Reflector in Human Design

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Human Design Reflector


from disappointment to surprise

Aura Quality

sampling and reflecting. A Reflector is incredibly sensitive to their surroundings, they taste and feel other people's energies and everything that's going on around them on a deep level. Under normal conditions, the aura is relatively energyproof (waterproof when it comes to energy), but that protection wears down when the Reflector does not get enough time to be in their own aura to unload from all foreign energy that they sampled. Also, boundary dissolving substances, be it alcohol or psychedelics, can open up the aura and make it vulnerable - the wrong place and the wrong company can cause a person to take in a lot of unhealthy energy and damage, that otherwise they have a very good defense against.


Around 1.5% of human beings are Reflectors.

Human Design Open Centers

Reflectors have all energy centers open, they are here to experience their surroundings and gather an extraordinarily deep understanding of life and of humans. They can potentially be the wisest beings on the planet. Unlike the Projector, the Reflector can sample more than one person at a time and they don't take them in as deeply. Reflectors take in the flavor of their whole environment and of their company.

   In traditional Human Design this aura type is called a “Reflector”. This does not mean that the reflector is an empty vessel that only mirrors the gifts and shadows of others. It does not mean that everyone else is to blame for difficult relationships in which Reflectors are involved, because one easily assumes that "a Reflector only reflects the other person". It takes two to tango. Reflectors have to reflect on themselves, as well, to reach their full potential and to maintain good mental health. I prefer to emphasize the deep, deep, deep wisdom through observing, sampling, and tasting the environment on an energetic level that is possible with this aura type.

For all other aura types, the main influence is the Sun. For the Reflector, the main influence is the Moon. The Moon is shifting gate 2 or 3 times a day (24h). In other words, the Moon wanders into the next gate approximately every 9 to 11 hours. Being so deeply connected to the moon, the Reflector is constantly changing, their chemistry is constantly changing. Reflectors have a very unique relationship to the life program, in a sense, they are cosmic barometers. They are deeply connected to the planetary transits. If you are a Reflector, it can be incredibly useful for you to learn about the transits and to observe them. This especially applies to the Moon.
When you want to know what's currently going on with the planets, Reflectors are the ones to look at - they are the practical example living them out. For everyone else it's dangerous to get too lost in the program, it holds the possibility of losing themselves. But for the Reflector it's natural.

For the Reflector, it is easy and dangerous to get lost in the influences of other people. For Reflectors, it's especially dangerous, because everyone else operates SO differently and at such a different pace. When the Reflector tries to be like everyone else, they are likely to burn themself out. In an ideal world, Reflectors would be provided for by society or by the community they live in and what they would do for society is to simply hang around and reflect the health of the community. They are the first ones to sense when something is off with someone or when the general atmosphere in the group shifts.
For Reflectors, it is very important to have enough alone time to unload the energy that they sample from the people in their environment. Also, any kind of pressure and expectation is very unhealthy for them. They are easily pressured and at the same time, it is not healthy for them to act on this pressure.

The Reflector's aura is reflecting and non-sticky like teflon. At the same time, it samples the information from outside. What comes in from other people does not stick, but it is perceived very accurately. You can also picture the other as a hurricane arriving at your house (the house is you as a Reflector). If the windows (energy centers) in the house are not open, or if some are open and some are not, inner pressure builds and the windows burst. But when you open all windows of the house then the storm can just rage through and no damage remains. This is a fitting picture for the Reflector, whose centers are all open.
Yet, if the storm stays for many hours, days and weeks in a row, at some point the house will take damage, and it can take heavy damage. For a Reflector it is important
a) to be in the right environment with the right people because the environment determines how healthy the Reflector can be, whether they can be themself, and how much wonder and surprise they can encounter
b) to take lots of breaks from other people and plenty of alone time in order to discharge all energy that does not belong to them. The right environment will allow for that alone time.
Then the Reflector can be healthy. Otherwise, the Reflector can be deeply conditioned and energetically distorted.

Surprise happens when the Reflector follows their lunar authority and when they are in the right place. It can be about little things happening and delighting them. Little encounters everywhere that enrich their life with wonder and that surprise them positively again and again. Surprise also means being surprised by encountering people who are different, people who live their natural uniqueness, people who do not let themselves be made to fit into the norm and the mishmash. Surprise also means to walk a path full of serendipity. Because a Reflector is so open, they can really be pleasantly surprised by the whole variety of life and humans out there, be it small or big things.

Big questions for the Reflector are: What is the right place for me? Can I be myself? Who are we as humanity? Who is different and a refreshing surprise?

What do Reflectors need from you?

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