28 February & 1 March 2022: Mars and Venus trine Rahu (the north node of the moon).

The next two aspects might be confusing, I'm not even sure if I should write about them, or if it just causes irritation and confusion. I'll just try.

Manifesting our authentic truth and breaking new ground, or going after the same old half-assed stuff. Mental fuck up, or selfless insight.

    28 February 2022 15:33 UTC: Mars in▽ (Capricorn) trine the North Node in (Taurus)

Trying to make money with shop-worn cliches, not being an example for what one preaches, but hating when people don't agree or ask questions (and not having answers because it's not embodied). Not getting through to people, and making them tired of listening. This also can be about refusing to hide and wanting to be seen, even if it's not the right situation or moment. On the other hand, this can be a transit to manifest our contribution through embodying our truth, and selflessly being of service to the collective through sharing our wisdom from experience.

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It can also be a mix of the above: Sharing one's embodied truth, but falling onto deaf ears because the other person simply is walking a different path. This transit brings the energy to assume that others are interested in the same things that we are, and to talk their ear of with it before we even assess common ground and whether they want to hear it or not. But when they do not have the same interest, we will have to accept that as part of the process. When someone is not being open to accept our truth as their truth, or when they do not try out a solution that we offer, it does not mean that they reject us. We are not just our mental concepts and knowing, and they are not just their mental concepts and knowing. It's not personal. It simply means, it would not be of help to them, or they are not open to it right now, and that's in no way a rejection toward us as a person. It simply is not for them.
Difficulties can be overcome through listening (truly listening) where it matters, and trying to understand where the other person is coming from.

According to UNICEF, "At least 200 million girls and women alive today living in 30 countries have undergone Female genital mutilation". Because the local tradition dictates it, their external genitalia has been partial or fully removed, often without anesthesia. I just read somewhere that when the girl cries or screams (not being anesthetized) that's being seen as a shame for the family. There are different practices, and the worst practice is infibulation: After the clitoris and labia has been cut off, the vulva is sutured, and only a small hole is left open. Often, that hole is so small that it becomes difficult to urinate or menstruate (especially menstruate clots). Often, the results are inflammation/infection, depression, chronic pain, other physical problems, and needless to say, if there was a way to dissolve and cancel the pain, there still would be no chance to experience real sexual pleasure because much of the sensitive tissue has been removed. After marriage, if the man's penis can't penetrate and tear open the small hole, it is cut open again.
And here we are, discussing who is right, and who is wrong? Are we being serious? Are we seriously expecting anyone to take us seriously?
Are there maybe more important things to be concerned with in this world? Are there more important things to fight about, and to fight for?

Waiting to contribute our truth, or waiting for when we can have impact on the collective. Knowing our relationship truth and what's worth waiting for, and planning for change.

    1 March 2022 3:56 UTC: Venus in▽ (Capricorn) trine the North Node in (Taurus)

Note that the previous aspect was Mars trine the North Node (the male energy, or generally manifestation energy), and this aspect is Venus trine the North Node (female energy, or generally relationship energy). This might be about running into obstacles with some people, checking one's standard, separating from these obstacles and rather waiting for what works. This can be about at first being drawn back into negative relationships because one wants somebody to talk to who will listen, or because one thinks other people can help manifest certain things, but then one might recognize that there is nothing to be done about a relationship because it is truly unhealthy and that can't be fixed, and one has to remove that person out of one's environment or from the group. This might be about action or advancements in career, and continuing despite obstacles, but still waiting for the right moment on a private level in private relationships. This might be about the male energy taking action, and the female energy waiting and focusing on purpose and authentic values. Or this might be about some people going this way (action), and other people going that way (not acting yet).
It also might be about advancing through being able to take rejection, practicing resilience to rejection, while waiting for when it feels right to act on the big thing that's truly important and purposeful.

Ultimately, acting or not, sharing or not, all can be correct, but it depends on how we feel about it, and with this transit it might be easy to abandon our authentic truth.