Quarter of Initiation

This solar week is about looking back at the past, listening to its secrets, and understanding ourself better through our personal story. This week is about creating balanced frameworks for the future in which each one of us can grow. This week starts the yearly quarter of initiation.

2 February 2022 3:27 UTC: Beginning of the quarter of initiation and beginning of the new solar week in gate 13 ䷌ (Aquarius) – active channels of the moment: the channel of awareness ( Mercury- Uranus) // completely open spleen center and ego center

Keywords for this year's quarter of initiation: Ajna center problems or gifts. Never stopping to learn, being open to new insight, and being able to deal with limitations because we expect them – or resenting being challenged, needing to be right and to be the authority, even when it is obvious that we just ignore and try to overthrow essential limitations instead of resourcefully working with them. When we automatically assume that we are right and think that we know best, our mind will never transcend its current state. There will be no mental evolution and no initiation. We will never grow as a human being. With 60, we won't be much more knowledgeable than with 30, and we will never understand how things work, even when we think we do.
On the other hand, when we are open to new insight and input – we just grow wiser, and wiser, and wiser, and we can truly reap the rewards of being incarnated and living this life. Coming to understanding about the nature of things, and understanding how things work, helps us to maximize the potential of our path, and to fulfill our unique life path.
Learning never ends. It never ends.
This can also be about the need to let go of a person or a situation once a lesson has been learned, and once a contribution has been made and the other person might already have let go of the connection.
On the one side it can bring painful emotions, and the need to hold space for yourself to feel and process them.
On the more problematic side, it can bring resentment, and the inability to let go that stem from ego imbalances and a wounded ego. A relationship or situation might have been there to teach us something, and now we have learned everything that we were supposed to learn, and it no longer is in alignment with our path. The old situation might not lead to greater harmony, it might not be mutual, or it simply might not have turned out to be what we expected.
Can we learn the lessons of the past and let go of it in order to make room for a new attempt at a better future, that we will be facing with a new tool-set, and a little bit wiser and better equipped than we were before? Or do we need to feel in the right and in control, so that we stick to a past that we have outgrown come hell or high water, beating a dead horse? If you are doing that, and holding on to grudges, it might help to ponder that nobody cares whether you were right or wrong, except you. In some cases, it might make the grudge worse, but in some cases it will bring recognition of futility, renewal, and release. Usually, nobody cares, except the people who were wronged or feel as if they were wronged. It does not truly matter to others, they are going on with their life. It does not make a difference to them. You can not force someone to care when they do not care. The more you try to force them, the less they will care until they stop caring at all, or even start hating you. It's quite sad when you and your well-being are not worth more to yourself, when you are eroding your own dignity in such a way, and break other people's dignity by trampling over them and disrespecting them. When you don't value yourself enough to accept rejection and ways parting, and seek your own way, then how are others going to value and respect you? Whether you are in the right or wrong does not affect the other person in any major way. Their perspective of what happened is different either way. Whether you are right or wrong only matters to you. If you hold on to it, it severely affects you. And likely, if you are too fixed on having your way and being the authority who is right, it does affect you in a very negative way that hampers your development and future potential. If the other person has let go, you are at war with a phantom, just as Don Quixote. And ultimately you are at war with yourself, because all that you do is to damage yourself and your own spirit. The other person is gone and not interested in a war, neither might they be particularly interested in you. They might spend all their effort to build their best life, while you obsess over being in the right and having been wronged. Or you obsess over a mere pipe dream. They might be gone, and yet, you are still trapped in a war that you can only lose and that can never bring you recognition or a good future life. You care about the issue at your own expense, and by continuing to give so much room to it, you sabotage yourself and your own future. You fight a phantom war at your own expense because you waste your time with being right and trying to get the other person to see or to get revenge - instead of simply investing it into your future progress, so that things like this do not happen again. Think about the freedom and the great relief that emerges from just letting go.It creates room for something better, something that's not a pipe dream, and that is more mature than the last thing because you have matured. It can be very freeing that nobody cares, and that being in the right is not something we need to be right about.

Jose Moreno Carbonero - Don Quixote and the windmills

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If you are at the other side of the fence and can't get rid of someone, and maybe also of their interference, there is no reason to feel bad about being pragmatic and bypassing them. You do not owe your time and energy to anyone. Especially you do not owe it to people who feel entitled to it, people who are resentful and overly aggressive, who try to take away your dignity, and people who have a superiority complex and think they know best and they are in the right while they intentionally refuse to see the situation for what it is. It might be wise to save your energy for your own path and, if possible, to circumvent obstacles discretely.

At the best, the coming three months let us walk our unique path with dignity.