've noticed that I've learned quite a lot. I have completed transition out of these situations a few weeks ago. Coming back from it, I feel like coming back from a totally alien parallel universe.

So often, if you only question the hypocrite and take all their answers as their ongoing self-reflection process, you might be disappointed. They are not just, if you support the injustice and their weird narratives, they will not change, they will only feel empowered in their injustice, keep the upper hand, stay double faced, and continue to get what they want in ways that are unfair. I don't think you necessarily can talk these people into reason, because they can't look at themself. They will always see themself as morally superior. Everyone else did stuff wrong, but they didn't. Everyone else does a bad job, but they are the competent ones. Everyone else is not fair, but they are. Everyone else is not owning up to their responsibility, but they are. And so on.

And it's not as if there was no collective purpose in being a hypocrite. The collective purpose is to show us how not to do it.

On the other hand, if the 6 in the 3rd line stage resolves power question, masters justice and can become fair, evenhanded, and self-aware, then the personal dimension can truly blossom. This is what the role model can be. Based upon this, a person's behavior can seem quite odd, but it is truly authentic and innocent. They do not care about what everyone else is doing and about complaining about it, they just DO what they sense it correct. They DO it. And they do not care if anybody takes note, claps hands, and give them a thumbsup, social approval, and a better ranking on an imaginary friend list. They do it for the correctness of action itself. They DO it simply for doing the right thing.

The potential of the 6th line is to be a role model and to be wise based on their own experience – embodied and authentic wisdom. In order to get there, the first 30 years of life consist of lots of mistakes to learn self-awareness, to understand the effect of one's actions, and to become just. Only then can the roof stage bring about a healthy role model.

What else... only idiots care about manipulating others to get what they want of them. The truly smart people focus on manipulating themself to get out of themself what makes their life great. Because, it's a known fact, that you are the only thing that sticks to yourself like chewing gum, till death do you part. Others will get rid of you if you start manipulating them or if it turns out that you are manipulating them. But you'll never get rid of yourself. Good luck on that one, haha. It follows that it's just logical to rely on you first and to tame and master yourself first in order to give you the results that you want in life.

Back to the eclipse. I like to read Youtube comments below videos that have interesting titles even when I don't watch the videos because most times i dont have the time or i am simply not curious enough. One comment I recently read was: „If you play stupid games, you win stupid prices“

Georges Jules Victor Clairin - The Masked Ball

If both people are that way it's actually fine and it seems to work on some level. They just keep on bullshitting each other and reap what they sow and learn from that, or they don't learn from it and stay in the same loops. Sometimes their feelings might still be hurt, but all in all it's quite fair and balanced because the bullshitting is mutual. It just becomes a real problem when one is a bullshitter and the other one is honest and serious. When one is honest but not serious, they still might be able to adapt and play stupid games with a bullshitter, but when they are serious it gets difficult and really hurtful.

So to come back to this eclipse, the hypocrite tends to live in a world of superficial intimacy because they are not trustworthy, and thus people can't open up to them and relate to them on a deeper level. They can't go beyond and go deeper, they continue to live in a world of mutual bullshitting

Intimacy can never go beyond superficial when one is manipulative, inauthentic, pretentious, etc. Then the other person will naturally shut down, especially so if it's a woman, the receiving gender. If one is only there out of money hunger, lust, and addictions, and just takes what one wants from others for one's own progress and feel-good, but not in consideration of others and in service to higher values, they tend to shut down and stay on the surface, but maybe still act as if. That's a healthy mechanism to protect against threat. This can be a lunar eclipse of riding it out. This also can be a lunar eclipse of finding the right social approach in collaborating with others, or it can simply bring people to experiment with their style and companies doing a re-design.
Whether this is about riding it out, or whether this is about experimenting with style heavily depends on whether we were able to cut off and remove inferior influences and toxic people from our life, or whether they are still there. With people who are heavily misaligned and have a lot of shadow, you can't really go anywhere deep beyond the surface because it quickly gets really explosive, muddy, dark, and abusive. When you open up, you never know when they will use it against you to manipulate you.

One other thing I might talk about is gate 14. The Sun is in gate 14 during this eclipse. The Sun is the planet of vitality and life bringing energy. Gate 14 is the gate of attracting life and attracting resources through the sacral center, and as such it can also attract heavy conditioning. And it can implant larvae in people. Ra mentioned this in one sentence, but then didn't go deeper into it. With his double gate 48, he probably took a lot of black magic knowledge to his grave. I always had a vague idea what he meant with „larvae“, but I was never certain and never got confirmation, until I experienced it myself with someone who has their Design Saturn in gate 14. The Design Saturn is the first place where misalignment shows.
Larvae are energy worms that will draw energy and power from the host to the one who planted them. It's a parasitic form.
They hook into you, then suck, even if you think that they would not need any sacral energy because they have it defined. Maybe they need other forms of energy of yours. I still find it difficult to explain how it feels, and probably it doesn't always feel the same. To me it felt like a dripping substance, or like a worm who sucks just like a baby sucks a bottle. Truly disgusting. Maybe you have seen the matrix movie where they remove a worm from someone's belly. That's how it is, just on a purely energetic level.
You do not need to believe that these things exists in order for them to exist. Creative people, film makers and graphic artists do not invent these things. We call them into existence through what we create, because these frequencies and „realities“ exist within us. They are part of our genetic code. We are it, and it is us. Alien is real, just not the way we would expect it to be, but on an energetic realm it's very real and some people out there are in that frequency and create through it. Fantasy movies like lord of the rings are real, there are some people who are designed to dream stuff like this all night. In my youth, I slept in the aura of someone like that, and I had the wildest fanatasy dreams all night. I dreamt I was a warrior who was riding to war in an army of others who all were riding a black panther. Another time I dreamed I was in an Online RPG and respawned because I woke up a dragon and the dragon got me. It was designed and set up like a level in a computer game, but it felt very real. Another time, I met an octopus god. If you want to google it, the art of guild wars and of Kekai Kotaki is very much how these things looked like for me. Some of these dreams have unhealthy degenerated frequency, some not. Some movies are created from unhealthy degenerated frequency, some not.

Back to the larvae: They suck your life force while they smile in your face and act as if nothing happens. As long as no one notices and you don't understand what's wrong in your belly or sexual organs and don't trust your own judgment, they can continue to feed off you. All you might need is to have unhealthy karma with that person, and they have access. It's a horror show in the most literal sense of the word. So if you smell that and are able to identify what's happening right away, run. Nothing is worth the trauma and the disgust.

In the shadow frequency this eclipse brings out greed, addiction, and the worst in people.

That being said, though, in the high frequency, and when we are well aligned, this brings out service to the highest good and selfless contribution. It is about being selfless, just, and fair, even when in possession of power and whealth. It is about not being spoiled by power.

Let's go back to the potential for more that superficiality, since I'm just assuming most of you fit into my life environment of depth, and that might have been a reason why you were drawn to these reports.

If the potential for depth and more than style is there, and if there is authenticity to begin with, then it's not as if this eclipse necessarily has to be counterproductive or make us a different kind of person. Sometimes we might like people but not care about them on a deeper level. We might like someone, but there is not the depth of relating to make this more than a transitory thing and collaboration. Someone might be important to us, but there is so much baggage or trauma that needs to be worked through, that for some time the surface is perfect. There might be distrust and simply fears or legit walls, so that it is helpful to stay on the surface for the next months while we sniff each other out.

We are all very different, and there are many ways in which this eclipse can play out, and I feel like I need to mention certain things to prevent some of you from blindly running into a devastating situation. But also, I don't want you to panic over something just because it's in the transits. You know when something is not your movie to begin with. There are many ways in which this eclipse energy can apply. If it applies to your life at all, it does not apply to all relationships the same because all relationships are unique. There might be one relationship where it applies in hurtful ways. There might be a second relationship where it applies in good ways that bring about progress. And there might be a third relationship where it does not apply at all.
On a less serious note, if you are a cosmetic surgeon, a personal shopping advisor, an escort service provider, or simply an attractive waitress, this eclipse might be good for business, it's just that kind of energy.

Even if something along fake intimacy happens to you, it probably happens for a reason. The next eclipse in April 2022 will be about transformation in isolation, and refusing to engage in hypocritical interaction. It will be about letting go when the lesson has been learned, and separating from the fake relationships that some people might or might not experience now and in the first half of 2022.
While some people might hold together and just watch and see for the coming months, from April 2022 on, the next eclipses will bring the possibility to completely let go, to understand what we never want to do again, and the insistence on honesty.

These last years before we enter the cross of the sleeping phoenix, these last years bring increased pressure to call the phoenix to wake up and to find awakening. They serve the destruction of ignorance and of the naive escapist starry-eyed idealism, so that we can rise above the beast, and there are many ways to interpret and recognize what it means to rise above the beast.
On the surface it looks devastating and as if there is only chaos and disorder in the world, but underneath it, there is empowerment. I have to say I like to see and observe how people leave their 10 year long abusive marriages, that before their tolerated and waited for the person to change. I really like it.
We will experience Chiron in gate 21 (you notice the pandemic control measures are getting stricter) and then Chiron in gate 51 (initiation). After 2027, the global background frequency of delusion will be gone. There will be a global background frequency that really brings the potential to be awake and aware. At the time Pluto enters gate 19 for the very first time in 2028, the Sun is in gate, the spleen center as the center for survival is fully open, the Design Pluto will be conjunct the North Node in the gate of survival of the fittest and correcting one's focus in order to succeed despite limitations. Both Chirons will be in gate 3.5 and will bring wounding through being victimized by others, or healing through standing by your convictions and principles despite extreme conditioning. Those who are not independent and standing their ground, those who are not very confident in themselves and their own awareness, but who are dependent on others will be dominated by the ordering power of others and become their willing or unwilling victim. This current process might be very painful in parts, but it is preparation for those who don't want to be fodder and roadkill, and who can and want to avoid victimhood and find their autonomy. I'm obviously propagating this as a second line, who is all about independence, but it also is the future trend. It will be important to be independent and stand on your own two feet.

Next eclipse, the nodes will be in the channel of structuring and explaining oneself, after possibly having overcome one's fear of rejection. Whether we communicate now, or whether we communicate then, 2022 will be a year that brings a hell of a lot of focus on communication and explanation. Aside from communication it also brings a focus on doing things efficiently and becoming more efficiently organized in ways that are actually practicable and applicable – or the opposite: preferring theory to application.