Joaquin Sorolla - Sewing the sail

Mercury retrograde: Surviving changing times and transformation by taking an objective and practical approach together with selected others – or just plain instability due to not being able to accept the fact that things change. Objective, practical, and authentic recognition of potential, and gradually correcting our judgment where we didn't recognize it before.

    27 September 2021 5:10 UTC: Mercury retrograde in (Libra) square Pluto in, trine Jupiter in, in waning quincunx to Neptune in, and in a 11° waxing quincunx to Uranus in, which forms a finger of Yod that points to Mercury if you let an 11° angle count, which I normally wouldn't, but the way in which this looks it makes absolute sense.

Mercury will wander retrograde for 3 weeks, and he will turn direct on the 18th October 2021.

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Collective challenge: Letting oneself be conditioned into things that objectively don't make sense and are depressive or lead into depression. “Me, me, me”. Being overly dependent on other people's input or stabilizing cheer ups when one is not able to handle change and impermanence and thus becomes mentally unstable, yet needing to be the center for progress, and ignoring the importance of those who are supportive (basically using them to fill up one's own cup, but not considering their material or emotional needs, and that they want progress and some kind of stability as well). Suggestions that are being made from such a place are not necessarily the most practical and applicable in consideration of the larger framework and the actual circumstances. Subjective judgment and a focus on theory rather than on what can realistically and practically be applied brings out impractical solutions, suggestions, and interference that needs to be refused and rejected, and rightfully so.

Mastering the challenge: Working well together with selected others to survive change and transformative times – and not letting oneself be conditioned by the wrong people and their subjective judgment and impractical ideas into things that are a distraction or simply won't work. Bringing progress into other people's lives through objective judgment, and seeing what's applicable, practical, and simply doable in cooperation or collaboration. Being able to stand for oneself, being independent as the circumstances allow it. From that place of being centered in ourself, we are able to truly consider the feelings and practical needs of others, and we can bring change and gradual correction into other people's lives by sharing our discoveries, achievements, and ways that have led us to success.