Lunar Nodes in gate 34 and 20: Suffering deluded interference and power struggles, but also finding a massive increase in awareness (as opposed to ignorance, naivety, and illusion), and gaining greater social sensitivity toward those relationships that are mutually sensitive through the recognition that we are all connected.

4 September 2021 19:57 UTC: The nodes shift from gate 9 and 16 into gate 34 and 20. North Node in 20.6 trine Mercury in▽ trine Saturn in
5 September 2021 1:30 UTC: Mercury in (Libra) trine Saturn in (Aquarius)

Thomas Eakins - Wrestlers

The nodes will be in gate 34 and gate 20 from September 2021 to mid January 2022 (4 months).

Not taking an opportunity with those who mess with us and disturb the harmony, or who have a hidden agenda that they try to pressure onto us at our detriment, but being grateful for the greater perspective and the wisdom that we gained and that we now know to apply.
Being so vain that one is unable to hide and watch, and draws in the wrong attention and all the bullshit of this world (let the other people have it, there are enough people out there who have no self-worth, no standards, and who want all the bullshit because they lack the discernment of what is worthwhile to have) – or sticking to our unique rhythm and flow no matter what, despite all interference and false propaganda that tries to throw or lure us off track. Knowing when enough is enough and when something is not worth our time and energy. Doing the necessary detail work when it might be a help in assessing someone's motives and their possible level of delusion. Recognizing what qualities we will need for transition and transcendence, and waiting for that which has those qualities.

Having the self-discipline to not get side-tracked by our own mind and to catch ourself when we spiral down into getting wasted in confusion and mental burden. Slowly but steadily transitioning into a new order through having the awareness what's practical and what needs our detailed attention. Again: Recognizing what qualities we will need for transition and transcendence. Slowly but steadily transitioning into a new order through having the discipline to do that which is necessary and practical, instead of wasting our energy in all the wrong places. I'm not saying this to tease you, it's simply what I read in the transits. Waiting as a guarantee for survival: Moving forward day by day, step by step, while we find gratefulness and continued motivation from the small victories. As a quick reminder, we are in a cycle of slow stop-and-go manifestation: [ Mars conjunct the North Node ].

Over the course of 2021 and 2022, many people have the theme of burnout due to an unrealistic pace in their Solar Return (30.4▽ Jupiter). When they do not deal with the 34-20 consciously, when they don't know when enough is enough and waste their energy in all the wrong places, or simply overdo it even with the right thing, then they will get exactly that burnout, or they will even deepen their already existing burnout.

Another difficulty during the coming months might be the fear that something lacks potential, possibly because we have to endure difficulties on the way toward a change and correction that we do not see yet, or because we are impatient for the results of our work.
There can be a lack of continuity and survival through suffering. Chicken or egg first, it can be both ways:
1) Constant reevaluation and indecision can lead to dropping out of a good thing, biting off way too much elsewhere due to false propaganda and delusion, and finding oneself in a situation that first seemed too good to be true (the devil is in the details), but quickly turns into something that's not worth suffering through.
2) Having to suffer a temporary difficult and adverse situation (likely to do with interference and delusions, or simply with not having come to a point where we are ready to act) can lead to doubting the future potential of where we are heading, and can lead to constant overthinking and re-deciding, possibly at the expense of actually doing what's practical, and at the expense of progress. A self-fulfilling prophecy. Fear of rejection can lead to being afraid of failure and of missing out on potential development and on people's recognition – which can cause people to suddenly drop out totally unexpected.
Actions and mind clouded by confusion, fear, and impatience are the main traps laid out on the ground for us. Watch where you place your foot. Just because it's not happening now, it doesn't mean that it will never happen. What are the essential qualities and conditions that we will need, and that are necessary because without them action will fail?

Mastering the challenge: Going step by step. Correcting now what we can correct now, and waiting for the rest to resolve later when it will be able to be resolved. Not letting ourself be discouraged by a situation that we can't seem to correct now, focusing on the small accomplishments, and being grateful for them. Not losing perspective. Likely, this will be a transition that requires patience and a thick skin.
Being in the moment and having one's mind freed of nonsense allows us to contemplate what qualities we will need. What will we need to escape powerlessness, and to find freedom or to grow into out power? What will we need in order to be able to correct a situation? What are the right values, ideals, and conditions, that can and need to be applied for the benefit of society? The coming months can also bring huge altruistic impact through supreme awareness.