Your chart is an image of your blueprint. It is a visual map of your hardwiring, your character, your life lessons, and your purpose.
Sometimes, a chart is also referred to as a “design” (as in Human Design), a bodygraph, or a blueprint.
We mostly use "chart" because it is used in both disciplines: in Human Design and in astrology. The birth chart (or natal chart) of a person is also called a rave chart in Human Design.

Aura Type and Strategy describe your basic aura mechanics. Your aura type describes how you meet the world through the workings of your energy field - and your strategy describes how to deal with that. It is recommended to start your investigation with aura type and strategy.

Inner Authority is the key element in the sense that it is the absolute foundation of the formula that will lead you to YOUR unique life and to the fulfillment of your purpose. It is the basis of your authentic decision process. It determines how and where in your body you can meet the correct decisions for you. It is your inner guidance system that you can trust. Nonetheless, please test that out for yourself instead of blindly trusting in what you read here.

Don't believe anything that is presented here

It is suggested that you take the information and simply observe it in yourself and in your relationships. Look at your mother's chart, your father's chart, your (former) lover's chart, your partner's chart, your child's chart, your friend's chart, all in comparison to yours. Find out for yourself if the mechanics apply to you and to the people around you. If they do - if a stranger on the internet can describe a person they have never met - how likely is it that there is some value to it?
Yet, this stranger on the internet is only human, just like you, and makes mistakes. We all are limited in what we see, and so am I. My interpretation of the mechanics can never be perfect, and in addition, words can be perceived and interpreted differently depending on the background and experiences of the writer and the reader. Thus, it is even more important that you do not let my interpretation define you.
The content of this website intends to empower you to make your own observations, it is not intended to be taken as a bible and to disempower you in that process. Please do not blindly trust the content of this website. Make up your own mind through your own observation. Give yourself time to observe before drawing any conclusions! It is strongly encouraged that you see and approach this as an experiment. As humans, we all are eternal students.


There is no biological gender in the mechanics of human blueprints. A man can have a lot of traits that culturally we identify as feminine. A woman can have a lot of traits that culturally we identify as masculine. Both combinations are valuable. All combinations are necessary, so that humanity can be balanced and colorful. In birth charts, there is no gender. If we want to understand a human being, we need to be open to question all stereotypes that we have. In a planetary blueprint, there is no gender, there is no stereotype, there are only archetypes. Every person you encounter in this life is truly unique and so are you.

The grass is always greener on the other side

A common reaction to discovering and exploring one's own chart is the relief of "There is nothing wrong with the way that I am", but also the frustration of dealing with what we are. The grass is always greener on the other side. Know that there are upsides and downsides to everything. Everything. The greatest blessings often come with the greatest curse and often we tend to focus on the problems in our life and on the blessings of others. Know that everyone in this life has weight to carry, even when we do not see that weight. The matrix we live in is what it is. It is just mechanics. No choice.
The more you experiment with your chart and the deeper you get in touch with your true self, the deeper will you realize that you just are as you are and that you are not better off, or worse off, than anyone else with the blueprint that you have been given. You are unique. What to you looks horrible in someone else's chart might feel like a gift to them. What for you looks good and great to have in someone else's chart, might feel horrible for them. We never know someone's challenges unless we live them.

Also, it is important to recognize that a person's chart only shows the mechanics and themes of the body and of the personality. It does not show how we live those mechanics and themes. We can live them out in very unhealthy ways and we can live them out in very healthy ways. A person can have a strong shadow, but through a lot of inner work, they might not live it out. In fact, they might be more balanced than a person who has little fixed shadow, but who grew up in a deeply disturbing environment and never took a good look at themself. It depends on many, many factors and premature judgments can be very misleading.