Manifestor in Human Design

  ( Manifestation, Metamorphosis )

Human Design Manifestor


from anger to peace

Aura Quality

Closed and impacting.
A Manifestor's aura is closed and impacting. At the core of the aura there is a field that is closed off, like a black box. The aura becomes repelling when the Manifestor is being in action and focused on doing something, or when they want to be left alone. This has the purpose of preventing interference by energetically pushing obstacles out of the way. It can make others feel pretty intimidated. A Manifestor is very powerful, yet their journey can feel very lonely. For Manifestors it is of utmost importance to not get hung up on feeling like a misfit, and to come to appreciate solitude. They need to feel and recognize the peace that is possible for them when they are alone or with the right people, and to learn to see and appreciate the gift of their independence. A Manifestor needs to learn to see the blessings in standing aside of the crowd: They are free to innovate and blaze their own trail. While others are discussing things and talking them through in order to figure out how to best do it and who can do what, the manifestor just goes and does it.
Manifestors seem to be able to open their aura selectively and they seem to be able to train that ability. They can take other people into the protective shield of their aura. Also, boundary dissolving substances, be it alcohol or psychedelics, can open up the aura and make it vulnerable - the wrong place and the wrong company can cause a person to take in a lot of unhealthy energy and damage, that otherwise they have a very good defense against.


Around 9.5% of human beings are Manifestors.

   In traditional Human Design this aura type is called a “Manifestor”. This has nothing to do with the wide-spread belief in mental "manifestation" through the "law of attraction". Manifestation comes through surrendering the mind to the body, to divine timing, and to divine direction. I prefer to emphasize the deep, deep, deep impact, transformation and transmutation of the maya (sometimes also spelled “maia”, meaning the illusion and 3D reality that we are living in) and of people from one state of being to another that is possible with this aura type.

Manifestors are here to bring manifestation and metamorphosis. They are here to transform, to innovate, to open new doors, to impact others. They are trailblazers. The Manifestor has a special relationship to the life program and to the planetary transits. Life moves through them in order to be manifested. They drive forward the evolutionary process and evolutionary agenda. By doing their own thing, not only do they open a door for themself, but often also for others who follow through. Because change is scary and change is frightening for everybody involved, Manifestors can meet a lot of resistance in life. In order to stay on their path of initiation and to bust through this resistance, they have a dense aura that is not readable and not able to be fully penetrated. Their aura impacts the people around them and stirs things up in order to open the possibility for transmutation and metamorphosis. This happens even when they are perfectly peaceful and just sitting around having a good time. Being in action, their aura can even be repelling to push people out of the way, Manifestors are human Ganeshas. A Manifestor aura can also pull those people in who really need that kind of impact and progress. A Manifestor can be really attractive, especially to those who are stuck or who have a lot of shadows to transmute.
Manifestors have the potential to really further things for themselves and the people around them, but in their closed aura, they can also feel very lonely, cut off from humanity, and alien. They are often misjudged and envied for what they are able to manifest, and their vulnerable side is often overlooked.

Manifestors are practical and do-it-yourself people, they have a certain independence when it comes to action. The typical Manifestor is a loner, not a group being. It is difficult to gather Manifestors together into a group, especially regularly. They prefer to just do their own thing in their own timing because they are not dependent on other people's energy. When they come together, it is mainly progress-oriented and focused on the exchange of information and impact. It's more rare to have Manifestors join a group just for the sake of coming together and hanging out.

A Manifestor does not have a defined sacral center, like a Generator or a manifesting Generator does. That means the energy level of a Manifestor is not steady. A Manifestor impact can be huge, but afterward, the Manifestor needs rest like a cheetah after a hunt. Leisure is important to recharge batteries. Because of this, Manifestors are interested in efficiency. Most Manifestors are not interested in small talk and social chit-chat, but in things that make a real difference. For the Manifestor this is love. Impact is love.

As a Manifestor, it can happen to you that your impact is too heavy for someone. You are used to sprint fast, but others often are not. Transformation takes time and when you impact someone, they then need to digest that impact and orient themselves. Sometimes people need time to let your impact sink in before they can meet up again. When they are in a really difficult life situation where many things need to be worked through, when they meet you again the next day it will be immediately triggered and sometimes it can easily be too much. It is not personal, it is not against you. Usually, Manifestors are deeply oblivious to the power of their own impact. The Manifestor might feel as if nothing much happened because they are used to transformation, but for the other person huge transformation is triggered that requires to be reflected upon. For Manifestors, it is important to understand that people might need alone time to process. It is important to respect their need for temporary distance.

Big questions for the Manifestor are: Who do I impact and who can I impact? Will I be resisted and rejected or will I be answered?

If, as a Manifestor, you touch someone's soul deeply in places where they feel uncomfortable with themselves, you might encounter rejection. This rejection is not necessarily personal. Especially when someone close to you rejects you when a big problem arises, often it is simply an emotional coping and defense mechanism. Change is scary, growth takes a lot of energy, that is what people often reject. It does not mean they reject you as a person, although they might express themselves like that. If you are really important to each other, your relationship won't break apart. You will know which battles to fight and which to abandon. Find the courage to openly inform, encourage them to openly share, listen to them, and if they are overwhelmed, let them have their time, but let them know that you still value them and that you don't simply step out of their life. As a Manifestor, you will benefit from understanding the emotional process that is being triggered by change. It will be helpful to read about "change management". Many of it does not only apply to companies, but also to private relationships.

That being said, just because a Manifestor can be quite independent and has the power to live "my way or the highway" - it doesn't automatically mean that it is a good choice in all situations. It all depends on the proper balance and on the individual situation. None of us is alone in the world, neither is the Manifestor. As a Manifestor, you might not feel as involved as many others, but you always, always have impact on people, even when you do not feel involved. Manifestors need to recognize how their impact on others might sometimes be negative, and how they might be a steamroller to the detriment of others - especially out of anger. Angry impact can really wreak havoc. For a Manifestor, it can be a game-changer to recognize their negative impact onto others and to work on turning it into positive impact. A Manifestor in their power brings peaceful impact and impacts others towards deeper peace. The more positive a Manifestor's impact becomes, the less resistance they meet and the more support they encounter from others for whatever new paths they are taking.

The way to minimize rejection and resistance is to follow your inner authority and to inform. It is vital to trust your body in choosing which battles to fight. It is vital to inform those people that matter. They cannot read your aura, so if they are close to you or if something impacts them, you are better off to inform and even to explain yourself when necessary. It will lessen resistance and it will lessen misunderstanding. It will remove their suspicion and insecurity that arises as long as they don’t know where they stand with you. Letting them know what's going on with you can make them feel safe with you.
Informing is not asking permission, informing is to verbally show them your perspective and intent.

When you become conscious of your aura you can learn to close or open it. You can even take someone into the protection of your aura.

If the Manifestor follows their inner authority (which differs from Manifestor to Manifestor) and their strategy of informing (informing when it makes sense), their anger will lessen and they will find peace. Not success, not satisfaction, not surprise, but sweet peace. And they can spread that peace through the impacting aura. They can have a peaceful impact instead of an angry impact.

One thing to be cautious with is that you do not balance out a room full of stressed people with your peace and calmness to your own detriment. Having a closed aura does not mean that you take in absolutely no conditioning or negative energy from others and that you are absolutely and always immune to that. People might feel more calm and they might really appreciate the tranquillity that you bring to them, but if they do not do any inner work themselves and if you just continue to be the balancing garbage bin day after day after day, and more importantly: if you feel that certain people's company does you no good, if it lessens your peace and wears you out, then it might be time to take more alone time or even consider saying goodbye.

Anger might not fully disappear, it is a natural feeling to experience for a Manifestor upon meeting resistance - and if only you bump your toe on the trash can that stands in the way and in response to that you feel a bit of a grump rising inside. But upon trusting your inner authority and informing, anger will show up very rarely. For the most part, it will show you what needs to be transformed, changed, and impacted in yourself or in others. At this point, anger can be a very productive feeling and temporarily add to your drive to get something of true impact done through defiance and resistance, or it can help you to emphasize your standpoint and demand respect and non-interference in a way that is direct but clear and down to earth. Anger can also be an indicator for situations in which you did not inform or in which you did not follow your inner authority and wait for clarity. Usually, anger tells you that there is something that needs to be addressed. An exception to this is the anger that comes up when processing old trauma and hurt in your grieving and healing process.
The more you find into your center and power, the more you will find that the anger won't stay for long and the peace will never fully leave your being, even when you are angry. Personally, from my own experience, I usually have to laugh when I am angry - I am a Manifestor with an open solar plexus center, which means that I am not emotionally defined. I have to laugh at being angry and for catching myself angry, so it is a mix of grump and laughter, that can disperse quite quickly.
When I'm really angry though, in response to interference, boundary violation, and upon releasing trauma that stemmed from such debilitating experiences, I work through the anger alone. I imagine how my inner space and core extends and my aura becomes bigger, so that there is a larger safe space for me to riot. Now there is a lot of room for anger. I just let it pour out, rage and roar energetically, not vocally. For me, it is enough to just see it with my inner eye, to let the energy flow from my throat, and to shake it off through my hands in case I have the impulse to do so. The anger assists as a transmuting agent for energetic purging, so that the energy doesn't get stuck in the body. For me, it is just energetics. Since we are all individual, tough, purely energetic work might not work equally well for everyone. For example, some people might find it more helpful and relieving to actually shout and groan, or to get physically active and do some sport.

“Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not easy.“ - Aristotle

   The mechanics, please

Strategy - To Inform

Strategy describes a tactic that you can use to smoothen your ride in life. The Manifestor strategy is mental, it is artificial. You meet decisions according to your inner authority and then you inform those who are affected about what you are up to. It does not come naturally to a Manifestor to inform. But it really helps Manifestors to learn some manners and to learn who to inform and how to inform. It is much needed to navigate the social interactions smoothly, especially in interaction with the many people who do not have a design to do and who are not familiar with a Manifestor's independent doer-nature.

Especially in the early stages of your process, it can be helpful for you to come in touch with your strategy. But keep in mind that it is mental and that it can never trump your inner authority that comes from your body. Your inner authority is the final judge, it trumps any strategy. If your inner authority signals you not to inform someone, it will be best not to inform. For example, if you are a manifestor with line 33.5 or line 26.4, and also by design you have to deal with a lot of interference (gate 21, line 53.5, and many more), there will be those people who you will leave in the dark and never inform, because if you inform them, they will sabotage you and thwart your plans.

Ultimately, the more we get in touch with ourselves, our inner authority, and our life, the less we need the strategy because our inner authority determines what our strategy will be. Your inner authority will determine who to inform about what. If you want to experiment with one thing at a time, it is thus best to start with your inner authority.

What do Manifestors need from you?

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