Venus retrograde: Accepting that we have to deal with limitations, and being able to maintain inner harmony. Accepting that some things can't be corrected, and accepting the limitations we are dealing with in those things that might be able to be corrected, and knowing what's of value in any situation.

    19 December 2021 10:35 UTC: Venus retrograde in▲ (Capricorn) in semi-sextile to Jupiter in▽, Moon in in waxing quincunx to Venus

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Accepting that some things can't be corrected or are unattainable, despite yearning for them, and maintaining inner harmony through staying separate – or continuing to interfere with others.

Other times, this might be about accepting the limitations that we have been given to work with.
Especially, this might be about relationship limitations and not having all of our standards met. What are the standards that we can accept although things aren't ideal? And what can't we accept in our immediate environment and would rather separate from and let it go in acceptance so that we can maintain our harmony?

Destroying one limitation just creates a new situation and limitation that we have to deal with, and this can bring an introspection on which one might be preferable and what we can accept.
It also can be about simply accepting things as they are without being stuck in the past or in a possible future, and trying to make the best of things, now. If we can accept this moment as it is, we can focus on building momentum and doing something to at some point get us unstuck. Sometimes reflection is essential, and sometimes planning for the future is essential, but other times it is just a doom loop that keeps us stuck, because we don't do what's necessary here and now, or because it keeps us from maintaining our inner peace. When we focus on working with the existing limitations in practical ways in the present moment, later down the road it can lead to something new. Staying in the present moment can also help us to know who we can cooperate with, and to recognize when and how we can adapt to the limitations that we are facing and create new opportunities that might help us to transcend existing limitations.

Venus will go direct on the 29th of January 2022, and will bring a discrete struggle, relationship endings, and the ability to admit past mistakes, or not being able to admit past mistakes, angrily rationalizing them, and only seeing one's authority challenged. It can bring the angry exile when one can't let go, when one insists on being right, possibly despite being hypocritical, and when one can't accept limitations. It can bring a challenge to let go of people when the life lesson that the relationship brought has been learned. Vice versa, it can bring a somewhat polite and discrete struggle in isolation, to get rid of people who can't accept that it ended and who still try to tell us what to do and how to behave.
This also can lead to doing the opposite of what one says: Letting go and pushing people away, and acting as if everything is done, but at the same time clinging to them as if there is no tomorrow, and not being able to let them go. Or clinging on to them, despite already having found closure, for example because it's convenient and in some way beneficial.
When we have found acceptance that some things can't be corrected, and some relationships and collaboration are not fertile, this leads to letting go.

Acceptance and maintaining inner harmony, or being restless in the face of limitations.
If it's the right person, likely the limitation is going to be alright to deal with. Maybe it's not going to feel great, but it will be worth it to stick out the process. For the right relationships can apply:
Acceptance in dealing with ego-inflation, and finding greater modesty through positive reinforcement of modesty. Focusing on what's practical, and focusing on the tangible small changes. Neither getting discouraged in the face of challenges, nor getting pulled into unhealthy competitive modes within relationships where we are supposed to be a team. Rather seeking the challenge on the outside than on the inside: Finding a challenge in inner growth, and turning other people's understanding into transformation and/or action to create new opportunities. There is always something that we can learn from others, and there is always something that others can learn from us. The first person to compete with is not the other person. The first person to compete with is ourself and the old version of ourself that we might not like because it doesn't live in the highest expression of who we are.