Mar 2021-Dec 2025: PLUTO IN GATE 60 – Stuck, or not (transforming the human condition). Finding acceptance, better judgment, a new social form, and deeper knowledge that prepares us for crisis and change

This is a general report on the major energies that drive life and evolution. Life unfolds differently for each of us. This report is not a user manual for decision-making. Trust your own inner authority and your own inner knowing in meeting decisions, only you can know your truth.
John Singer Sargent - Smoke of Ambergris

Pluto enters gate 60 for the first time. Either, this brings total standstill and self-obsession - or acceptance, refining one's judgment, a new social form, mutation, metamorphosis, healthy individuation, and less burdensome expectations. Secret knowledge, covert and esoteric, prepares us for crisis and empowers us to, at some point, be able to transcend limitations.

    16 March 2021 5:23 UTC: Pluto enters gate 60 – 4/6 incarnation cross of Eden (12.6▽ D-Earth, 36.4 P-Sun), fully open G and spleen (channel of the perfected form), channel of mutation (60 Pluto- Moon), Chiron in

Pluto in gate 60 brings limitation and a slow transformation of old structures. It also transforms what we will accept and maybe also what we need (not) to accept.

Social mutation and a new social form leads to adaptability and to knowing which ideas are of value in any situation in order to benefit others and to fulfill other people's needs.
Secret knowledge will help with it. For most of humanity, this will remain the cross of Eden and yet not being in Eden, but being on earth (having eaten no fruit of knowledge and thus remaining ignorant, naive, and unaware), but for some this might be about finding the knowledge that helps to navigate difficulties. This is all about staying stuck or not - 12.6▽ Earth, 42.2 Mars, and 60.4 Jupiter as an underlying energy can bring the ultimate stuckness and standstill, or they can bring uranian transcendence.

“A man who conquers himself is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle.”

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Staying stuck does not always have to be bad, although most often it might be painful. You can be stuck in both, in burdensome hell or in paradise, and whether you would want to transcend the status quo depends on where you are at. It also might be a mix of stuckness and flow in different areas of life, e.g. feeling limited and confined with one's finances until the right opportunity comes, but having a good family and intimate life, or vice versa: having food finances, but not knowing whether there will be the opportunity for intimacy, for certain friendships, or for overcoming old family wounds – until suddenly something happens and clears the way.
For most people this will be about remaining in standstill and remaining with the old ways, but for others this will be something else. The final purpose, outcome, or result of Pluto in gate 60 is the 36.4: Being prepared for crisis and change through espionage and through covert information and occult knowledge. Ultimately, through such knowledge we are going to be able to know what is of value in which situation, and we are going to be able to adapt to any situation and to deal with limitations inventively, until we can transcend them. Jupiter, who is the low hanging fruit on the path to success and to the 36.4-purpose, is in the 49.2: altering the form through planning. This also is an important energy of the year 2021 as I mentioned in the 2021 forecast.
The G center and the spleen center are fully open, which makes the transit of Pluto in gate 60 a huge exploration of direction and survival. Are we so focused on the limitations that we do not see the opportunities that present themselves within those limitations and stop to grow? Or are we going to deal with limitation innovatively to ensure survival, to ensure the right direction, and to thrive?

Chiron is in the 17.5 – interdependency, no man is an island. This is very similar to gate 19 (the sensitivity to recognize that all things are interrelated). For a long time, gate 19 has been undergoing a deep transformation that will peak in the coming years. Due to channel 19-49 in the rave new year and other major transits, this transformation is emphasized in 2021.
Today's chart for Pluto entering gate 60 defines the setup and conditions for the transformation of old structures that Pluto will trigger, and the effect of this transformation that we will notice far, far beyond the coming years. Today's chart defines the agenda and the evolutionary intent of Pluto transiting gate 60, and on a side note, the programming partner of today's 60.1-Pluto is the 56.1 and the recognition of what is practical – or a lack of practicality and a distraction by trivia, which can strengthen compulsiveness and a feeling of being stuck in the long run. Chiron in gate 17.5 is the interface for where we meet each other and hurt each other or heal each other, which lets us transcend the old 7-centered ways toward manifesting the purpose of our uranian form. Chiron in the 17.5 either brings humanity the recognition that there is no end to hierarchies, and in order to make the best of the given structures and hierarchies we need to work with them instead of against them or denying them (which is aligned with a main theme of the coming age: “power is only great if it serves the common good”). This is the acknowledgment of logic and reason, and it is the willingness to be guided by life to the place, to the relationships, and to the collaboration that is meant for us. In the shadow frequency, it brings the refusal to see the value in being organized and the refusal to work together and to cooperate (the end of which may be deglobalization and a new world disorder). This can be the refusal (or the incapability) to approach things from a logic perspective and consider data and facts, and to rather manipulate or refuse data and facts, to rely on belief and on all sorts of higher insights without questioning them to perfect them and make them bullet-proof. One way in which this can play out has already been demonstrated to us with Pluto in gate 61, where all kinds of theories sometimes were proved against actual data and facts, but often they simply were not proof-checked (remember the “stellium of bullshit and ignorance” in March 2020 when the conspiracy theories really got the best of many).
Also, in the shadow frequency, this simply is the refusal to recognize the benefit of being organized together with others. Not everyone is right to cooperate with for us on an individual level, and in that case it takes a determined no, but also there will be those that are right for us, and it certainly makes sense to be organized as humanity or as a country, because this raises the overall life quality. What I find interesting is that the generation of children who are born with Uranus in 17.5 in exaltation, or who trigger it into exaltation, should now be around 8 years of age. Young enough to not be spoiled, and yet old enough to talk some common sense into their parents - if necessary.

Chiron in gate 17.5 as a wounding or healing interface between us talks about global synthesis. The moon in 3.1 as a central focus point talks about synthesis, this is the outlet for the pressure of the channel of mutation (60-3) that Pluto and the Moon activate. The outlet for all of this mutative pressure is “synthesis”. To me, having the knowledge that I have, this transit is a Human Design-transit, although there certainly are many other fields that it applies to and that need to be synthesized and applied to be prepared for crisis. The potential of Pluto in gate 60 is
a) to transform the existing structures and limitations in a process that might seem harsh and brutal, but can be very rewarding in the end, and
b) to understand the structure and bring it to light so that we can find acceptance and start to work with it.
Maybe you can recall Ra saying over and over again that Human design is a global synthesis. Human design is here to transcend limitations by laying them open, which makes it possible for us to truly understand them, accept them, and work with them. In doing so, Human Design brings great tension and immense evolutionary pressure to go to the next level.

Isaak Brodsky - Shock workers of Dnieprostroi

At the time Pluto passes the threshold to gate 60, the Moon in 3.1 together with Pluto in gate 60.1 activate the channel of mutation and set the tone for the transformation of gate 60. Gate 60 represents what is old, limitation, and acceptance. Yes, it could also bring COVID-19 mutation and all other sorts of biological mutation, and probably has before, although I can't really say that with certainty because I did not investigate the past data and timelines of previous virus mutations, so this is only an assumption. But this is not just about a virus mutating and cells mutating. It is about our whole structure on planet earth mutating. It is about the OLD being transformed and finding into the NEW through slow but thorough synthesis and ground level work – the channel of mutation is activated through a first line. On a side note, together with Jupiter in 49.2 (altering the form through planning), Ra's thought that Raves might emerge from genetic engineering might make sense – but who knows.
Back to the 1st line mutation resulting in synthesis: Without ground level work, introspection, and inner work, people might get stuck, there will be no social mutation, and there will be no perfected form. They might continue to refuse to see their place in the structure, to refuse to be organized, and they might continue to need to be the sole center for progress and try to influence the direction according to only their own benefit in disregard of karmic laws and higher principles.

A weak point that is supposed to be developed during this transit is the north node in 35.3 triggered into the detriment. This is an “me, me, me”-attitude, ignoring the importance of others and needing to be the center for progress. If someone needs to be the center for progress and sees only themself, it's going to be difficult to be organized with them (17.5 Chiron). The south node and Pluto itself can bring great compulsiveness and restlessness to the mix, which doesn't necessarily make this any easier. It might be especially challenging when the resources are not there and when there isn't a feeling of being safe and having one's needs fulfilled, which makes us feel constantly on edge (Saturn in 19.3). The deeper the lack, the restlessness, and the compulsiveness, the deeper the potential emotional imbalance and hyper-sensitivity, the more difficult it is to consider other people and to make space in one's mind and life for the right ones, the deeper the “me, me, me”-thinking (35.3▽-North Node). It is very healthy to focus on ourself first and to not distribute our resources everywhere until we have over-abundance and until we have something to give without creating a lack for ourself, but also we are not alone on the planet and we are always dependent on others. It starts with the farmer who farmed the food we eat every day, and it ends with the people in our direct life who we interact with, be it the tax-officer who approves our tax report, the colleague who explains us something while working together on a project, or the friend who helps us in times of crisis and vice versa.

In general, this transit will bring about enlightened selfishness in some, and “each one for himself first”. It will bring the recognition that we must focus on our own projects if we want to see them fulfilled, and that most people will not be able to help us with that, and will only create distractions that sabotage us (underlying Pluto in 61.4).
All of this does not exclude collaboration if it is the right collaboration, and often it might only be temporary joint forces to bring progress for everyone. Often this might be about finding the spirit through cooperation, and not necessarily close collaboration. It truly depends, because in reality each of us has an individual design that this transit impacts differently – some are designed to collaborate, some are designed to go at it alone and only cooperate with others, some are designed to guide, some are designed to be guided, some are designed to follow strictly their own guidance and to mostly ignore everyone else's ideas. But in general, this transit can lead us deeper into enlightened and healthy selfishness.
In others, this transit will further the dog-eat-dog society instead of seeking collaboration where it would make sense, or it will bring manipulation in order to profit of others and to seek pseudo-”collaboration” in order to influence the others for one's own benefit without true service and in disregard of other people's needs. In the shadow, it can bring planning and plotting in disregard of higher principles, simply for power or out of cruelty and emotional upset. In a society where many people are focused on what they can squeeze out of you at your detriment, or where they simply feel entitled to claim your energy and overstep your boundaries, it is very healthy to focus on yourself first and to have a healthy amount of “me”. And yet, it is a fine balance, and at some point in our life we all struggle with finding that healthy balance, regardless which side of the extreme we are coming from. Pluto in gate 60 might make this struggle very visible. The limitation is the limitation. It is what it is. There will be a need to truly accept what is. Acceptance does NOT mean to take people's shit, but to accept the things that we can not change. There are those things we can change, and there are those things we can't change. If we can find out which are which, we can minimize our energy expenditure and wastage and focus on those things that we actually can change. This can be a transit of planning one's way out of which is not right while temporarily having to accept the limitation of still being in it. How can we adapt best to the limitation for the benefit of everyone? What is practical to do?

Mars in 16.2 is moving toward the north node, which is about learning to overcome confirmation-bias that make us feel safe, developing greater objectivity and sharp judgment skills to distinguish between what is spoiled and perverted, and what has potential, and exploring what we naturally identify with independent of other people's judgment and opinions.
On the immature side is can bring beef, verbal missiles, and words as weapons: angry, bitterly charged, overly aggressive cynicism, and lumped together generalizations that always assume the worst in people and that can destroy other people's enthusiasm (if you are sensitive to people's judgment it could even feel like being bullied). Potentially, people might act like this due to not being able to accept the limitations (e.g. “I did not get my way, now I 'll be a spoil sport for others”). They might think that they are in the right and objective, but in truth they are incapable to extrapolate and shift perspective, they think the world revolves around them and their individual set of experience, they simply might not have had the experience to be able to relate to others and to judge objectively, so they judge subjectively from their own bitterness and prejudice and find great enthusiasm in such bitter cynicism. For example, these can be people who are saying that making a living from a spiritual business by helping others or from passive income is not possible and that you have to work a “normal” job to save for your retirement, and so on. These can be people who say that all coaches are a hoax and are only taking people's money. These can be people who say that Human Design is all bullshit without having experimented with it. These can be people who downgrade deep soul connections without having experienced one themselves. These can be people who are downgrading mystic experiences without having had one, and so on.
Often, hurt people hurt people and try to drag them down into their own mud that they refuse to confront and resolve. When no one wants to have anything to do with them they see their negative world view confirmed, but do not realize how it was of their own making because they only see the bad prejudice in everything. Such behavior ensures continued isolation. On the immature side, this transit can bring misplaced fighting (fighting in the wrong places) and being against everything in explosive ways that overpowers others as a form of self-defense.

Whether you have met Shiva, or Jesus, or the world snake that bites its tail – you know what you have experienced, and someone who has not ever experienced such a thing will never understand it. Never. And most likely they will always doubt it, and if they are a bitter cynical person they will try to spoil it for you. But it does not matter, that's their trip, not yours. This is YOUR experience, specifically for YOU. And you know what you experienced.
This is often not a universal experience that other people can repeat and understand. That does not make the experience better or worse, it simply makes it unique. If there are people who are supposed to experience similar things, they will be spread all over the globe and unlikely to be in your direct environment. There are certain things where we might need a reality check to get us back down to earth, but there also are things that you can't argue with because they are so individual, and that we should not let other people spoil them and allow them to discourage us simply because they can't relate to it from their own limitations.
Generally, it is a bad idea to follow the limiting advice of other people instead of trusting your own sense of what is right or wrong for you. They do not have to deal with the consequences of the advice or discouragement they are handing out, but if you trust their judgment more than your's, then you have to deal with the consequences of letting other people discourage you from following your life path and your soul's desire, and there will always be the question of "what if" due to not even having tried.

On the other hand, this transit can bring sharp and objective communication that cuts through false enthusiasm, delusions, false claims, and especially attempts of influence - “no, this particular thing is not going to be able to manifest this way”, or “we are not a good match to work together”. This can be about enthusiastically fighting for progress and either relying on oneself in judging what can be manifested with whom, or learning to rely on one's own judgment.
The Sun, Venus, and Neptune square the Nodes. With awareness of what's correct, purposeful, and truly worth having in your life, that's the potential for something truly wonderful and purposeful, but it is also a hell of a lot of potential for delusion, especially social delusion and intimate delusion. For 6 more years, delusion, false enthusiasm, and expressing fantasy as fact will be part of the global background frequency of the cross of planning. From 2027 on, the delusion will be gone from the background frequency. Gone. And with the delusion, which might have made many things bearable, the tribal relationship glue of the 40-37 is gone, as well, and with it the theme of conditional love and codependency. On we go to gate 51 and initiation resulting in individual awakening. And we enter into an age of social selectivity, common sense & wisdom, pointless power struggles with people who don't know their place (especially up to the point where we have learned to be socially selective), separating, and meeting the challenges alone. It will be a time of looking for soul mate intimacy and soul mate friendships that are mutually enriching and that allow us a healthy separateness and the independence of living OUR life nonetheless. Welcome to a new social form.
Some things work, some things don't, and it's important to trust our own perception and to not allow others to talk us into things that do not feel right and good to us.
For those people who are emotionally defined (half the planet), the new social form can also be to wait out their waves and emotional shifts until they finally reach clarity. Not only does this bring a new social form to yourself as an emotional being, but also to the people in your environment who now have the pleasure to interact with you through a fully authentic interface.

Problems might emerge if we can not deal with limitations and simply ignore them, and if people in leading positions do that and create confusion, which is not just Pluto in gate 60 itself, but also the underlying energy of Saturn in 60.5▽.
The way forward opens up by accepting limitations and by overcoming them through dreaming and mental experiences, but also the synthesis of knowledge. If we want to plan according to the limitation, if we want to plan our way out of something, we first need to know what the limitation is and accept it. Human Design clearly shows the limitation and structure.
Where we want to be might not be where we are, but letting that pressure us into misplaced compulsive activity or into a compulsive search for answers despite intuitively sensing that we are on the right track, does not help us in getting there either. It can easily take away our healthy focus on doing what needs to be done and it can spoil our recovery time and rest. While we are working toward what we want, step by step, we can always just dream about it and let ourself be recharged and revitalized by the dream. And at some point, the life pattern will mutate and change. Rome wasn't built in a day.

I have another thought on the shadow of influencing the direction for personal benefit, on the global compulsiveness, and on the underlying 61.4 which already brought us the stellium of bullshit and ignorance.
Conspiracy theories are mainly a domain of the powerless, of those who either lose or feel at loss, those who are in an existential struggle.
If you do well in life, the world tends to be more okay, and you don't have mental problems and distortions, unless you truly are designed for it, which is more rare. If your life is unstable though, if the ground you are walking on is not solid, then you easily become paranoid, unstable, and you more easily develop a mob mentality. Stress and trauma weakens the healthy defense mechanism, including the social defense mechanism toward manipulation. It becomes much easier to be misguided. A puppet master and demagogue can easily use fear to mold people who are already stressed out. And that's dangerous, not only for the manipulated individuals, but also for everyone else who has to deal with them, and for society as a whole.
If people don't live according to the highest principles, it's going to be their problem first. But it is also difficult and destabilizing for the collective. For that reason, in my understanding, even those who are naturally not interested in others and who haven't been gifted any empathy, humanitarianism, or philanthropy, those who do not exploit others and use others, but those who are simply uninvolved, they might actually be better off to develop a basic care about the general overall direction and well-being of the collective. Leaving all feelings aside, to me it seems like common sense. Unless you have the funding to live under a rock for the rest of your life, unless you can absolutely isolate yourself from fellow human beings and not have to deal with any of them, it's going to be all of our problem. It follows that even those who don't have explicitly humanitarian tendencies, but a basic level of intelligence and understanding, would still have an objective interest in making sure that every member of society is well-fed and feels safe, because the more people do not feel safe, the more people there are to destabilize the ground we all live on and to really blow things up. That's in fact one facet of what lines like the 44.5 teach us the deepest.