Self Authority or G Authority in Human Design

  ( G Center. The inner pull in the chest )

Around 3% of human beings have a Self authority.

Self Projected Authority or G Authority in Human Design

Only Projectors can have a Self authority. With this authority, the Self (G center) is expressing itself through the throat center. The G center is the center of the true Self, the higher Self, of direction and love expressed through behavior. You can feel its pull in your chest area if you practice paying attention.
All of this is expressed when you talk. Observe what comes out of your mouth, it will tell you a lot about your direction and thus your decisions. When you are heading in the right direction or talking about your authentic direction, what comes out of your mouth feels clear and straight, it just comes out without overthinking.

When you are talking to someone and what you are saying is not clear and does not sound authentic, then it is not true. When it feels very confused or mental, when you are trying to talk about it but you can't really get to it, if there is discomfort and a lack of clarity, you might be off track. Then it's time to consider for yourself: have I been recognized and asked for? If yes, is this really right for me, have I been recognized for who I really am, or rather for who I am not? It might not be for you to be involved in and it might not be yours at all.
As a Projector, you have a lot of vulnerability in the sense that you take in other people's themes deeply and you easily believe they are your own. In the beginning, it is very, very hard to distinguish.

With a Self authority, you have a lot of open centers - centers that you are tempted to mentally make decisions from. It will benefit you to look at the chapter on energy centers and figure out what they mean for you, so that you can recognize even better when you are not true to yourself. You are not your emotions (open solar plexus center), you can't afford to make decisions from your emotionality and from how something feels emotionally. You can't make decisions in order to get rid of pressure (open root center), you can't make the right decisions based on your mind's logic, and so on.

When you are being recognized for who you are and invited to something, it's good to talk about it in order to recognize what is right for you. You can talk to yourself, or you can talk to a friend who does not have an agenda that they want to force upon you, a friend who feels neutral about your decisions. It is not about letting someone else dictate your direction, it is about talking to them about your direction. After all, you will meet your own decisions, but often you might only be able to meet them through talking and listening to what you say. It is about hearing your own truth in your own voice and words. Does it sound like mental or emotional bla-bla? Or does it sound grounded in your Self? Where is the truth in your voice? You will be the judge, you will be the one to really recognize the truth for yourself.

Especially when you start to experiment with your inner authority, it might even be good to talk to someone on the phone instead of practicing this while someone is sitting directly in your aura (approximately 2 arm lengths in every direction). This can be especially tricky if they are emotionally defined (defined solar plexus center) and have emotional reactions to what you are saying. That is because when an emotionally defined being is in your aura, you will deeply take in their emotions. They distort your perception like a drug and that is not a correct place to meet decisions from. When you begin to experiment with your Self authority, it will be easier to get a grasp on it while you are not under emotional or other energetic influence while you listen to yourself talking. Talking to yourself in front of a mirror can sometimes also help to find answers.

However, the main thing to recognize is the sensation of the G center itself that sits in the chest where the sternum is. The more you pay attention to it, the clearer it will become to you, and the better it can guide you with its physical sensation in that area. You might also notice a pull from the chest area towards something, like a magnet that attracts or repels. Once you have gotten familiar with it, the Self authority is really easy to follow. Pay close attention to the sensation in your chest area, especially when you are speaking.

The Self authority is comparably rare and thus it is one of the less understood authorities that a human being can have. Because of that, we want to remind you to take every information with a grain of salt. And if you want to share your experiences with us, please do so and contact us. We will be happy to hear how it works for you.

When do I have a Self Authority?

You have a Self authority when your G center is defined AND all other of your defined centers lie above the G center. Everything below the G center is open.
Only Projector aura types can have a Self authority.