Pausing the free weekly newsletters.

Okay, folks, I have been receiving mail if I am ok. I am ok. Thank you. But I am tired. Some of you know I have a 2/4 profile. The 2/4 is about experiencing the extremes (2), being determined to resist conditioning (2), and about easily being burned out by the wrong folks and even by the right ones (4). It is about being easily drained in the process of experience, and possibly arriving tired at the end of a cycle. I'm now at the end of a cycle and I am starting to recover, but I am tired.

I have been struggling with a draining psychopath for the last years. The pressure was extreme. In 2022, Mercury in gate 3 brought a tiny new plateau, Venus in gate 3 brought a tiny new plateau, Mars in gate 3 I'm not sure about, but the time after that, I arrived on another new plateau. And now, slowly, everything starts to be less insane. Not smooth yet, and with some uncomfortable uncertainty, but less insane. Now I really need a break and some sleep. I've been crushing through months with 4-5 hours of sleep a day, and overall I've paid a massive price for this. My root center woke me up when I had missed an important task, even when I had only slept for one hour. And my body put me to sleep when I was about to do something stupid. Now all of that root pressure it gone, I assume most of which needed to be mutated, has mutated, and now I am just tired. Right now, I don't have the energy anymore to pump out a free weekly newsletter. I need a rest. Thanks for your understanding!