29 Jan 2022: Venus direct makes people fight with each other politely.

Venus direct: Asking of others to struggle discretely within usual behavioral norms.

    29 January 2022 8:45 UTC: Venus direct in (Capricorn)
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The Venus retrograde brought the need to accept that some things can't be corrected. It also carried energy of possible abuse due to a lack of self-worth, ego inflation, and staying stuck in old patterns.
Pressuring someone to struggle discretely can be positive, or it can be negative, it depends on the situation. If we try to make someone polite to the point of being servile, or if we try to give someone the guilt-trip because we want to make them more submissive so that we can better manipulate, control, and abuse them, then that's an example for detrimental conditioning. But if someone has serious problems with aggression and with controlling their aggression, and we work with them to find methods how they can temper their anger, then that is positive conditioning.
Venus going direct could also be about politely struggling one's way out of a situation that simply does not work, after we have come to accept that it does not work.

Collective challenge: Making up excuses for past mistakes, up to manipulation and abuse. Being in denial about one's own behavior, needing to be in the right at all cost, and being unable to let go of people because one can not see that it simply does not work.

Mastering the challenge: Admitting past mistakes, learning from our mistakes, accepting that things end, and letting go when the lesson has been learned to make room for a new chapter. Seeing that it can be a blessing to be thrown out in certain relationships, rather than a curse, because they would only accept us if we were what we are not. But we can never be what we are not, so we are better off without them, and without these demands and unnecessary stressors.