24 Dec 2021: Saturn squares Uranus for the third time.

Saturn square Uranus #3: Cooperation supports or hampers inner transformation. Exploring different view points.

    24 December 2021 7:16 UTC: Saturn in (Aquarius) square Uranus in (Taurus) #3
Wilhelm Leibl - Die Spinnerin

This is the third and last of the Saturn Uranus squares that took place throughout 2021. The old form meets the new form and creates friction (growth).

Collective challenge: The possible difficulty resolves around cooperation, so it could as well be that someone cooperates with the wrong people, and either rationalizes it and stays stuck in a fantasy world, or does not get enough alone time to ponder and reflect.
One could be dissatisfied with other people's contribution, or a lack of cooperation, but instead of tackling the issue directly, one beats around the bush and seeks escape in a fantasy world.

Mastering the challenge: A rational approach to cooperation that still allows for more than enough alone time to explore inner truth. Working together on inner transformation, on changing mental patterns that keep us stuck, and on transforming traditional norms and one's behavior.