4 February 2022: Mercury direct brings focused or distracted research.

Mercury direct: Focused research and seeking evidence before we believe something - or misguided and distracting collaboration.

    4 February 2022 4:12 UTC: Mercury direct in (Capricorn)
    4 February 2022 13:37 UTC: Mars in (Capricorn) sextile Jupiter in▲ (Pisces)
    4 February 2022 19:04 UTC: Sun conjunct Saturn in (Aquarius)

Mercury went retrograde in the 19.3 and brought greater sensitivity and considerateness toward each other, or plain moodiness, over-sensitivity, and easily being triggered. Mercury retrograde brought the question whether to attune or not.
Now, Mercury goes direct and brings a quest for our inner truth and for doing research on what we do not know yet and what is hidden, be it occult knowledge or a new scientific formula that suddenly just strikes us and is ready to be tested. Mercury going direct can also bring the recognition of what might not be worthwhile to attune to, because when we involve specific people it only leads to chaos and distractions.

People might want us to take them somewhere because they think we have the vision and the plan. They have the fuel and the energy to investigate and develop solutions. Or vice versa, we have the energy and someone else has the plan. As Mercury goes direct, both of this operates through a projection field that can get people's expectations and hopes up way more than is healthy. But not everyone is a match, and there might be the need to defend ourself against people who aren't a match, even if it stirs conflict, competition, and struggle.

The first priority is a solid foundation for our unique path to unfold, and that's simply not possible with everyone. Some people do not have the expertise, but are not humble and ready to stop giving false advice and learn. Some people are utterly impractical and outbrake every ambitious endeavor. Some people do simply have a different path and when both try to compromise, both end up off track. Sometimes, dysfunctional things need to be burned down in order to protect the part of the foundation and framework that works and that we already have in place.
Materially, intelligent application of the resources that we have is going to be the key for a solid foundation.

Mercury going direct brings a wariness and rightful suspicion. Do they have what is needed for a project, or what we need in a relationship? Most important: Can we respect them, no matter their position in the hierarchy, because they truly walk their talk and have integrity? Or do they have double standards, do their words not match their actions, or do they even betray our or other people's trust so that we might risk our solid foundation when we have something to do with them?
Socially, the key to maintaining a solid foundation is going to be a healthy dose of caution, seeking proof for exemplary behavior, and being able to judge what behavior is appropriate in order to defend ourself against what is not okay.

These transit energies tend to sound so problematic, but if you and the people around you do have integrity, this kind of transit will most likely just be smooth sailing while you curiously explore and investigate new things that you didn't know about yet. There might be discussions about false information, and questions whether a piece of information is true or not, but it won't be anything serious.
The simplest version of this transit might be a healthy suspicion toward information in these times of misinformation and conspiracy theories. It's good to question everything, to seek evidence for all information, and to only take it as true (or likely true) when we find such evidence and concrete facts and data.