2 Jan 2022: New Moon of blind aggression, or investigating people.

New Moon of investigation whether there is common ground with someone, and whether trust can be grown.

    2 January 2022 18:33 UTC: NEW MOON in (Capricorn) square Chiron in trine Uranus in and in a wide waning quincunx to Black Moon Lilith in A Yod on the Earth in Mars in in waxing quincunx to the Earth and Saturn in in waning quincunx to the Earth
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS New Moon in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Full Moon in (Gemini)
Franz von Stuck - Dissonanz

If there is no trust, and/or no common ground, this new moon will strengthen opposition. It will bring a growing realization that we don't have any common ground with someone, and possibly we are being pointed to the reasons why, or to new techniques to asses whether someone is a match, techniques that we can use in the future. Misinformation that we might have believed in before, might now be corrected. Be it lies that someone told us so that we like them or accept them, or be it techniques for assessment that simply do not work – for example there is this pickup-„technique“ to give someone the silence treatment to make them more interested. It works for people who have a lot of unhealed wounds and usually relate in very unhealthy ways, but with people of quality it's actually doing the opposite, so when one applies this to someone one really likes and sees as a really good catch, they stay unimpressed or even disengage and opposition is strengthened. So here we are again: If you play stupid games, you win stupid prices. This new moon might be a time when people find understanding about faulty assumptions they have made, or where social approaches that do not work are debunked. This includes mental strategies that one thought might work according to someone's Human Design. It's still a mental strategy, and no more, we can't force common ground if it's not there. A strategy only works if there is common ground to begin with. For example, I have a 4th line vehicle (intimacy through establishing friendship and trust first), and I've dealt with lots of people who covertly tried to take the back door, which for the longest time I didn't realize. Some of them might have thought I was just being shy. But I was simply not interested on that level, I was just being 4th line-friendly and kind, so the strategy of taking the back door didn't work, and there was never anywhere to go, no matter how much time would pass. There was no common ground, at least not beyond that friendship-level. Once I even met one person for coffee who would not believe me that I continued to have a coffee talk with him and spent my afternoon talking to him despite not being sexually or romantically interested, so he started arguing about that, and when I realized that he doesn't get it and is stuck in his sexual perspective and his obvious lack of respect, I lost any remaining respect as well, beefed at him, stood up, and left. I've seen this especially in 1/3 men, who even are turned on by competition, and in the shadow sometimes have no modesty and such a vain personality that they think everyone would find them great, and can't imagine that someone would not be interested in them. With 4/1 and 5/1 profiles, it can be unconscious envy and boundary violation. Once there is someone you are dating, or once you are in a relationship, the 1st lines interested in your gender can suddenly become interested and don't want to stay in the friend zone, or the 1st line friends interested in the same gender and type that you are interested in can become envious if they find your dates attractive. For someone who has a 1st line, it's worth paying attention to someone's subtle signals. Are they shy, hesitant, afraid, or indecisive but ready to be conquered by you? Or is it truly „not interested“? Do they even say "not interested"? In the latter cases of "not interested", if one is not able to read the signals, or if one willfully ignores them, the preemptive strike (1st line bonding strategy) can easily become boundary violation, even rape.
Not having someone interested in you doesn't mean that there is something wrong with you, it just means it's not a match.
This is not just about dating, though, first and foremost this can be about joining forces in business and work: Investigating if someone is the right business partner, investigating job applicants, investigating if a company can offer us the job that we seek for, and so on. Someone's aura type doesn't help in assessing whether they are a likely mismatch, by the way. The devil is in the details, and in all the tiny numbers within the chart. Someone's aura type only helps in understanding their basic mode of functioning, and in knowing how to interact with them more successfully.

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If there is common ground with the potential of trust being established, or if there is trust, but no common ground other than trust (which in my 4th line/6th line view is already a lot of common ground), dependent on which applies, relating to others and being organized together with others becomes a real option. We can relate in a myriad of different ways from being organized with a tight structure, to approaching relationships in anarchistic ways and having lose occasional meetups, and this new moon might bring us understanding what is the best way to relate for ourself and for others, and where there is an overlap. This new moon can bring healing through proper alignment, preventing improper alignment to people who simply are not a match, and healing through being organized with those who are a match.

It also is about being conditioned and corrected to accept or not accept other people's material approach. For example, when someone always aggressively bitches about Bill Gates, this is a time when they might meet impatience and even aggression in others who tell them to just stop bugging them with their nonsense and get their own shit together instead of complaining about others. On the other hand, this can bring a fight against material approaches that damage others. It can bring a fight against misinformation and unprofessional or professional scam.

All in all, this can be about the growing realization that something does not fit, and that someone is not a match for us. Life is just like that. There are lots of opportunities, but most do not fit, and through experience we learn who does fit and who does not. Imagine, every person in the world would be a match to you, and you would get along perfectly with everyone, and there would be no differentiation, everyone would spark the same things in you with the same intensity or lack of intensity. Wouldn't it be horror on some kind of level, plain overwhelm and decision fatigue?

Collective challenge: Not being able to hold oneself back, disturbing others, and being very condescending, vengeful, and aggressive. Aggression and violence in response to frustration. Aggression over material difficulties and money struggles. Being conditioned with misinformation, and struggling to discern what's true, what's untrue, and whether there is a match and the possibility for trust. It's best to trust in what you sense it correct, regardless of what other sources or people try to convince you of.

Mastering the challenge: Having learned to restrain one's sensitivities for the greater good, tempering oneself despite anger and despise, practicing humility and refining one's values, and simply seeing that it is what it is: It does not fit. Developing a better assessment and techniques to assess common ground with the help of others or together with others, despite loads of misinformation. A strengthening of trust if the investigation on someone turns out to be reaffirming.

[Edit 27 December 2021: A fitting headline for this kind of energy would also be: new moon of the secret service interrogation technique.]