2 March 2022: New Moon of investigating questions and doubts with composure.

New Moon of composure despite doubt and possible disorder. Self-analysis, and finding the right conditions and social principles.

    2 March 2022 17:34 UTC: NEW MOON in▲ (Pisces) conjunct Jupiter in and Neptune in A Yod on the Earth in Saturn in and Mercury in in wide waxing quincunx to the Earth, and Chiron in in waning quincunx to the Earth.
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS New Moon in▲ (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Full Moon in (Gemini)
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This is a new moon of transformation through principles. It brings the possibility to find the right conditions through solid principles. It is about being conditioned in one's conditions: Someone could be conditioned to accept the wrong unhealthy conditions. Someone could also be conditioned to get their head straight and to realize that they can not force people to agree with them and join them. Then they either have to adjust their conditions or look for support elsewhere.
This also is about not having a bad conscience for boldly putting people in their place and fending them off boldly, and not letting other people manipulate us into tolerating conditioning or abuse through making us feel guilty about defending ourself. This can be a time when we observe people defend themself in ways that may be extreme, but that would not be effective if they weren't.

There might be a guilt trip and victim shaming upon having had to defend ourself against boundary violation, and consequently not having been nice but rightfully severe. Ideally we do not buy into that blame. Some people don't get in any other way, and by reacting the most severe to them, these social slow pokes (sometimes) get a chance to reflect on their action, to recognize when they are being overbearing and entitled, and to transform it. They will whine to you about you being mean. They mum will complain to you about you being mean. Their friend will not like you because they have been told their deluded or whitewashed version of the story, then they will proceed to fuck up the next person after you. Somehow you have to be above all that misinformation, gossip and/or judgment. If they don't care for your well-being enough, then who will? People might not acknowledge when your severe reaction was necessary due to the flagrancy of someone's interference. They might only get it if they were in your shoes and were the subject of such violation, which they are not. Ultimately, if someone flagrantly violates your boundaries, you have all the right to strike back. As I already mentioned, some people won't get it any other way, and even then they won't get it. And some people are egoistic assholes who simply don't care about your needs and human rights, and who see you not as a person with their own concerns, but only as an actor in their life, and they violate you for their agenda. If they have any empathy to begin with, their empathy stops where it would threaten their justification for going through life as an egomaniac. These kinds of people need a more brutal response to their boundary violation, interference, and sabotage.

If you don't believe it, study Human Design and astrology and observe its patterns, and you'll see that some people are designed to be abusive, and may outgrow that … but also they might not outgrow that, refuse to evolve, and die abusive. Or they might be designed to outgrow their abusive patterns only later in life, and before that it's going to be difficult and more a question of the level of severity, which depends on whether they received positive or negative conditioning in childhood.

As a parent, that's something to be aware of. You determine the quality and solidity of the principles that your child grows up with and takes as a given. On one hand, you as a parent have the power to turn a good design into a huge dysfunctional mess. On the other hand, you also have the power to give your child a basic set of values, an understanding of personal responsibility, and tools for self-reflection, and doing that you have the power to turn a very difficult design into a decent human being and something reasonably worthwhile and enriching. That way, a child with a difficult design might end up having extremely bad mood days, and stealing something from the supermarket or evade their taxes (steal from a larger framework or from the collective that usually has the mass and backup to take it and even it out), instead of becoming an abusive monster and destroyer of individuals. Don't tell me the naively deluded story that monsters don't exist, I have been dealing with one for the last two to three years, so I know they do exist not just from looking at the world and watching the news, but from my own experience. You as a parent have the power to turn something that would have worked into a beast, and to turn a beast into something that works and can live a fulfilled life.

In the most extreme case, if you just leave the children to themselves, and the children raise each other through trial and error, like for example in Afghanistan where they have no close mother-child relationship, you get the world full of the uncivilized killer monkeys that Ra described, and they never rise above the beast because no one gave them the tools to self-reflect on the impact of their actions, and to make something of themself. You get a society where women never leave their children alone in a room with a man, not even with close relatives, because they are afraid of their children being raped.
Just looking at different cultures, we can learn a lot about what proper upbringing and a healthy conditioning can do to the refinement of human potential and intelligence. And if we leave the arrogance at the door and assume that our society and its standards isn't the best that can be reached yet – what more can there be done to create the optimal conditions for children, the future adults who contribute to this maya and will set the future frameworks?

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Back to the bold reaction to interference:
When two people fight with each other, and both are blaming the other person, the question always is: Who started the shit show by first violating the other person's boundaries so that they had to reenact them and defend themself? I know two children where one is always teasing the other and trying to make him upset on purpose by destroying the towers that he builds or taking away the toys that he plays with. When he gets upset and an adult intervenes, the bully child says about the one he was bullying “but he teases me too, too”, although the other child just defended themselves.

That being said, this can be a moon cycle where we have learned or understood in some new way, that a no is a no, and a yes can not be forced. We might have learned that we can not let other people hold us small so that they can exploit or abuse us. We might learn or have learned to not let other people manipulate us into feeling guilty about defending ourself and about having a strong reaction to them overstepping our healthy boundaries. That's our natural right. Enforcing healthy boundaries is self-respect.
At the end of the day, many people already defend themself with severity because they have no other choice when they are being faced with such flagrant interference. But because it is not socially accepted, they hide it and act as if that side of them does not exist, to not be fired, to not loose clients, to not loose friends. It's socially convenient to play nice. I hope the day comes where people will stop to be ashamed for it, and just see it as a normal necessity. Then everyone can grow, on both sides of the fences.
By the way, the full moon that follows this new moon can be about "acting as if".