A Solar eclipse of inner peace, tranquility, and understanding one's place in the flow of life. Joyfully anticipating and working toward the big call.

    4 December 2021 7:42 UTC: TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE (NEW MOON) in (Sagittarius) conjunct Mercury in, opposite BM Lilith in, in waning quincunx to Uranus in, trine Chiron in, sextile Saturn in // Split bridge gate 23
    Black Moon Lilith of THIS New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse in (Gemini)
    Black Moon Lilith of the upcoming Full Moon in (Gemini)
Vasily Vasilevich Vereshchagin - The Doors of Tamerlane

Living in inner peace and joyfulness through accepting temporary stagnation as a natural course of life. Life manifests itself through its ebbs and flows. The ebbs are an opportunity for taking stock and remembering the past in order to prepare for the future.
Admitting when we might have been lusted for power and wanted more than we needed at that time, so that we did not maintain tranquility, but that we experienced life as stagnation and did things that in the long run made no sense in order to escape such perceived stagnation. Admitting past escapist behavior and past impatience, and now starting with a clean slate that opens up the way to new opportunities.
Especially for manifestor aura types, this might be about stopping random initiation and starting to initiate from a place of peace and clarity.

Knowing when we do not have the energy to maintain something and thus need to release it and let go of it. Knowing when enough interference is enough interference, and removing those people from positions of power who truly deserve it, so that we or the group can restore and maintain peace.
Not letting ourself be called and conditioned to satisfy the wrong expectation: to make the wrong sacrifice, to let our resources be depleted by the wrong people, and to bring others progress that they want when it feels just wrong to us and inevitably makes us feel at a loss. Instead, sticking to our path and serving higher values. Being altruistic and making sacrifices where we truly feel that it makes sense, and finding joy in the journey. Recognizing where previously we might have been out of alignment, not in the flow, or simply impatient, and having learned that lesson to apply it now and to find deeper peace and joy. Understanding that waiting and patience is an aspect of finding enlightenment.
Communicating the principles of interaction. Understanding and communicating past mistakes and what we can make of them in the future.

When COVID-19 started, there was an eclipse with Black Moon Lilith in the 36.5 (collective crisis) and Chiron in 25.4 (survival). At the other end of the channel of transitoriness (36-35), at the other end of gate 36 (crisis), there is gate 35 (progress). After the crisis comes the progress, and this is where we are right now. With this eclipse and Black Moon Lilith in 35.5, we are at the point of collective progress through altruism. We are gaining momentum.
Collectively, this is about feeling restrained and at a loss due to having to make a sacrifice for the whole and for its progress (e.g. lockdown). Individually, this is about the potential for true tranquility to emerge.

It is about being able to wait for the right timing and moment and staying joyful with the process, instead of having the feeling that we have or will miss the progress that we yearn for. All good things take time. We find joy in the process and in waiting. When you wait for something that you don't have yet, it means that you have something to look forward to, and that you have somewhere to go. You have a direction, and you have a direction because you are not yet at the end of that direction. Redman, who has a 18.6 just like me, explains it very well in „MTV Cribs“. That's a show where famous Rappers where supposed to show off their big mansion, and he showed up with a normal house: „This gives me this feeling that I can move up and get something way bigger than this. It keeps me moving.“ [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNtKT9_1KXQ&t=184s ]
If you were already there, then what would there be to anticipate and to look forward to? This eclipse can be about truly, truly enjoying the momentum to build.
Also, waiting can serve a purpose. Let's say we are waiting for someone to pick us up for a coffee. While we wait, we can use the time of waiting for them to do our laundry while we look forward to the date. Done is done, and when it's done and off that unchecked bucket list in our mind, we can enjoy the coffeetalk even more and it was worth the wait.
On a larger outlook, this can bring the energy to sense when a bigger call will be coming for you, and to do everything to make it work to be ready when the call will arrive.

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To refrain from taking premature action does not mean that we do not act at all, and that we will never come out of waiting-mode. It does not mean that at all. It simply means to not act too early when it feels off or pressured. The eclipses that will define the 2nd half of 2022 also bring an energy of evaluation and inaction. The mechanics of Human Design generally consist of a lot of aspects that are about inaction and evaluation. They make us aware to not throw our energy at things blindly. But that does not mean that we must remain in inaction, and that it will never feel right to act. It just means that some patience is needed to get there. In March 2021, Mars joined the North Node in the 35.2 and started a new cycle of manifestation, but very slowly unfolding manifestation that takes patience. I think it's worth to go back to the article from March and take a read.
Mars joined the North node in the 35.2. Now during this December eclipse, the Earth is in the 35.2. The 35.2 and the main thematic of this manifestation cycle is what grounds the potential of this eclipse: Refraining from taking uninspired nonsensical or premature action because we feel stagnant and empty. Slowly but thoroughly momentum builds. Now that manifestation might take its time and we need to keep up good faith, some of us might really benefit from the 8.3-eclipse two weeks ago, which can also bring in an empowering cheerleading energy.

I don't know about you, but for the last years I have always had so many urgent things that were necessary to do and needed to be taken care of RIGHT NOW because later it would have been to late and the window of opportunity for transition and for creating mutation would have been missed. The recent years, I did not even know when to make time in order to act on something new on top of it. I have been in one big never-ending flow, sustained by my defined ego that needed me to go where it needed me to go, extremely pressurized by my defined root that didn't let me sleep in the night or that woke me up way too early when I had missed important details that I needed to pay attention to. And now I'm coming out of that time of a bit too little sleep and way too much mutational pressure (for my taste) into a time of calmer flow, and into a time of ebb if you will. I have no idea how I managed to get through the recent years. For the past years, I've been operating “just in time”, and now I'm coming to a less pressurized place where I can get some rest and recharge and (hopefully) go at a slower pace.