Lunar Nodes in gate 14 and 8: Growth through attracting the right guidance that empowers us on our unique life path. Attracting what we need to make our contribution and finding great change – or alienating those who could help and staying stuck.

    18 January 2022 2:52 UTC: The lunar nodes shift from gate 34 and 20 into gate 14 and 8

The nodes stay in gate 14 and gate 8 for two months.

This brings huge irreversible karmic endings, but also new beginnings and attracting what we need to make our contribution and to grow. Life is always one big transition from one stage to the next. This can be a time of suffering in silence, even more so if we followed the wrong call, and yet this also can be a time of attracting the guidance and resources that we need in order to endure, to make our contribution, and to find greater harmony in life. Material success is Gods will, but no matter how much God wants it for us, it won't come if we do nothing for it, or drop out when it gets tough, even when we know that we are doing exactly the right thing and follow our unique trajectory.

This is about attracting what you need in order to fulfill your unique purpose, but as everything in life has two sides, this can also be about attracting conditioning that takes you further away from your unique purpose. Deep within you, you'll know what's right for you and what is not. If you do not know it in the moment, and if you feel confused or pressured by other people, remove yourself from them and take time for yourself to think and feel things through, away from anyone's influence.

Collective challenge: Being overly accepting of guidance and being conditioned into receiving the wrong call. Not being seen in one's existing depth, or not having the depth, being caught in superficial stimulation and distraction that has no real application, and being forced to move on. Often, people might stay unrecognized due to imbalances of the ego and the demands that they make. A sense of entitlement, and generally unhealthy approaches and demands can easily alienate people who otherwise could help because they do not want to be pulled down by such frequency. Refusing to adapt, and staying stuck, isolated, and alienated with no mutation and no change taking place. If you are unseen, but not making demands, stick with your unique process and don't let yourself be discouraged.

Mastering the challenge: Adapting and staying vigilant, alert, and realistic. Masking one's sensitivities and true feelings when it makes sense, and realizing that ideas are not everything and not the holy grail that should decide whether something is viable or not. Focusing on what is practical and turning one's energy to service after prolonged indecision (not necessarily to service for others or for a company or project that won't do it for you, but to service of higher values, which can happen in a totally different way than you initially thought). Following only the right call, that's truly necessary and serves the highest values.
Attracting nurturing guidance, positive role models, and positive reinforcement that help us grow. Continuing to fight for purpose, even in times of isolation and no communication.

The following transits and Uranus direct bring a tougher energy. The underlying energy is about being victimized and dominated by the ordering power of others, and if it's just “ok darling, you decide for me” – or not being victimized, sticking to your own convictions, and not letting others impose themselves on you.
This energy is about propaganda, propaganda, propaganda. It is about being conditioned into ignoring the red flags, and providing your resources to people who do not deserve them and who deplete you.
On the positive side, this is about recognizing feelings, the right relationship, and the call to one's unique life path, and going for it. But the conditioning and victimization that prevents people from taking their unique life path is really heavy, transit-wise. Looking at this, I think it's incredibly heavy conditioning to pull us away from what's our unique individuated purpose and path, and from what I've been experiencing on my own path, at least for me this rings true. Mutation can be incredibly cruel. Ra said mutation has to be tested. This is it. Let yourself be conditioned away from your path and eclipsed, or stick to your unique path against the odds and gain momentum, step by step, day by day, month by month.

Uranus direct: Living in a fantasy world based upon intentionally limited understanding because one is so afraid of what's underneath the gloss – or finding your truth in isolation, overcoming lame excuses, overcoming the fear of darkness and crisis, and hopefully not letting yourself be victimized.

    18 January 2022 10:04 UTC: Mercury in▽ (Aquarius) sextile Chiron in (Aries)
    18 January 2022 15:25 UTC Uranus direct in (Taurus)

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There is the energy, despite general dissatisfaction, to refuse to understand certain things, to refuse to acknowledge red flags, and to let others dominate a person into what is certainly not healthy for them. You might escape an exploitative situation through openly refusing to adapt, or, which is maybe the only viable thing to do with certain people who will always try to manipulate you if you try to explain yourself and get them to understand: you might manage to escape an exploitative situation through veiling your sensitivities, adapting to the conditions on the surface, but acting independently to go your unique way.

Mastering the challenge: Seeing the whole picture, the good and the ugly, and maintaining our identity, our security, and our unique sense of direction in life. Rather enduring alone against massive resistance and against people who try to get stuff out of us solely because it benefits them, than to be made a victim by people. If there had been victimization in the past that now led to a dissatisfying reality, this is about enduring to struggle your way out of it. Ideally, you can explain yourself to people in such simple way, that everyone understands and that at least the good people who are on your side do not oppose you. This also is about working with limiting beliefs that we might have inherited from our upbringing, or about working through the fear of darkness and crisis that let us fall for “spiritual” approaches that focus on the light only, but that only did us a disservice, easily pull us off track, and prevent us from living our uniqueness. Deep change can take place when we look at those outdated family belief patterns, or at the way we do spiritual bypassing to avoid looking deeper.
Spiritual bypassing really makes you an easy prey for people to profit off you. All they need to do is to speak to your fear of darkness and sell you great bliss, and you are hooked. Ironically, people are then often hooked to things that bring massive, massive, massive amount of darkness and crisis to help them truly understand and overcome their spiritual bypassing, and to learn to accept the whole spectrum.
Within the transmission and interpretation of the Human Design system, there are also limiting beliefs and interpretations, that's why everyone of us has to find their own approach. It should not be believed blindly, but it is supposed to be experimented with. And in experimenting, you experiment only with that which feels right to do.
The biggest belief system that keeps people stuck in being victimized and exploited by others, is that forgiveness and acceptance is the holy grail of spiritual enlightenment. It's not. It's just used by people so that they can exploit others, and this myth is further strengthened by gullible good-hearted people who buy it, and who, extrapolating from their own nature, can't imagine that there are people who would intentionally exploit others, and who are specifically designed to do so.
Sometimes, forgiveness is needed. And sometimes, raw untamed wildness is needed.

North Node in Taurus

    18 January 2022 18:49 UTC: North Node in Taurus
    19 January 2022 21:31 UTC: Sun in (Capricorn) trine the North Node in (Taurus)

Energy-wise, this is almost the same than the above. But, the energy of the moon changed. It brings delusion, claiming fantasy to be fact, unrealized claims, and hypocrisy. Saying one thing, then doing the other, and not walking one's talk. It is about interpreting truth and promises generously, so that one can promise something, but still do the opposite through re-interpreting it a little.
This is something for us to be aware of: do we say certain things and then not do them? Maybe we are better off not making promises and agreements. Do we make claims that we have not realized yet and that could turn out to be fantasy? Maybe it's better to just keep things to ourself, and to just wait and see if it's going to turn out true or not. Are we even doing all of this to get stuff out of people? I guess, then all hope is lost, because such a person will not have an intrinsic motivation to change, they will continue to exploit others and ruin their own social life, and often they might not care about having it ruined, because they didn't care from the beginning, other than for what they could get out of others. But if we are on the receiving end of propaganda, false claims, and widely-interpreted promises, the North Node in Taurus can bring an EXTREMELY steep learning curve about what it means to make an authentic contribution, what it means to embody purpose, and what it means to be a role model, through being demonstrated the opposite.
Then, the question is: Do we get stuck in the old ways that we know do not work sustainably? These old ways do not work sustainybly because we always pay quite a price for actions that arise out of ego imbalances. Or do we change?