May 2021-Feb 2025 – NEPTUNE IN GATE 36: The great purge. Collective transmutation of shadows through crisis. Survival crisis and sexual liberation.

This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.

Neptune in gate 36: The great purge. Collective transmutation of shadows through crisis and temporary darkness. Survival crisis and health crisis. Finding greater compassion and maturity through experiencing crisis and being able to better relate. Initial resistance followed by sexual liberation: Transmuting sexual patterns, sexual stuffyness, fears of sexual inadequacy, sexual blockages, and outdated values around sexuality. Crisis feels dark, but it never lasts.

    10 May 2021 3:51 UTC: Neptune enters gate 36 for the first time on the 1/4 cross of explanation with a fully open spleen center. Mars in▲ square Chiron in
Alfons Mucha - The Municipal House

Collectively, Neptune in gate 36 with a fully open spleen brings survival crisis, which results in the attempt to find more safety for the future, and to find actual real tangible solutions of a bigger scope that make the future more secure.
Collectively, gate 36 with a fully open spleen can bring up campaigns and issues that link sex and health, such as “condoms for Africa”, or the safety dangers of prostitution and assault/murder against women who do this job.

Individually, this also can be about survival crisis, but often this can bring an emotional purge of baggage and deep changes to our sexuality. Through crisis and going through darkness and hardships ourself, we develop a deeper compassion for the hardships of other human beings.

Neptune in the low frequency is about delusions, illusions, and having such an over-emphasized hippie-mentality, that we tolerate all the low stuff that pulls us down, or on the other side of the equation, it is about being motivated in all the wrong ways.
In the high frequency, Neptune is about eliminating everything that pulls us down, be it addictions, the wrong relationships, or negative emotions in general. It is about finding our spirit through authentic decisions and maintaining right action regardless of our personal goals and motivation.
Neptune in gate 36 is about getting only the right sex and only the right crisis through following our inner authority. Crisis will come anyway, but what matters is that it is the right one. Neptune might transmute the way in which we see and experience crisis (e.g. avoidance of crisis and darkness) and it will transmute our sexuality and the way in which we approach sex. This transmutation might have to do with the mutation in the 59.6. Maybe collectively through sexual liberation, at first we experiment a lot, and then at some point we notice that most of this ain't really it, and that none of the sexual experimentation and experience is truly worthwhile and fulfilling if it's with the wrong person. On the experiential way we try out everything once and then let it go if it wasn't good.
It also might bring a quest for the spirit and the recognition that there is the potential to connect deeply to the other person through our spirit without motives and with unconditional love, (and through the emotional field), which goes far beyond physical intimacy and plain sex. We won't notice this transmutation now while we are in it. While we are in it, we will experience the crisis. We will only truly notice the results, effects, and the emergence of a new sexuality and compassion after Neptune has left gate 36, which means that we will be only slowly starting to see these effects when the great mutation has finished around 2027.

Neptune in gate 36 will bring us a new sexuality through transmuting sexual blockages and things that old us back.
Usually, it's the people with defined sacral who have all the sexual blockages and distorted sexuality. Open sacral people tend to be much more sexually liberated and just do whatever the hell they want wherever they want whenever they happen to feel like it. After all, they do not have a defined sexuality, and thus the open sacral brings the wild sexual experimentation because it does not have that fixed sexuality. So the way I see this is that, although the 36 itself is a solar plexus gate, to a large part, this is about transmuting the sacral energy and all the bad vibes in the collective sacral frequency and in the individual sacral, such as rape (putting up a barrier due to rape is a sexual blockage, and a necessary one), sexual shame and repression, or just plain perversion and obsession. In the long run (not necessarily while we are in it), this raises the vibration of the collective life force and of life as a whole. It raises the frequency of BEING. When there are changes in the sacral frequency itself, and when sexual blockages are being resolved in the collective sacral frequency, this might also impact the 59.6, which is a sacral gate and part of the new background frequency after 2027.

Alfons Mucha - The Municipal House

Back to defined sacral encounters:
There are the normal blockages which aren't detrimental in frequency, and then there is the absolute distortion and sacral sickness. If you have an open sacral it will be important to discern between those two. The usual blockages can be worked through bit by bit (if it is correct for you to do that with someone) without doing any harm to you. The sacral sickness will make you sick – it is not safe, especially if it is the kind that plants a larvae in you and sucks at you, while of course they claim nothing happened. It's actually not healthy for both, because these people have done that with other people before and sucked up all the previous people's energetic conditioning (good and bad), and on top of that they also sucked up the potential negative backlash to their intrusion, which, person after person, host after host, makes them even more of a walking problem that is totally out of balance and will meet resistance everywhere it goes.
If you are with someone like that, you can do all the health routines and measures in the world, but you can't counteract such kind of energy, it's worse than a Sisyphean challenge, and you are only getting more unhealthy. For some people out there, that's probably worth paying attention to in the coming times or now.
Worn down sacral energy just makes you feel tired, and if you sit in it long enough, it makes you feel as if you could immediately fall asleep. But extremely unhealthy and molesting sacral energy can feel like a stinging or twitching in the area of your inner or outer sexual organs. It also can feel like a tingling, or like a worm. It makes you feel dirty and polluted, just the energy itself, even if there has been no physical contact.
You have no responsibility to deal with any of that, and if you have an open sacral, it is vital for your health to avoid people with such an unhealthy sacral energy, even if they are just friends (no sexual interaction) who you spend a lot of time with but who sting you energetically and make you feel polluted and stained. If you take in that kind of energy on a regular basis, it's a recipe for a health crisis.
So, to some extent, this is about surviving sex. Generally, a huge question will be: Is this sexually safe and pleasureful, or is this interfering with or even destroying your health and well-being, even to the point of being traumatic?

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The amount and the burden of the crisis that we deal with depends on whether we make relationship decisions that are authentic, on whether eliminate problematic experiences and people that produce too many bad feelings because they are not right for us to begin with, and on whether we can eliminate our own bad feelings, and those thought patterns that fuel bad feelings to an unnecessary extent. Are we in relationships that do give us a reward and a good portion of good emotions for the difficulty and the darkness that we face, and that somehow make us feel that all the trouble is worthwhile? Or are we in relationships and sexual experiences that bring those kinds of crises that erode all safety and keep us from manifesting material security? It will be a huge lesson to not waste our resources on the wrong relationships, to not fall for ulterior motives and lies, and to react boldly to interference and boundary violation (in physical action and energetically). Shall these intruders mess with those people who are equally intrusive and who thus are a perfect fit to them... Or maybe not, I guess it depends. That makes me think of "Blue Heaven", one of the most interesting mangas that I have ever read. It is about a ship-wrecked traumatized blood-hungry madman and a spoiled brat psychopath awakening each other deeper to their madness after having discovered the other's existence, and in their ongoing competition and game they wreck the whole luxury liner cruise ship they are on and use passengers and scenery to orchestrate their fight for the sole purpose of winning over the other.

Back from the detour:
Yet, even if we eliminate those negative and inferior relationships from our life, there will always be some amount of crisis even in the right relationships, and that is actually healthy. Mostly, this will be crisis that emerges out of projection and assuming common ground, but then clashing with different view points and explaining ourself to each other. Sometimes in this process, we might deepen our compassion and understanding for each other, and sometimes we might realize that it doesn't work, and that this is a person with whom we can't find the spirit. With people who are conflict avoidant, who don't speak their truth, and who run from any kind of crisis and confrontation, we can never find the spirit, we can only find stagnation.
This also is a lesson in learning about false enthusiasm, and becoming more realistic instead of just making assumptions or getting hooked on false claims and misleading propaganda. And in the end, if it is the right relationship and crisis, we will be ending up talking it through, explaining our viewpoint, and we will find deeper understanding and compassion for each other. We will mature through the experience with each other.
Higher knowledge can help us to develop the right strategies and approaches to crisis, that bring productive conflict and growth into our relationships.

Neptune in gate 36 brings deep, deep changes to our sexuality that we will only understand years in the future, long after the changes have taken place.
It is interesting to me, that the Mars in this chart is in the 39.1▲, which is the main co-factor of the 2027-mutation, and the 2027-mutation involves a change in the sexual role gate. The 39 is innocently poking the spirit and being flirtatious without any expectation and without any particular focus on consummation and on “implementing” the sexual act. It dresses to enjoy itself, and it just teases for the joy and the pleasure of the tension field, and it also does it in order to test the spirit, and to test whether it is being answered with the same playfulness and lightness, or whether it is being answered with senseless drama or heavy sexual obsession and focus. The sexual overload is when you wear a skirt and men whistle at you just due to walking by, these guys don't have the spirit. Those who have the spirit won't be provoked that easily. Anyhow, this playful teasing is what will manifest the actual mutation of this silent transformation. By “silent transformation” I mean that we will not notice the huge changes that this brings right away, I don't mean that we will not notice any crisis.
We will only notice the progress that the crisis brings long after the crisis has passed.

I know a 3-year-old reflector with his sun in the 22.2 who loved to play peek-a-boo with me. It has been a very playful way of testing me out from a safe distance without getting too close, since in the beginning he was quite afraid of me. The 39.1▲ can be a bit like that. It's teasing and playful. But when it gets difficult backlash and drama as an obstacle, it retreats and investigates the situation before it reengages.
For the coming crisis times, this means that it will be essential to notice when we need to disengage and when we need to reengage. Not every crisis and conflict can be solved productively in the present moment. Sometimes things need to calm down. Crisis and conflict can't necessarily be solved by both parties continuing to jab at each other. One side might be best advised to withdraw physically or to detach a bit, to not take it personal (gate 39 doesn't take things personal), and to just let the other person vent their emotions, until the energy is out of their system and gone.

The 39 tests whether you will be provoked never, sometimes, or all of the time, and it tastes the energetic backlash and information that it gets and tastes how that feels – does it feel like a match or not? We might say it tastes the other person's spirit, and it also tastes their shadows, and whether these are the right shadows to work with, or not. This comes back to what I mentioned previously: with the wrong people we can't find the spirit. With the wrong people we can't find a sexuality that is healthy for us.

Alfons Mucha - Jan Amos Komensky

If we just withdraw and avoid any conflict and confrontation altogether, though, then nothing will ever change for the good, and no productive change will get manifested. Productive change will get manifested if we notice when to disengage temporarily, but then also reemerge instead of continuing to run and hide. The disengagement alone might trigger a crisis in people, when they feel as if we need to be there and talk their triggers out with them, but when in fact all we are doing is to create more of a mess because the talk is overly emotionally charged and just creates more entanglement and drama.

We also need patience and the recognition that a new form can not be established as long as there is still resistance. And there will be resistance, that's the nature of crisis. When we stick to it (throughout temporary disengagement), at some point the resistance will lessen, and the new form will emerge and change established values.

Mars is squaring Chiron in the It can bring wounding through immaturity, or healing through confronting obstacles head-on, healing through reacting severely to interference, and improved crisis resistance through taking control of our financial stability and health where before we might have given our power away. There also will be those people who complain about the rightful strong reaction and who try to blame others for legitimately defending their ground. Of course, people who violate your boundaries do not like when you defend your boundaries, it's not in their conscious interest, and they do all that they can to manipulate you into feeling guilty about it, and into feeling sorry for them so that you give up your healthy boundaries. They may appreciate your strong reaction at a later point in their life when they realize that it made them grow from an immature prick into a wise adult and let them become a better version of themself, but the moment in which you throw back their shit at them, they will not like it, they just won't. They will most likely hate you for it and blame or shame you for it. Maybe they will make that very clear, or they will try to manipulate you into being more "kind" and tolerant toward their abuse and into holding their hand while they violate you, but you can never be tolerant toward that. On the most problematic side, there is denial of red flags, intentionally looking past them, and instead living a fantasy while being violated. There are some things that are healthy to look past them and not make a fuss, and then there are others that should not be ignored. As with everything in life, proper discernment, finding the right balance, and a good price-earning ratio is important.

Chiron in the 21.2 essentially means: don't do crazy fucked up stuff, not just because it hurts other people, but also because you probably don't want to experience the backlash of it when people start to defend themself and throw all the crap back at you. It means: leave other people their peace, but if someone does crazy fucked up stuff to you, react with severity and without any regrets – that's your legitimate and an absolutely necessary response to interference. You are actually doing people a service by putting them in their place, you are even doing those people a service who you might not even see and know, but who are connected to the person you are dealing with. If someone interferes with you, they are most likely having a habit and history of doing it to others, as well. If no one puts them in their place, then they will just continue to prey on people. But when three people put them in their place in a row, at some point an insight might start to sink in. Thus, you are also doing those other affected people a service, most of who might be an easy prey, and who otherwise would continuously have silently been molested without anyone saying or doing anything to protect them. You are also doing the intruder a service. They chose you to destroy their ego distortion, obviously not because you enjoy it, you probably don't, but because you can do the job. I'll say it again: They chose you to destroy their ego distortion. They chose you to learn their lesson and get their kill, just not the way in which they expected to have it. If they came with ulterior motives, then they are now getting their Saturnian restriction or punishment on top of it. That's not just what they deserve, that's also what they NEED from you in order to learn their life lessons. There are situations where people need an extremely strong backlash. The more desensitized they are, the stronger of a backlash they will need in order to crack them open to be receptive to change and transformation. So in situations that can not be tolerated, often, the best thing to do is to directly shatter the ego distortion and leave. Your impact is felt after you are gone, not while you sit there and hold their hand. See it this way: If you are tolerating all the crap instead of reacting with severity, you are actually robbing them of their lesson, and they will always remain an immature child in an adult body, alienated from other people because they tend to overstep their boundaries. If you were them, does that sound like a worthwhile life to live to you? Or would you rather experience some collateral damage first, some destruction and pain, but then a much better life quality afterwards because you have grown up and are more aligned to yourself and to higher values? In that sense, enforcing your boundaries is a holy act.
Last but not least, it's not just about them and their lesson, it's also about you and your lesson. Sometimes it takes the worst people to teach us the greatest lessons of self-empowerment, get us out of unfocused doormat mode, and bring other great new changes to our life.
Summed up: Don't be the crazy one to disturb other people's peace, just don't, let people live their life the way they want to. But if someone interferes with you and robs you your peace, fend them off strongly. That's that energy.

At the time Neptune enters gate 36, the moon is in the 27.1 (selfishness, and being able to care about oneself and to provide for oneself, or not being able to care for oneself and being envious of others who can do so). Self-care makes all the difference in how well we are able to deal with crisis. Chiron is in the 21.2 and the underlying north node is in the 45.2. In the worst case, the crisis brings constant interference on the material plane, and distraction from our actual work through constantly having to fend people off who try to throw spanners into our works. In the worst case, crisis prevents manifestation, or it keeps us from taking control of our own self-care and material path. If we are not materially stable, any emotional crisis can throw us off balance easily, or at least much easier than when we are materially stable.
Throw the tension back at those motherfuckers who try to interfere with you and try to involve you in power struggles, they need it. If they create that struggle, it means that they are the ones who need it in order to grow. They create their own lessons they have to learn, and they use you for learning that lesson. Essentially, the 21.2 can be the one who signals to others: "What are you doing here in the manifestation department? You took the wrong turn, mate. You need to go back to your ego and then take the other route toward initiation. After that, we will see whether something of service can be manifested more efficiently from a matured and healthy ego."
Do not let people talk you into having a bad conscience because you enforce your boundaries with severity.
You do not need to have a bad conscience for enforcing your boundaries.
You do not need to have a bad conscience for enforcing your boundaries.
You do not need to have a bad conscience for enforcing your boundaries.

When we are well aligned to the right crisis with the right person, and when we are financially stable, the 36 as an emotional crisis is really beautiful. At least in my opinion and experience. Also, the underlying energy for this is the Jupiter-Venus conjunction in gate 19, which can bring great sensitivity toward each other. When it is not just an emotional crisis though, but when it becomes a survival crisis, possibly due to interference and unproductive crisis, and when the survival stress adds up to the emotional stress, it can be horror, and you need an extreme amount of willpower to bite your way through it. At least in my opinion and experience. If we are fighting on all frontiers at the same time, if there is no basic material stability that keeps us grounded, and if everything is totally uncertain and up in the air, it can be quite traumatizing. When we have a survival crisis added on top of the emotional crisis, the survival crisis does not allow us to fully emerge in the emotional crisis, and the emotional crisis might prevent us from fully focusing on what we need to do to survive. Especially when the Jupiter-Venus-conjunction will not play out as having or learning sensitivity toward each other, but if it will play out as lacking resources and needing resources, especially if we made the mistake to waste our resources against overwhelming odds and to make relationship decisions that are not authentic, then it might be really difficult. Collectively, we will be dealing with both – devastating crisis and productive crisis.
That's a reminder, that it's never too late to start working on our financial stability to the point of having our most basic needs met regardless of circumstances. When the most basic needs are met, it gives us the time and opportunity to do shadow work and to find the spirit.
Then, the correct crisis can be truly beautiful.

And honestly, when we look at it from the perspective of purely existential struggle - many people out there in countries with underdeveloped infrastructure have been caught in that existential struggle for generation after generation, and many will be facing really huge crisis with Neptune in gate 36. Crisis that most of us can't even grasp how horrible it must be. It's always good to call that to mind whenever we notice that we start to feel overly sorry about ourself. Having the opportunity to have the basic material safety that makes it possible for us to work through emotional wounds and traumata is truly a luxury.

Alfons Mucha - Omladina

Neptune in gate 36 is a double whammy, and a home run. Gate 36 is at the very end of Pisces, and Neptune rules Pisces. Pisces is potentially the most evolved sign of the zodiac with the highest frequency (an emotional frequency/emerging solar plexus awareness). Gate 36 it is an ancient end-of-the-wheel gate. After gate 36, the next gate is gate 25, which is the alpha and the omega, the end and the beginning. Gate 36 brings transmutation through crisis, and is followed by gate 25, the gate of the spirit of the self. And here we start anew. There we will be on the doorstep to 2027.

Neptune will transmute a lot of darkness, and although it can seem pretty devastating while we are in this process, many will rise in their frequency through this process.
If you are thinking “the great purge” as a headline sounds really horrible.... It could be WAY worse, for example it could be Pluto in gate 36 which would bring intense crisis, obsession, guilt, fear, the worst ancestral patterns, and extra darkness. But it is none of that. Neptune is of a very high frequency, it is very light and truly spirit-ual. In sum this will be a very productive thing.
If you have ever cleansed your body, the side effects of detoxification can be uncomfortable, especially if overdone, but over time the more you detox the better you feel and the lighter you feel, and you come to levels of feeling light, free, and unrestricted that you didn't know exist. And at some point you suddenly notice that most of your baseline-problems have completely disappeared. That's that.

“The progress of mankind proceeds by a winding, rising and falling path – like a temperature chart. It rises and then falls again – very far. But in the long run, it does, after all, rise…” - Alfons Mucha's ending words of “Le Pater”

As far as I understand, you don't get to decide whether you can skip the crisis or not. If something just doesn't feel right and you prefer not to be involved in it, then that will be right for you. But if you try to avoid change and crisis out of fear although it feels like the correct change, you get your crisis anyway, and maybe it will be even bigger if you try to resist it. If the gods have crisis in store for you, you will get crisis. If you try to avoid the crisis because you don't feel equipped for it and because you don't feel prepared, that itself might create its own crisis and deep regret over what it could have been that you missed out on although it felt so right for you. You don't get to chose whether you will have a crisis or not. You just get to decide with whom you want to have your crisis and with whom you don't want to have it. -> [Find out your aura type and inner authority here]
If it doesn't feel like the right thing, it certainly isn't the right thing for you and not your experience and your crisis to have. But if it feels right, it will be right for you. All of us will be dead soon enough, so why should we walk through life like a ghost as if we are already dead, trying to escape living the life that was meant for us to live? If the material safety allows it and provides independence, why not live fully and experience the whole spectrum?
In the worst case we might face crisis due to having people around us who sabotage us and drag us down. In the best case we might have people around us who we can endure crisis with and who help each other to get through challenging times, emotionally and materially.
There is nothing worse than to be stuck in crisis with the wrong person (and thus the wrong crisis that will inevitably feel horrible and not worthwhile).

Ra, the messenger of Human Design, also said that if we follow our inner authority, we might not necessarily go where we initially thought we are going, but life will provide us with what we need on our journey, and life will provide us with everything that is necessary. In my experience, that's true. For Neptune in gate 36 and the potential survival crisis, it means that when we follow our inner authority, we don't need to have survival fears because we will get only the crises that we can survive.