6 March 2022-10 April 2024: Neptune is back in the gate of crisis and sex (36). Mercury squares the North Node (Rahu)

Neptune back in gate 36 (crisis and sex): Persisting against opposition and throughout crisis and difficulties. Learning the lessons and mistakes of the past, leaving old doubts behind, and sticking to our new-found values and to the emerging new beginnings that are reflecting them. Working with limitations, instead of constantly trashing everything even if the foundation was solid when we run against a temporary construction site-wall.

Here is the original article on Neptune transiting through gate 36: https://humanarchetypes.com/neptune-in-gate-36/

    6 March 2022 17:14 UTC: Mercury in (Aquarius) square the North Node in (Taurus)
    6 March 2022 22:36 UTC: Neptune D back in gate 36