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Do not believe us or anyone else. Think for yourself! We can give you information, but YOU have to filter it. Observe. Discern. Make up your own mind. You are responsible for your mental process. You are your own authority. No one else can know your truth. We hope you enjoy the information 🙂

How do I find out my aura type and inner authority?
After you have calculated your chart, your aura type and inner authority are displayed in the white textbox where the red arrows point at in the picture below:

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- Overview
- Basic mechanics

Aura Type
- Aura type
- Design to do
- Design to speak
- Design to wait
- Generator
- manifesting Generator
- Manifestor
- Projector
- Reflector

Inner Authority
- Inner Authority ( How to come to authentic Decisions )
- Emotional Authority ( Solar Plexus Center )
- Responding Authority ( Sacral Center )
- Intuitive Authority ( Spleen Center )
- Ego Authority ( Ego Center )
- Self Authority ( G Center )
- Reflective Authority ( sounding board )
- Lunar Authority ( activation over time through the Moon )

Energy Centers
- Energy Centers in Human Design ( Chakra System )
- Types of Centers in Human Design
- Solar Plexus Center
- Heart Center or Ego Center
- Ajna Center
- G Center
- Spleen Center
- Crown Center (Head Center)
- Root Center
- Sacral Center
- Throat Center