Solar Plexus Center in Human Design

Solar Plexus Center in Human Design

Emotional body consciousness • Experiencing the whole spectrum of emotions - moods, desires, sensitivities, needs, etc • Feeling and seeing our emotional fears through nervousness • Feel and Touch

Biological correlation: celiac plexus and its complex neuron network (solar plexus), nervous system, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, prostate
Type of center: motor, awareness (emotional fears, nervousness)

The Solar Plexus is a motor that generates emotions in a wave pattern. It goes from one end of the spectrum to the other end and back. It goes from hope to pain and back, from joy to despair and back, from expectation to disappointment and back, from passionate love to hate and back. It generates lows, it generates highs, it generates every emotion you can think of; and many times there is no obvious reason to the moods it generates. The emotions are generated either way, the motor never stops running.
E-motion = energy-motion = energy constantly moving and energy that moves us = the emotional wave, the wave of the Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus takes its time and it is a very powerful motor.

The Solar Plexus is the only motor center that is an awareness center at the same time. Emotional awareness is the deepest possible awareness. At the same time, the Solar Plexus is not yet at its full potential, it is still in the process of evolution. It is immature and in beta-test-mode, so to speak. It will come to full awareness only when the motor stops. Right now, it is still a motor center with a lot of power, so it is easy for an emotionally defined person to impulsively jump into action hastily, without waiting for true clarity. We are still in the process of learning how to handle this emerging awareness.
We can't grasp what kind of awareness is going to emerge from the Solar Plexus, this is not something that we can ever understand mentally. But we are collectively moving towards it. What emerges out of the Solar Plexus is a shared emotional field of awareness.

The emotional wave has an immense impact on humanity, and even more so on those with an open Solar Plexus who amplify the wave without any awareness and who are drowning in its waters, because they are unable to discern due to a lack of education. There is no other center that has a greater impact on humanity. Only through understanding the wave pattern of the Solar Plexus can we accept it and transcend the instability that it creates within us and around us.

Defined Solar Plexus (active life force, impacting)

47% of humanity has a defined solar plexus center.

A defined solar plexus center has a fixed emotional consciousness and a fixed and reliable way of processing emotions. Your emotionality depends on the channels and gates that define your Solar Plexus.

With a defined Solar Plexus, everything that you perceive in the moment is emotionally colored, because the emotional motor never stops running. When you are happy, you might be focusing on the good things and overlooking uncomfortable, but critical things. When you are down, your emotional fears will be more present, the bad things will get much more weight and you might not hear the positive things that people say or even misinterpret them. This means your fears in the moment are not trustworthy, they are subject to change. They are soaked in emotions that hold no truth in the now. Only over time your emotions, as well as your fears, can be trustworthy. Only over time can you realize what your fears really are. It takes time to realize and to be able to confront your fears.
When you read things twice, each time being in a different mood, it will sound very different to you. In that sense, you can't trust your perception in the very moment, it is all colored. Clarity can only come when you look at something over and over again from different emotional perspectives. Someone with a defined Solar Plexus needs time to meet a decision. Lots of time.
When you try to dissect your emotions logically, your emotions can be heavily confusing. Logic will not help you to reach any clarity in life, it will only interfere. The mind is helpless.
Emotional awareness is very deep. It is non-verbal, it comes from the body and it unfolds very slowly. For many of these emotions, there are not even words to express them properly.
Being spontaneous and making fast decisions can be very detrimental for an Emotional person. As an Emotional person, you need to learn to be patient, as hard as it might be. In the chapter on emotional authority (inner authority -> emotional authority), you will find vital information on finding more balance in life with a defined solar plexus center.

Shadows of the defined Solar Plexus

In the shadow frequencies, someone with a defined Solar Plexus has not yet found a healthy way of living with their emotions. They don't follow their emotional authority, but instead they make impulsive spontaneous decisions based on their current emotional state. A typical story would be: they enter a project or a relationship on an emotional high because it feels so good, so they think it must be the best thing ever and they don't wait. When their emotional wave drops, they search for reasons, they blame themselves or others and it ends in a total mess. They leave the situation and they might even pressure the people involved to make the same impulsive decisions. They leave behind a big chaos and often they suffer big emotional pain. This is the frequency that they will be putting out into their environment. In a shadow frequency, they will be totally unaware of the pain they cause. If they don't confront their emotions, the emotions easily spill out into the environment and the open Solar Plexus people close to them might be forced to confront those foreign emotions that are amplified within them, although they do not even belong to them.

In the shadow frequency, people either are reactive or avoidant. The latter tend to avoid confrontation because their emotions are so uncontrollable and overwhelming when they get triggered in the course of a confrontation. They don't want to feel that and they are afraid of being impulsive, of meeting chaos or making decisions that they later regret. Sticking to the status quo feels safer and is often done out of fear. Avoiding confrontation occurs especially often in people who have their solar plexus center unconsciously defined (in turquoise) and in people whose solar plexus center is defined but not connected to another main defined area of their chart (people with split definitions). This is a very simplified statement though, there are many, many different aspects that play into this.
With a defined Solar Plexus it could happen that you try to suppress your emotions until you explode. Later you regret what you did or what you said. You run away from your emotions and you suppress them, your emotions get distorted and other people amplify your distorted pain within them.
Where there is pain to be found, there is also ecstasy waiting. Both go hand in hand. If you avoid the pain, you also avoid the ecstasy that life has to offer and you will lead a very gray life with probably more emotional pain than necessary. In avoiding confrontation, we can never discover the depths and neither the joys that life has to offer.

Blame and searching for a scapegoat is a typical thing that happens with emotionally defined people, the defined Solar Plexus generates blame. Often, they are blaming others or themselves for the dropping of their emotions. They try to prevent feeling unpleasant emotions. But the emotions dropping is just a natural occurrence - the motor keeps running and it never stops generating emotions and moods. This can be especially demanding when your Solar Plexus is processing an important decision that is close to your heart. But it is what it is. There is nothing to do, there is no one to blame. The more aware and observant we become, the more we realize that there is no such thing as guilt - there is only cause and effect. Everyone carries a load and everyone does the best they can in any given moment. Everyone is the best version that they can be, given their unique background, experiences, and weight to carry.

People with a defined Solar Plexus are responsible for our emotional environment because they color it with their emotions. The open Solar Plexus person will mirror the emotions of the defined Solar Plexus back to them. As long as the person with the defined Solar Plexus does not understand their nature and does not wait for the wave to stabilize before acting, it sends toxic emotional waves and chaos to the world, it has tremendous impact. As long as we do not understand the Solar Plexus, we as a collective will never find peace. Truly understanding the Solar Plexus as well as our inner authority is the ultimate key to awakening.

Many people with a defined Solar Plexus have been rejected for being emotional. That also holds the danger of hiding yourself and trying to suppress your emotions. Your emotions are valid, they are a part of you, they bring you incredible depth and clarity and they need to be honored! When you manage not to put blame on other people and when you explain that it is just you having a mood, the people that are for you will understand, accept and love you exactly as emotional as you are.
If you have a defined Solar Plexus, or if your partner or child has one, the chapter on emotional authority (inner authority -> emotional authority) can give you valuable information.

Potential of the defined Solar Plexus

Your defined Solar Plexus lets you get to the depths of life, to the depths of experience. It helps you to process emotional states and to clarify feelings. You are at peace with your emotional wave and you feel all of your emotions. The potential for you is to have deep, deep emotional awareness, and deep awareness when it comes to the nature of your decisions. People who are designed to be more spontaneous than emotionally defined people, tend to have less of an idea about what they are doing. It is much less felt-through. But someone with a defined Solar Plexus has the potential to be rock solid in feeling what is correct for them - if they wait long enough.

You are not impulsive and you do not hurry into major decisions. Instead you are patient and you wait. You wait until you are clear, even if it takes months or years with big decisions. You wait until there is a calmness to the decision and the doubt fades away. Having reached emotional clarity, the decision is no longer a question, things become clear.
You do not foolishly react on your current moods, but you sit them out. You know when to confront someone and when not to - in many situations it will likely be best to wait for emotional calmness, to not react and to make no move.

You take responsibility for your emotions and you don't blame others for your mood. You are aware of what your emotions do to others and you do not emotionally pressure or manipulate others. Because you acknowledge your emotional nature and don't avoid it, emotions don't accumulate, and by waiting them out you reach a certain balance and stability within the tides of the emotional spectrum. Then, clarity is possible and finally will be reached.

The defined Solar Plexus is where the pleasure as well as the pain in life can be found, it is very seductive. Nothing really compares to the pleasure and to the pain of the Solar Plexus. Someone who is in their power and authentic frequency can bring deep pleasure to those around them. You bring this pleasure and emotional feeling to those with an open Solar Plexus and especially to the person that you are intimate with. If they have an open solar plexus, then they feel your emotions amplified and much stronger than you.

The Solar Plexus can also bring deep pain - pain that triggers transformation. As long as we are happy, we don't search for truth. At least we don't have that absolute determination and why would we? When we are hurting, we search. It is the pain that makes us much more sensitive to being impacted. The pain drains us out and weakens our defense systems. By making us so much more sensitive, it opens us up to transformation and transmission. It is the pain that slowly eats away everything that no longer serves us. Awakening goes hand in hand with crisis and psychosis. In many indigenous cultures, shamans undergo a deep, deep crisis when they are initiated into their calling. They are being recognized for the initiation that they are actually going through and they are being supported. Whereas in western societies we lock these people away or we silence them by drugging them. That is something interesting to think about. We search when we suffer and that is when the biggest transformations happen.

The deepest pain is to be found in the Solar Plexus, be it defined or be it open with temporary but amplified and increased pain. The solar plexus center is where the next evolutionary mutation is supposed to take place in 2027 in gate 55, driven by the root center’s purest fuel for evolution out of gate 39. The 6th line of gate 55 (55.6) is the place where the mutation in consciousness will first emerge. Gate 39 and gate 22 are co-agents in the emerging of this emotional spirit consciousness. When we work through our emotions and when we work with them, then we recognize when we are emotionally triggered. Exploring these triggers consciously allows us to shift and transform our perspective on things. By doing that, we all take part in the mutative process that will lead to the emergence of spirit consciousness.
Only when the Solar Plexus is properly understood and our collective emotional frequency rises, the possibility for spirit consciousness will emerge. This mutation is supposed to give birth to the coming evolutionary species, the Raves, who operate through group consciousness. This is the evolutionary shift we are currently in, and in this process, our collective emotional experience intensifies.

Open Solar Plexus (receptive, perceptive)

53% of humanity has an open solar plexus center.

Someone with an open Solar Plexus is an emotionally sober and calm person - as long as they are spending the majority of their time in their own company. When they take in other people‘s emotions, they amplify them and in addition to that, their own emotionality gets activated, which is defined by the defined (colored) gates in their open solar plexus. Dealing with so much at once can make them feel emotionally unstable to the extreme, even bipolar. One day in heaven, the next day in hell.
As an open Solar Plexus, when you take in and amplify the juicy sexual energy or the passion and joy of the defined Solar Plexus you feel as if you are in heaven. When you take in the pain, the blame and the hate of the defined solar plexus, you find yourself in hell. This can be intensely overwhelming.

If you have an open Solar Plexus, sometimes it can happen that you perceive the accumulated effect of the emotions that you take in from another person with a delay. Sometimes you might not notice it growing stronger until a certain point is reached, where it becomes so strong that it can't be missed. If you have a strong emotional bond with someone, or if you are very sensitive, you might also perceive their emotions over distance as they are processing your relationship or encounter. At noon you meet them and help them through their crisis and in the evening you have an emotional crisis yourself. Over time, with observation, you will learn to recognize where the emotions come from. Every person's emotional field that they put out feels different and carries different emotional flavors. The feeling depends on where they are at in their wave, but it also depends on the specific definition of their Soler Plexus. No two solar plexi feel the same. Especially on the high end of the wave, emotional flavors can be very, very distinct.
With an open Solar Plexus, your emotional state is always influenced by your environment.

With an open (white) Solar Plexus in your natal chart, you have been an empath since the day you were born. Since that day, your family, upbringing, friends and former lovers have conditioned you with their emotions. In retrospect, it can really help to recognize how much of an impact they have had on you. Many of the feelings weren't yours. The blame and shame that they might have poured into your open Solar Plexus is not yours either. To you, life is not supposed to be a question of who is to blame for what. Life just is.

If you have a defined Solar Plexus and you are with someone with an open Solar Plexus, this is of critical importance for you to recognize as well. The open Solar Plexus person will feel your pain full-blown when you try to suppress it. It is likely that they will feel it even stronger than you do, as their open emotional system amplifies it. That person will have a really hard time with the amplified emotions and they are not to blame, and neither are you. They are not equipped to experience a constant emotional wave and it might benefit them to have some alone time to unload. You need to give them a break when they need it. It will also help them greatly when you and the other emotionally defined people in their life come into acceptance of what it is to be emotional and to consciously process their own emotional wave. Otherwise, it will just spill over into the environment, like water that can't flow off into a clogged drain.

The open Solar Plexus has no reliable way of handling the nervousness that comes with emotions, it has no reliable way of handling emotions and the fears of the Solar Plexus. It is not genetically designed for handling guilt, blame, and shame. It doesn't know what to do with it and is easily overwhelmed by what is coming in and being amplified. When this happens, in the perception of the open Solar Plexus person, molehills can become mountains. In the most extreme places in the emotional spectrum, the fears and the emotions of the Solar Plexus can really sweep the open Solar Plexus off their feet and totally lock a person down, leaving them incapable of doing anything or being totally out of control. It can be paralyzing and leave you unable to move, think, or speak. On the low end of the spectrum, it can lead to harming oneself or harming others. On the high end of the spectrum, it can make you feel like floating in magic, even to the point of feeling under the influence of consciousness-altering drugs while you are not. It alters your whole “reality”, your perception.

The Solar Plexus fears are based on hope and pain, they are very powerful and can be truly overwhelming. In addition to experiencing their own emotional fears, stemming from the gates that are defined in their own open solar plexus, someone with an open Solar Plexus takes in and amplifies the emotional fears of someone with a defined Solar Plexus. Someone with an open Solar Plexus can be deeply disturbed by the emotional chaos that they amplified their whole life. It is very likely that they were blamed and rejected for their emotional instability, that they were blamed for emotions that were not even theirs.
A child with an open Solar Plexus will learn very early in life that it is better to lie and to hide the truth than to deal with the emotions of the emotionally defined parent.
This is a huge learning theme for people with an open Solar Plexus. The more aware you become, the more your mind can help you to manage it and "adjust" its perspective on what the current emotional flood might actually mean. There is no certainty in the wave, but there can be a sense of reasoned orientation and an understanding that "maybe tomorrow it will feel better". You will be able to better discern which fears are yours and which aren't. Identifying fears that do not belong to you can empower you to consciously send the foreign emotions, fears, and energies out of your system, and to consciously block off everything that does not belong to you and doesn't serve your highest interest. Solar Plexus fears are the least trustworthy of all fears because they are so heavily influenced by the emotional wave that has absolutely no truth in the moment.

An open solar plexus center makes its carrier very empathic - so empathic that they can become very avoidant of confrontation because they take in and amplify the emotional backlash of other people's defined solar plexus center. This amplification can be very painful and it can also bring immense pleasure - the solar plexus center is the place in the body where the pleasure comes from. Someone with an open solar plexus has no fixed way of dealing with emotions, it can throw them off their feet. Everything is heightened and amplified and especially the pain is really hard to deal with - especially when the defined Solar Plexus in their life does not wait out their emotional authority before making commitments, then the pain can be really extreme. This can lead to never speaking up and hiding one‘s truth because it might upset the other person and make things even worse. When open solar plexus people avoid every conflict and never speak their truth, they can lead a life where no one truly knows them. But without confrontation and being outspoken, there is no truth to find.
It can be a big learning theme for them to realize which battles have to be fought and what needs to be confronted in order to find their truth and to keep their authenticity. Emotional confrontation will always shake up someone with an undefined solar plexus to the very core, it never feels good. But some things need to be faced, and the wisdom to be learned lies in knowing which of them need to be faced, instead of avoiding them altogether.

In couples where one person has an open Solar Plexus and the other person a defined one, the happiness and balance of both is dependent on the happiness and balance of the defined Solar Plexus. That's quite a heavy statement, but it is what it is. Often, the person with the open Solar Plexus is aware of that, but the person with the defined Solar Plexus has difficulties comprehending and believing it because it does not reflect their own experience.
If one partner has a defined Solar Plexus through the channel 37-40 and suffers from having to go to a job they don't like every day, yet they do it in order to feed their family - then it is not a sustainable solution to give anti-depressants and mood stabilizers to the spouse and children with an open Solar Plexus. The solution must be to find the 40-37 person a job that they love, in a work environment that they like or at least can get along with well.
If a defined and an open Solar Plexus person split up while they are still emotionally invested in each other, the open Solar Plexus person can't just go on as usual, they will feel the amplified pain. If it is heavy enough, they will have physical symptoms and discomfort. This means that not only is it important for the defined Solar Plexus to enter into their relationships correctly. It is even more important and in their own best interest for the open Solar Plexus to wait and make sure that the other person is emotionally trustworthy and has a somewhat similar interest and intention. Otherwise, the open Solar Plexus will be the one who will have the greatest trouble dealing with the amplified and maybe suppressed or denied emotional wave.

Shadows of the open Solar Plexus

In a shadow state, you are tempted to make impulsive emotional decisions from the state of amplifying someone else's emotional low or high. You enter into something because it feels so incredibly good, and you exit because it feels so painful and the emotional fears and nervousness overwhelm and paralyze you.
The important thing for you to realize is that you can never ever trust your emotions.

You might believe the emotions of others to be your own and suffer deeply from the extremes.
Since you amplify the emotions of others instead of keeping your own cool head and sitting things out, you might over-react to that emotional amplification. Dependent on the genetic predisposition of your chart, this can go two ways, the reactive or the repressive route, and neither leads to balance.
Being reactive, you emotionally burst out into your direct environment and later regret it.
Being repressive, which is very typical for the open Solar Plexus in a shadow state, you give in to your fears and you avoid confrontation with people because the emotional feedback you get from others makes you feel even worse. You lock yourself away and swallow it all - until you burst or break down.

In the shadow frequencies, you try to avoid even those conflicts and confrontations that are necessary and that can bring a breakthrough. You do that because in confrontation, the emotional reaction of the other makes you feel horrible and you are afraid that conflict will make your relationships break apart. Because of that, you avoid conflict and the truth that lies in confrontation. You do not stand up for yourself, but you hide yourself and your own truth away from others in order to maintain a superficial peace and fake harmony. For example, you could think: "I'm not going to meet her because she will want to talk about such and such (...hidden agenda: because I don't want to face the uncomfortable emotions it might stir up). "I'm not going to talk about this issue because it will be unpleasant" - although it might be important to speak about it and get clarity on both ends.
There are indeed confrontations and conflicts in life that are utterly futile, senseless, and tactless, but there are also those conflicts that you need to get into in order to bring clarity and progress to your life situation. You can trust your inner authority in choosing which battles to fight - and in choosing when it is time for a confrontation. Know that even if it is frightening, horrible, and if it leaves you trembling - all of that will resolve with time, and what will arrive is advance, change, a new perspective, and overcoming the stagnation. Where there is pain to be found, there is also ecstasy waiting. Both go hand in hand. If you avoid the pain, you also avoid the ecstasy that life has to offer and you will lead a very gray and superficial life. In avoiding confrontation, you will never discover the depths that life has to offer. In the shadow states of the open solar plexus, you lead a secret life.

Questions for the open Solar Plexus to become aware of the shadow aspects:
- When was the last time you made an emotionally loaded decision?
- Do you speak your truth or do you avoid it in order to not upset others?
- Are you afraid that when you stand up for yourself, you will trigger conflict and blame?
- Do you just silently swallow down what is an unsatisfying situation for you?
- Are you avoiding confrontation and asking for other people’s truth because the thought of what might happen scares you?

Potential of the open Solar Plexus

You do not make decisions derived from emotionality or nervousness. Instead, you trust your inner authority to determine your decisions. If you are emotionally overwhelmed you retreat from other people’s auras and you wait until you are calm before meeting a decision. You do not blame yourself for having had such a hard time dealing with emotional difficulties in your life.

Because your body takes in and amplifies other people’s emotions, you are very empathic. You can be very sensitive and wise in how other people feel. The better you can learn to discern what emotions come from whom, you can utilize this information and turn it to good account. You can become conscious in seeing what other people’s emotions do to you and you can discern who is emotionally healthy for you and who is not. You can become intelligent in knowing when to confront people and when to avoid them, when to temporarily disconnect and when to walk away. You are authentic and can stand your ground if necessary. You can be extremely good at solving conflicts, giving comfort or whatever is needed, because you sense what is going on in people without identifying with it.
You are a barometer for other people’s emotional health and you can tell who is making progress in getting more emotionally balanced and aware, and who is not.