Projector in Human Design

  ( Recognition and Guidance )

Human Design Projector


from bitterness to success

Aura Quality

focused, penetrating and absorbing


Around 22.5% of human beings are Projectors.

   In traditional Human Design this aura type is called a “Projector”. This is not to be confused with the psychological defense mechanism of positive or negative projection/Freudian projection, which is the reason why I consider "Projector" to be a misnomer. Projection can happen easily because this aura type focuses on the other person and not on exploring themselves, but it does not reflect the potential of this aura type at all. I prefer to put an emphasis on the deep, deep, deep recognition that is possible for this aura type.

The Projector is here to guide others and to work with the energy of others. They have a strong energetic reception of the person they focus on, which means they can have a very good perception of and receptivity to that other person. Projectors have a penetrating aura with a sharp focus on one person at a time. They take in the other person's energy and identity deeply, and through that, they have the potential to deeply see the other. This poking aura is not necessarily a cuddly one. Initially, the Projector's aura does not reveal much about themself. It is focused on penetrating and recognizing the other person, to recognize inner conflicts, inauthenticity, and potential in the other. Based on that deep energetic recognition, the Projector is able to ask the right questions and to give helpful input to the other person.

As a Projector, you are so focused on the other that you often do not notice what is happening to you, you do not notice how deep you take in the other person's traits, and so you run the risk of living them out although they do not belong to you. Projectors can be the most deeply conditioned people on the planet. Their aura is so defenseless and vulnerable when they focus on the other, they are taking it all in. As a Projector, it is very important to recognize what is you and what is not. It makes an immense difference to know your blueprint.

Intention is most important. It is important for you to watch out for the other's intention, to watch if the person really wants YOU or if they just want the image they have in mind and some criteria they hunt after that is not related to you. Often it happens that the Projector lives out deep conditioning, and people recognize them for this conditioning, but not for themself. So the conditioning is reinforced even stronger. This can only lead to bitterness. Unless a Projector is recognized for who they TRULY are, and for what they truly have to contribute, they will not feel successful and they will feel like their life is a failure.

You do not need to be formally invited to something, the recognition happens when someone comes to you and asks you "do you know how I can solve this problem?", "do you have any insights on this?", "what do you think of this?" and when you can sense that they really mean it and that they are really looking for YOUR input. Recognition happens when someone wants to be in a relationship or a team with you, not because you are the person randomly standing next to them, but because of who you are. Make no mistake though - sometimes people need to get a taste of the random person next to them before they can recognize and truly appreciate them. No one can be recognized if they never show up, either in person or through their work and through what they do. You can only be recognized if people know that you exist.
A big recognition and invitation happens when they want you to guide their energy, or when they ask you to handle something that really conforms with who you are. If they do not want your guidance, don't try to force it upon them, it will be detrimental for both of you. You've got an arrow in the other person's chest, that's your poking aura directly focusing on the identity (G center) of the other. Not everyone will appreciate this - no person on the planet is for everyone. Wait for the people who will appreciate you poking through them and seeing them, who will appreciate what you have to say. And in the meantime, it's never wrong to study - to study human design, and to study other systems. For Projectors, it will be extremely helpful to understand the mechanics of and between humans.
Also, it will be important for you to really listen to other people. Many people have a tendency to let others talk without listening to them, because they are mentally busy with themselves and just waiting for the moment when the other has finished so that they can tell them what they think is true. This pushy behavior is detrimental to any social relationship regardless of aura type, but for the Projector it holds additional detriments. This kind of behavior has nothing to do with recognition and acknowledgment. It will lead away from success into the midst of bitterness and feeling sour, even resentful when we think we know what is best for others. Only they can know what is right for them. You are here to see other people's energy, shadows, and gifts, but you are not here to make decisions for them. You are here to see others and guide them. A good guide will listen and carefully examine the status quo before they give their input. They will also respect other people's boundaries and independence. A good guide will not try to control the other person and their opinion.

As a Projector, you are in this world to both recognize and be recognized. The more you recognize others for who they really are, the more you are recognized for who you really are. You need to recognize who sees you for who you really are. In the beginning stages of your journey, that can be a tricky thing because as a Projector you often have no clue who you are and what there is to recognize. You are so focused on the other people in your life, that knowing yourself does not come naturally to you. The only way you get to see yourself is through the mirror of the other. Most people who emphasize how every relationship is a mirror for learning about oneself are Projectors, because that's the way it works for them.
When you have a certain character trait, you can read about it, but you will not relate it directly to you. You will mostly relate it to the people in your life. The first time you get to know someone with a particular trait of yours, you might think: "oh my, what an idiot"... and then you might recognize: "oh wait, that's me!". You can't get to know yourself sitting in a cave on a hill for your whole life. You get to know yourself through encountering the right people.
Still, you are advised to read about the mechanics and to gain a deep understanding of them. The more you know your own mechanics and traits, the more you can tell if someone invites the real you or if they invite what is actually not you. And the more you recognize others for who they truly are, the less likely it becomes that they leave you behind, and the more likely it becomes that they ask you for guidance and that you become involved in something wonderful, and that obstacles in life are being removed.

Recognition brings the energy and the flow into your life, it is critically important in your process. Focus on the right people, recognize who to put your attention on and who not. Learn to recognize others and learn to recognize who sees you. You can trust your inner authority to determine which recognition is correct and which is not right for you. The more you get accustomed to the mechanics of who you are and who others are, the more you get into your own flow, and the more you will start to see that you will be recognized at the perfect time. Even when there are thirst periods in everyone's life, and also in your's - every desert has its beginnings as well as its ends and after the desert there might come a beautiful forest or lake. Life is full of plot twists and surprises, especially when we align ourselves authentically.
Recognition and acknowledgment will bring you success. Success does not mean driving a Porsche and having a big mansion, what success means is individual to every Projector. But every success has in common that you as a human being feel like your life is a success, that you are a success in your life process.

As a Projector, you are either going to be successful or bitter. You need to study and understand or your potential for success will be very limited. You get away from being bitter only by the knowledge that you master. This can be knowledge of other people, but especially if you are an introvert, it can as well be other knowledge and systems that help you to make a living in an effective and efficient way that does not demand a lot of physical energy expenditure and activity. Knowledge and understanding will be useful to others, so they can recognize you for it and ask for your guidance, be it professional or in your private life. When you can make sense of what you perceive in the other and when you can recognize the other for who they really are, you become deeply, deeply attractive to others. Nothing is as comforting to people as feeling seen and acknowledged.
At the same time, when you can recognize threats in other people, or signs that they are simply not a match for you, or that they don't recognize you for the person you are, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

Big questions for the Projector are: Who sees me for who I am? Who is open to my guidance?

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