5 Nov 2021-2 Feb 2022: The yearly quarter of mutation

Quarter or Mutation

This solar week is about creation through receptivity to higher knowing and higher guidance. It starts the yearly quarter of mutation. Creation independent of will - one year ago, I wanted to work on lots of things for the website. Then I was rerouted toward different tasks and paths through necessity and through all the signs that I received. I still haven't done all the things that I wanted to do, but now I'm in a much better place to continue from, and this is much better than my initial plans and what I initially thought that I needed to do.

5 Nov 2021-2 Feb 2022 - The yearly quarter of mutation: Independent and individuated hermitage – or giving in to inferior values and letting oneself be corrupted can lead to breakdown and being roadkill. Financial independence and behavioral independence through withdrawal from things that did not work and that were unhealthy, and carefully evaluating any future risks to take. During this time of the year, things that have served their purpose fall apart to make space for something new.

5 November 2021 11:07 UTC: Beginning of the quarter of mutation and the new solar week in gate 1.1 ䷀ (Scorpio) – active channels of the moment: an integration field consisting of the channel of charisma (▽ South Node, -▲ North Node), and the channel of awakening ( Venus in waning quincunx to the North Node in▲) and a finger of Yod on the north node ( Mercury in waxing quincunx to the North Node in▲). The channel of awareness ( Pluto-▽ Uranus) // completely open ego

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Keywords: The value of your own path. Committing to your very own path despite fearing condemnation and rejection. Conditioning others into going their very own way despite their fears of being condemned and rejected for it. Fixing an unhealthy situation by withdrawing and going our own way, and rather staying single than to be stuck with the wrong person. Observing others in withdrawal. Conditioning others into withdrawal. This can go several ways: We can empower them to withdraw from what tries to pull them off their path. We can also give them no choice but to withdraw from us because we try to pull them off their path of because we live out unhealthy values, are overly dogmatic, condemning, sexually-obsessed, corrupt, self-serving, greedy, and irresponsible. We can pressure them to withdraw because their value system expressed as their behavior doesn't match up.

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The upcoming eclipses are about superficial intimacy and ignoring the temptation to take premature action.
For some, this is about waiting and withdrawing, for others, this might be about being expedient and aligning with people who don't have a very evolved value system and intuitive intelligence, but who are good at making material gains. That might be what they or both people need on their path and what is practical to do at the moment for both parties to get to a necessary change and to get one step closer to purpose by turning inferior values into cash that they later might need, or by patiently working with each other on refining those corrupted values. It can also be about being conditioned into intimacy that is based on sexual fixation without real person-to-person relating - or about correcting such relationships by withdrawing from them and waiting for a more practicable bond to show up, or waiting for the right bond to become possible while we take care of the practical tasks ahead of us. It all depends on where we are at individually. The new moon one day ago had Mars in the, shaking hands with the devil and being called to the risk that WE need. But the values might not be the highest and might need to be worked on together, and thus some people will have taken that call because this will be exactly what they need to further their journey, and others will have missed it because they are waiting for the call that serves only the highest values. The Sun in gate 1 is in opposition to Uranus in gate▽, which is all about staying stuck and losing vitality through taking the wrong opportunity or missing the right one – or about finding purpose and vitality through missing the wrong opportunity, taking the right one, and being patient with the right opportunity that leads to greater harmony and beauty.

Beneficial mutation mostly does not happen through blind risk taking, but through careful evaluation of any possible endeavor. If instead we take blind risks that are not even worth it to us individually, in 2022, we might struggle with being overly dependent on others and letting them go, or with having others be overly dependent on us and getting rid of a difficult lesson when it is over.

Overall, this quarter brings a lot of focus on the material plane. Basically, even in case everything around you went to shits, and the right relationships aren't yet in sight because the old ones are still in the process of falling away, you can still maintain your strength and focus on making money. Self-expression and timing is independent of will. You can't force your insight onto others when it's not the right time yet. And generally in regard to your own creation and life unfolding, the life pattern dictates the flow, and we adapt to it. Whether we want to or not, it just happens.