15 Dec 2021: Mars conjunct the South Node builds up momentum or impatience.

Mars conjunct Ketu: Difficult karma around ego distortion and the wrong use of will power, coupled with or leading to raging against fate. Conditioning others to not lose momentum, for the good or the bad. Intelligent or unintelligent application.

    15 December 2021 20:11 UTC: Mars conjunct the South Node (Ketu) in▲ (Sagittarius) square Jupiter in▽

Difficult karma surrounding immaturity, ego distortion, boundary violation, and pushing other people further and further. Being run over by overly assertive people who are out of alignment and try to get things that are not for them by sheer will power. Will power will only get you so far. There are times where we really need it, and where there is a massive amount of will power available to get things done, but if something is manifested from out of alignment, and if we use the heart center like an undiminishable resource for things that are not necessary or simply dysfunctional, it ruins our health. This can also be about pushing people into persisting with things and staying involved in what they do not even care about. You can't force someone to care, if they don't, they don't. This can be about being burned out by people's blind over-actionism and their unrealistic pace, or by their refusal to give up what's not for them and their insistence on getting a foot in the door.

Many people will only understand that something destroys you or that they destroy you once you are so absolutely fucked up that there is no possibility for them to deny it anymore because they simply can't overlook it anymore. They need to see the proof of what you told them all along in order to understand it. Until then, they will try to sell it to you or try to push you into it, and ruin you out of pure stupidity and ignorance. The proof that would help them understand happens at your expense. They might understand, but only when it is too late for you and when they see you ruined. In such a situation it's always you who loses when you try to proof to them that something is too much or is not for you. Usually, it's better to have them stay ignorant and just leave when they do not understand or accept your explanations and your “no”. There is nothing to prove. It's not worth it to be right and to be able to say “see, I told you all along”. Once you are fucked up enough for them to finally notice, it's too late, and maybe then they wouldn't even understand why you are so fucked up, and they come up with all kinds of theories and nonsensical beliefs because they can't accept their part in it. It's absolutely essential to enforce healthy boundaries early on, and if you notice that someone fails to understand and respect those essential boundaries, to cut them off.
Then there are those people who simply don't care, or they know on some level that they should back off, but they ignore what they know, they refuse to acknowledge it, and they continue to push you or to violate you in the most extreme case. If they acknowledged that they are pushing you into something that is detrimental to you, they would have to refrain from getting their way and from getting what they want, so they do not acknowledge it. These are usually the people who think it's unfair and rude when people push their buttons and other people's buttons, and who think you should not break other people's false sense of self and expose their dirt under the carpet, because it would break them. For them, ego-sensitivities are more tragic than actual tangible touchable damage and trauma, so the values and the offender-victim-roles are quite skewed. Instead of looking at the dirt and undergoing crisis and transformation themself, they prefer to have others broken by the consequences of their actions or other people's actions.

The positive side: Letting go of things that we thought we wanted to do, but maybe we realize it's not in alignment with our highest purpose and not something for us to commit to. Instead, gaining momentum with the right thing through determined and steady perseverance, even when we have to deal with interference that's very frustrating.
Hidden knowledge and generally getting information on people can help with seeing the full picture, assessing them more realistically, and knowing how much caution we need to have towards them.